Demonic Ice Cream

The frozen food section of the supermarket gave her a chill. She had wanted ice cream and however much she disliked being out in public during the day, some needs have to be met instantly! “Cookie Dough, Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chip Cookie”, she read the labels to herself silently. Her curvy body leaned into the open freezer, her nipples getting hard through the plaid shirt she was wearing, she took a closer look at her choices. When leaving the house, she decided she wouldn’t dress to impress. She wanted to be left alone. The white cotton underpants were matched with a white lacey bra, covered by black leggings and the aforementioned plaided shirt. Her eyes were hiding behind a huge pair of sunglasses, and her hair was covered by a baseball cap. 

She grabbed the Cookie Dough ice cream and hastily tried to make her way to the check-out. Her black sneakers were making squeaky sounds as they touched the floor. She heard two men chuckle and whisper behind her. She turned around. They were staring at her. She sighed. “Hey girl, why are you hiding your hot bod like that?”. 

“Oh damn, really?”, she thought. She felt slightly irritated and scanned the men in front of her. They were in their mid 30s, plain looking. Both had dark hair and brown eyes, wearing relaxed outfits. She searched their eyes for an intelligent sparkle and couldn’t detect any. This tickled her mind. This would be easy.

She removed her sunglasses and took off the baseball cap. Her luscious red hair fell down on her shoulders, her piercing green eyes observed the men. The smiles disappeared from the two men’s lips and they turned silent. She didn’t take her eyes off of them, while walking in a circle around them, inspecting them. “This will do.”, she said. Standing in front of them, her eyes started to shine and seemed to send out small lightening bolts into the men’s direction. 

She turned around and walked to the check out, the men following her almost robotically, taking a step when she was taking a step, stopping when she stopped. They walked out of the supermarket onto the busy street. No one uttered a word. She turned left and they turned left. She stopped in front of a big house covered in dark wooden panels, an overgrown garden in the front. They walked up the stairs, onto the porch, and she unlocked the door, opening it, and pointing at them to get in.

The house was dark but warm. With a move of her hand, candles lit up everywhere. The two men looked at everything in awe and fear. She pushed them towards the big room in the back of the house. The dark purple curtains were drawn closed. The light of the torches on the stone walls, and the candles on various small tables in the four corners, gave the room an eerie vibe. Two St. Andrew’s crosses were standing next to each other on one wall. Whips, floggers, canes and other torturous tools were hanging in a glass cabinet to the left. The other side of the room was taken over by a huge bed, covered in velvet red sheets.

Returning from the kitchen to store the ice cream, she walked towards the St. Andrew’s crosses, the two men following her, like being pulled by invisible leashes. “Get naked!”, she commanded. “This is what you wanted, right? Fuck me?”. They both nodded enthusiastically. “On my terms, boys, on my terms. You will get what you want, but first I get what I want. Arrogant boys like you need to learn to respect women!”. They both looked at her, like obedient puppies. “I said get naked!”.

She turned her back on them, slowly pulling down her leggings and stepping out of them. Her white underpants only covering parts of her glowingly beautiful bottom now. The plaid shirt and the lacy bra came off. She shook her head and growled. Huge majestic wings grew out of her well-formed back, unfolding and spreading. She shook her wild hair and horns grew on each side of her head. She heard a whimpering noise behind her and slowly moved around, looking at the two naked men, both of them frozen in fear. A demonic laugh escaped her mouth. “Yes, I am a succubus, boys. You got lucky today, catching one in broad daylight!”.

She walked towards them. “Turn around!”. Both of them did as they were told. She kneaded one man’s butt, pinched another’s. She slowly attached the cuffs to their wrists, took the cane out of the cabinet, and pushed it against the inner thighs of the left guy, so he would spread his legs. and attached the cuffs to his ankles. The other guy, watching the procedure, spread his legs automatically apart. She walked over to him, slapped his butt, whispered “Good boy”, and cuffed him by the ankles too. The room was silent now. The two men were breathing heavily. She walked over to the cabinet and took out two whips.

