Medical Staples as a Kink

Medical staples are such an intriguing kink, and something I’d really like to try out. I have always loved the look of corset piercings and medical staples can create the same kind of effect without being permanent. There is such a beauty to it: creating art through pain. The skin being broken by something cold and metallic, a quick superficial pinch and someone left their mark on you. I can very much imagine that the pain of it isn’t as intense as many fear it to be. Instead, I think that it is similar to a hard pinch or a bite. I am a masochist and just fantasizing about the pain it might give, makes my skin tingle!

It is also about the control and the anticipation. My imagination runs wild just thinking about the anticipatory knowledge of the pain spreading through the skin at any second. And the control someone else has over my pain. The throbbing that lingers and the relief when the staples have been removed, both seem like something I would like to experience. Not a lot of kinks are also primarily about an aesthetic effect, so that makes medical staples very much stand out!

Corset Piercings

Corset Piercings (picture from Pinterest)

Isn’t this absolutely stunning? I have been in the gothic and alternative subculture for over 20 years and I have seen many kinds of body modifications, and my friends really went far with those at times. I am a bit of a wuss so I don’t have anything else pierced other than my earlobes. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate the artwork that other people create on their skin.

I saw the first corset piercings back in the late 90s. I was at a goth club and this one girl was wearing a net/lace dress with an open back, showing off her piercings. And it looked absolutely amazing! I remember walking up to her and asking if it was a piercing and where she had it gotten done. It looked so pretty, with the ribbon creating a wonderful effect. Thinking back, she inspired a lot of the clientele at the local goth club. For a couple of years, most goth women went through a corset piercing phase!

So when I read up on medical staples a couple of years ago, I was surprised that they are a lot of times used to create a similar effect to corset piercings. I was very much intrigued by the aesthetic aspect of play with medical staples.

THE Video

I was scrolling through Tumblr (when it still was kink and sex friendly) and I came across this video. It was tagged medical staples and I had never watched a video of it, so I clicked play. Oh gosh, what a video! I had expected someone laying down and a calm and trustful scene playing out. Instead! Instead I watched a woman in suspension, flying. The dominant was standing in front of her, holding a medical staple gun, wearing gloves. She was naked and parts of her body were covered by the rope that was keeping her in suspension. He looked her deep into the eyes. She seemed to be in subspace and trust him fully.

Stapled Nipples!

He grabbed one of her breasts, and without any warning, stapled her nipple together with three staples! She screamed! And me, the viewer? I was sitting there with my mouth open, both shocked and enticed by what I was watching! He gently stroked her face and whispered something in her ear. She closed her eyes. That is when he grabbed her other breast, brushing it with the staple gun, watching the reactions on her face. And then again, one, two, three staples. Another nipple stapled together. I was cringing, but couldn’t look away. She screamed and whimpered.

Turning it up a notch!

That is when he turned it up a notch (as if that was even possible!). His fingers touched her cheeks, her nose and then rested on her lips. He squeezed her lips together and stapled them five times. My heart jumped! Jeez! She opened her eyes and they were both filled with fear, terror and pleasure. Tears were running down her face. He kissed her between the eyebrows and then pushed her, so she was floating and flying, subspace and suspension.

That video never really left my mind. It was such an intense scene. I loved the trust in her eyes, the control he seemed to have over her. The procedure itself was both hot and shocking, I loved the additional effect of the rope. I wish I could find that video, but I tried and have now watched way too many weird videos on people trying to remove their own medical staples after surgery. Ha!

I want to to try it out!

Apart from that video, I have also seen a few very interesting pictures of vaginas that were stapled together. Talk about someone else having control over your body! I very much want to try out medical staples play. So far it just hasn’t happened yet. In my current relationship we seldom plan play, nor do we prepare much. We go with the flow. And medical staples are really something that needs some preparation and planning. I know that there is the possibility of someone else administering the staples but I am very icky about people touching me so I doubt that I’d be okay with it. Who knows, it is definitely something I want to look into more.

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14 Responses

  1. sub-Bee says:

    That video sounds amazing! I do love the look of corset piercings but I’m afraid I’d keep catching them so staples are a great way of replicating it temporarily and they feel so good! And you’re right on that point too, the threat of pain is far worse than the actual pain!

  2. jupitergrant says:

    I love the look of corset piercings too, and that’s a beautiful picture.
    Medical staples sound increasingly alluring ?

  3. Alethea Hunt says:

    Oh my goodness…I need a cold shower. Creating enough headspace for that extreme an experience as you’ve described seems a pipedream for me, but the fantasy is scorching. I too, love the look of corset piercings…and I wish I’d stepped out further in the years before children: that ship has sailed. Good luck experimenting 🙂

    • I think it definitely needs a really deep subspace to be able to take that kind of anticipation and pain, yes! I’m not sure I’d be able to go down that road either. But there are less intense ways to try out medical staples, fortunately!

  4. Molly says:

    Definitely the idea of it is more painful than doing it. A sharp bite/sting is very close to the truth and yet some of them I don’t hardly feel at all. I hope you get a chance to try it out soon


  5. Your reaction to the video described is exactly the same reaction I had to a woman stapling her vagina. Have you tried any of this yet? I might have bought a medical stapler off Amazon as I think I want to try out stapling my vagina. Maybe. I don’t know but I bought the stapler so….

    • Oooh, I once saw a porn where a Domme staples together her female slave’s vagina and then took her for a stroll to walk outside. That was so hot, yet seemed so painful!
      I haven’t tried medical staples yet, nope! But is is on my to do list for this year. If you try it out first, don’t forget to write a post about it, I want to know how it went!

      • Then took a walk outside?! I think I’d need a physical Domme with me to do that hahaha
        Would have loved to see that video though, sounds very hot!
        Will do, and if you do it first I want to know how it went for you!

        • Eh, I once had an outdoors masturbation session with my Master while we were on Skype, it is all about being inventive 😛

          • Haha that sounds like fun😉 I did also have a walk in what felt like a very slutty outfit through then neighbourhood with a bottle of own pee and having to drink a sip everytime my Mistress said I had while on skype on my phone. BUT still! I’d probably do it but 😭

  1. February 15, 2020

    […] masochistic tendencies lately so of course… this was bound to happen. Plus, when I read the Medical Staples post by Deviant Succubus and also after talking about it with Laura, it really became something I […]

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