Taking his Crown

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I watched him observe the room. The expression on his face told me exactly what I wanted to know. He was looking for fresh meat. A glass of wine in his hand, he was thoughtlessly sipping the red juice. They all had dined, the royals. We, the peasants, were standing around, supposedly feeling honored to be allowed in the higher society’s presence. The crown sat tightly on his head, the heavy robe rested on his shoulders. The prince, feared for his indifference for the fate of others and his insatiable lust for beautiful young women.

It had only been two weeks since I had received a letter from my dearest cousin, Louise. The hurt in her words bled through the pages filled with tear-smudged ink. She had been introduced to the court, like all girls her age had to be. They said it was about the census and knowing the number of fertile women in the country. But everyone knew. It was for him, Prince Matthew. She had been excited, knowing that she would attract the attention of many eligible men. She had often dreamt of romance, love, intimacy and the magic of having her own family. Louise had worn her late mother’s earrings, a corset sewn by her sister and her hair braided by her father.

Like all girls at the young age of 18, she had been easily impressed by the court and the vastness and beauty of the palace. She and a dozen other girls in their best attire had been walking down the long hallway, into the courtyard. They had been greeted by not only their families but also the royals and the aristocracy. Music had played, people had danced. Her letter hadn’t gone into detail, but she had been seduced by the prince’s words and handsomeness. She had felt special, that he had picked her to give attention to, among all the other beautiful girls.

And then she had found out she had been with child. She had walked up to the palace to confront the prince but he had denied knowing her. Her story so similar to many other girls’ stories. So she had written a letter to me, begging me to come and visit her. She had needed a plan. I had packed my bags the same day the letter had arrived, and had made my way to the capital. But when I had entered my uncle’s house, a darkness had been hanging over it. I had stormed into her room. Her bed soaked in blood, the doctor had held a bottle, talking about tinctures made by witches to create fairy children. I had known. She hadn’t been able to wait for me. She had made a decision. She would never bear children again.

I had heard stories similar to Louise’s. I had tried to talk some sense into my uncle but he was a broken man. Losing his wife’ and his daughter’s innocence all during the period of one year, had made him defeated and silent. But someone had to do something. And so here I was standing now. Looking at the man who had ruined the lives of many young maidens. I was filled with abhorrence.

I adjusted my corset, brushed through my hair with my fingertips. My eyes were fixated on the prince. I was new, I was beautiful. He had to notice me. He raised his glass into my direction and nodded. I bowed and smiled at him. I watched him observe me now. I slowly walked through the room, making sure I moved my body as seductively as possible. I took a grape from the table and gently pushed it into my mouth. My eyes and his eyes met. I saw him whisper something to the servant next to him, pointing at me. The young boy walked up to me. “Ma’am. the prince is requesting your presence.” I looked at him, puzzled. “Es tut mir leid, mein Junge, ich verstehe nicht, was Du sagst.” I shrugged my shoulders. My German mother had taught me well. I gave him a penny, and then walked out of the room, leaving the boy with a confused look on his face. I smiled.

I returned the next day. I had told me intentions to one of the kitchen’s maids who let me into the palace, supporting my cause. I mingled with the crowd in the dining room, waiting for the prince to see me. And there it was, his eyes on me. He smiled at me and got up. I had him where I wanted him to be. Him coming to me. People were befuddled by the prince’s behaviour and opened up a path for him to walk through the crowd, up to me. Everyone was looking at us. I bowed. “How do you do?” I didn’t answer him. People were holding their breath around me, silence in the room. How dare she not give him an answer? “Ich verstehe nicht, was Sie sagen.” I whispered. “Oh, German. Not a language I can master, but never you mind, what I want from you doesn’t require words.” I cringed inside.

He tried to take my hand but I took a step back. I gave him a stern look. I slowly shook my head, turned around and walked out of the room. I heard the whispers, the silent laughter, the exclamations of bewilderment. I quickly left the palace. I had him where I wanted him to be. Wanting, confused and slightly frustrated. A state where he would make decisions unbeneficial to him. He was going to make a fool out of himself, and I was going to enjoy the show.