She positioned herself behind the men, in safe distance, legs spread and growled loudly. Her strong hands and arms started to move rhythmically, first slowly and gently allowing the tongue of the whips touching the men’s butts, then faster and harder, leaving red streaks on their backs. The music of the whips’ movements through the air and the slaps on the naked skin now filled the room. Pearls of sweat formed on her naked skin. Her legs wide spread, she could feel the wet warmth from her slit.

The succubus stopped and laughed sadistically. “Had enough yet, boys?”. she said, while moving towards the cabinet. letting her hands wander over the various toys, both men having their heads turned towards, her, observing her. She looked at them and smiled. “Yes, you had enough.” Little drips of blood were running down both men’s backs, tears filled their eyes. With a quick move of her hand, all cuffs opened. “Move over to the bed, boys. Now!” Her wings were widespread. She took off her underwear and inspected the two men standing in front of the bed. Their cocks were half-hard, their eyes looking at her in fear and arousal.

She snapped two fingers of her left hand and both cocks grew hard instantly. “That is better!”, she whispered to herself. “Lay down on your back”, she commanded one of the men. He obeyed without a word and was on his back in seconds, his hard cock presenting a beautiful phallus. She climbed on the bed. “You better breathe deep now, boy”. she said laughingly, and sat on his face. “Use your tongue, cretin. Yes. Just like that!”. She closed her eyes for a second and enjoyed the sensation of the rough tongue circling her clit. “You, get on your knees behind me!”. The other man joined them on the playground and did as he was told. She leaned over, and presented her hole to him.

He entered her and she moaned. Her hands working on the manhood of the guy under her, she felt the fast tongue playing with her clit, and the hard cock of the other guy fucking her. “Harder, faster, both of you! Show me that you are worthy of me!”. Her wings were flapping now, hitting the holder of the hard cock behind her. She started to growl, a long vibrating sound coming from the depth of her throat. The growl turned into a banshee like scream when her body started twitching and her juices flooded faces and cocks. 

She opened her eyes and climbed off the bed. “Not too bad, boys, not too bad.”. She took both cocks in her hands. Her strong fingers wrapped around them, she knew exactly what moves to make. Both men had their eyes closed now, moaning. She pulled their trunks hard, moving the men closer together. She removed her hands and commanded “Now!”. Both men came at the same time, covering each other in white sticky cum. Opening their eyes, they looked humiliated and embarrassed. The succubus laughed. “Filthy, filthy boys!”. She nonchalantly threw two towels onto the bed. “Clean yourselves up, you disgust me. And then leave.”.

She walked out of the room, into the kitchen. Looking into the freezer, she sighed. She took out the ice cream, opened a drawer and found a spoon. Opening the container, she heard the two men walking through the hallway, catching a glimpse of them as they passed by the kitchen. The spoon now filled with ice cream, she smiled. She opened her mouth, and allowed the cold treat to melt on her tongue. She heard the front door close. “Finally”, she thought, her wings relaxing.

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11 Responses

  1. Raven Lee says:

    A great read, smutty and powerful. Something about the image of a demon eating icecream made me laugh. ?

  2. jupitergrant says:

    Brilliant! Love the idea of her having her wicked way with them, and how she’s so commanding and dominant! ?

  3. slave sindee says:

    wonderful i felt the sweet ness of your body on my face and loved the taste and couldn’t get enough. i left wondering when if ever i would be called back

  4. missy says:

    I really liked this and your characterisation was great 🙂

  5. Kayla Lords says:

    Sex and delightful. I may or may not have had an evil chuckle over this.

  1. June 8, 2019

    […] Can’t a person just go buy ice cream without being harassed? Ugh, right? Not even a demon is free from these problems, but this ice-cream-eating succubus gets her own revenge, and I love it! Read it. […]

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