I waited a whole week before returning to the palace. My friend told me that the prince had been first furious then confused, and then intrigued by my behaviour. He had asked everyone about me, who I was, where I came from. But no one had been able to tell him anything. Tonight was the night.

When I walked into the room, everyone turned silent. I looked for the prince, and there he was. His eyes looked slightly more tired than a week ago, his crown a little bit askew. I made my way to him and stopped in front of him. I took his hand, not leaving him out of my sight. He seemed mesmerized by me, intrigued indeed. The shocked silence around us was deafening. The maid had told me where his bedroom was and that was where we were heading now. I didn’t speak a word, and he silently followed me. He didn’t seem to question what was happening, He hadn’t known rejection before, so I was in his head now. I smiled.

I opened the door to the room, and walked in. “What is going to happen now, mysterious lady?” – “Shhhh”, I said, and pushed him onto the bed. He turned silent again. I stood in front of him, removing my cardigan and letting it drop to the floor. He followed its movements with his eyes and looked up to me. He tried to stand up, wanting to touch me, but I pushed him back onto the bed. He took off his robe. I untied my hairband and let my hair down. He removed the crown from his head and put it next to him. He was watching my every move, and looking down, I saw the excitement not only in his eyes. I felt disgusted by him.

I pulled my dress over my head and made an unbuttoning movement in front of my chest. He followed my instructions. I took a step towards him, now only dressed in my undergarments and my corset, and pushed him onto the bed, on his back. He crawled towards the headboard a little, to allow me to come into bed with him. But I walked around the bed and found the ropes that were attached to the bed’s curtains. I started tying him his left wrist to the bed.. And he allowed me to do it. I showed him the second rope, lifted my chin and waited for his reaction. He nodded. So his second wrist got tied down as well. Getting to foot end of the bed, his ankles received the same treatment. His legs were spread now and I crawled onto the bed with him, kneeling right before him.

He was holding his breath, anticipating, excited. I slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his undergarments. His red hard manhood made an appearance. I looked at it for a moment, leaned over to him and kissed his forehead. Then I stood up and lifted my underskirt. I lowered myself closer to him, my legs spread over him, while looking into his eyes. I could see the arousal, he had nothing else on his mind. I closed my eyes and relaxed. And then I relieved myself all over the prince’s famous cock. He started to yell and tried to get out the ropes. But I had tied him down well. “You whore, what are you doing? How dare you? Stop it immediately, I command you!”

His words didn’t make a difference. My warm urine was washing all over his naked body. I felt a slight wave of arousal coming over me. The power I had in this moment, seeing his helpless body that still seemed willing. I smiled and climbed off the bed. I lowered my underskirt and turned around. I looked at him while putting on his robe and placing the crown on my head. I picked up my clothes from the floor and looked at him. He was silent now, his face showed shock and confusion.

“My dear prince. You are nothing but a man, and a pitiful one at that. You do not have the right to ruin the lives of young woman. Keep your seed to yourself. I dare you to try otherwise. Or I will have to return and show you again, what a filthy despicable excuse of a human being you are.” I turned around.

“Come back! Untie me immediately. You can not treat a prince like this. Come back! Guards, guards!”

I ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. My friend was waiting for me. She laughed. “A’ight, well done!” she shouted, while I was running into the darkness, holding the crown on my head, the royal robe waving in the wind.

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10 Responses

  1. Liz BlackX says:

    This was not what I expected πŸ˜‚
    Good for him, I hope it was a humiliating experience for the Prince and that he learned his lesson 😈

  2. naughty nora says:

    Well that showed him!

  3. Lisa Stone says:

    A wonderful fairy tale. But I think the prince deserves a more severe punishment.

  4. Ohh that was so well told, I love how your heroine built her own mystique. The entitled ones often seem to be charmed when they are thwarted and she used that to her disadvantage.
    I liked that you used the fairytale rule of 3 to capture the prince … and you’re writing fiction again Devie! Hurrah for that xx

  5. Mark says:

    Nice fairy tale. But once again reminds us of the ugliness of violence.

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