Body Love: O is for Orgasm


I know that I have a hard time finding positives about my body, but here is one thing that I really love: the orgasms! I am not alone with that sentiment, I am sure. Not about my orgasms, that is. Although, thanks if you are happy that my body provides me with orgasms! Most people are very happy with their body’s ability to give them relief in such a pleasurable way. I know that there are those out there who are unable to get orgasms, and I can’t even image the frustration that comes with that. Although there are many other ways to feel good, orgasms are sort of the epitome of what sexual pleasure can feel like.

I am not special. Most people have them, most people enjoy them, most people crave them. I love the build up, I love feeling aroused, and I don’t always need to get off during sex or masturbation. But when I get off, and I can feel it coming, when the pressure is there and all I want is for that moment to last forever: oh my!

I have written about the g-spot this month: I can have vaginal orgasms. I can also have clitoral orgasms. And anal orgasms. All three of them feel different from each other, and the three of them together in one major orgasm is one of the best experiences I have ever had! But it has taken me a while to understand that there are even different kinds of orgasms, and how to reach them. I am incredidbly happy that my body has the ability to make me come in different ways.

Clitoral Orgasms and Torture

Clitoral orgasms are the easiest to get for me. If I am having a particular good day, it only takes me a few seconds of rubbing and off I go. But behold, I can have multiple orgasms at once, and can also come over and over. So if I masturbate, or my Master gives me forced orgasms (one of my favourite things in the world!), I can have hundreds of orgasms. Don’t believe me? I counted them.

I never knew that that was a thing that not every woman can experience. Until I had a chat with a friend about it. She said that after one orgasm, she can’t have anything or anyone near her clt. Which made me wonder: in forced orgasms, you are forced to get through that moment of terrible discomfort, until you are brought to newer heights. So maybe a lot of women are depriving themselves of more orgasms because they can’t get through the moment of discomfort? My clit can take a lot anyway. I love clit torture, I love my clit being flicked, slapped or even hit and punched with a wand. I might just have a very robust little button down there. The most intense orgasms, I get through clitoral stimulation.

Vaginal Orgasms and Squirting

Vaginal orgasms, on the other hand, are not as easy to come by. It is all about the g-spot, and even then, it needs to be the right angle, the right amount of penetration, and I need to be in the right mood. During PIV sex, it happens that I get a vaginal orgasms, but it is not something that I experience every time. It is easier when I masturbate, or when I am getting fingerfucked or even fisted: you can get the angel right easier. Cocks are usually not very flexible!

I do love vaginal orgasms. They feel deeper than clitoral orgasms. And while they also make me twitch, they often a very focused on just my cunt. They are the sort of orgasm that can make me squirt too. Actually, it is very hard for me to not squirt while having a vagina orgasm. Squirting has for a while been a sort of shameful thing for me, but now I am actually glad that my body has that ability. It means I am unique, and I have a skill not everyone has! Also, it feels awesome to see cum when you are coming, it makes the whole orgasm more naughty!

Anal Orgasms

Just like with vaginal orgasms, anal orgasms are something that I have only discovered in recent years. I had experiences with anal play before I met my Master, and always found it oddly pleasurable to have something in there during masturbation. But I don’t think I ever experienced a full anal orgasm before any sort of BDSM play. I just get pushed more, even when just playing with myself and being told what to do.

I think the reason why anal orgasms are possible for me, is because there are some nerve endings just in the right spot. The right kind of rubbing and penetration, and I can get an orgasm. It is sort of the same thing like with the vaginal orgasms: the angle and the speed, and I need to be in the right mood. Anal orgasms don’t always happen for me, but when they do, it is a very oddly satisfying sensation. The focus is on the anus, but it is still a full body orgasm.

Pain Orgasms

Because my body is awesome, I also experience pain orgasms! They are basically orgasms caused by pain play. I don’t need any sort of stimulation of my cunt to get a pain orgasm. They can happen because of nipple torture, because of punching of my butt or my boobs, because of slapping or squeezing of different body parts.

It is about a build up. It is not like I stub my toe and I come. I can come from pain when it starts slow and then builds up to more and more intense pain, like nipple pulling or boob slapping. And then I can feel the orgasm building up in my body and when I reach the high peak of my pain tolerance and almost have tears running down my face, my body lets go and I come.

I definitely don’t come every time we do pain play, or impact play. And it is always a surprise when I do. Pain usually turns me on, but most of the time, I need more than pain to get me off.

Orgasms on Command

Orgasms on command are such a fascinating thing. They feel different from all the other kinds of orgasms that I can experience. They are not focused on any certain physical point of my body, but I can feel them everywhere when they happen. And they are linked to my mind, and my submission. That makes them somewhat special, but also difficult to describe.

My Master and I have practiced a lot of erotic hypnosis, and during our sessions, while I was in trance, he was able to condition me to come on command. We don’t do those sorts of orgasms as much anymore, because the physical ones take over. But sometimes he still shows me that he has that power over my body.

So when he has my focus, and he snaps his fingers, I come. It is not something that I can control, or that I even want to control. It is a very satisfying feeling for me as a submissive to experience that he has full control over my body through my mind. He can also just tell me to come, or count me down to an orgasm. The orgasms are both physical and mental, it is a very weird sensation of warmth in my mind (maybe my submission?), and my body is twitching and I feel the orgasmic relief.

My connection to my body is not always the most positive one. I admit that. But its ability to come in many different ways, many times non-stop and giving me all sorts of pleasurable sensations? I am grateful that I am blessed with a body that can do that.

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14 Responses

  1. slave sindee says:

    thank you for sharing very nice

  2. I loved this, thanks for sharing your experiences so openly, the human body is an amazing thing. x

  3. I think you’re right. I certainly feel like I can’t take more than one sometimes because I’m so sensitive but I also know if I push through it it becomes even better later on. But sometimes I’m also just satisfied with one lol.

    When I was on certain antidepressants for three months I could not orgasm at all no matter what I tried. It was such a shock as I’m usually able to come within 2 minutes lol. So glad I went off those!

    I love how you can have pain orgasms. I wonder if I would be able to have one like that at some point. I’d like to try lol

    • The pushing through that discomfort to get to greater heights is definitely hard, and I can rarely do it on my own. I am like … eh, I have had enough. But when I am not alone, I don’t decide when I have had enough 😛

      I hope you will be able able to experience pain orgasms one day too. They are rad!

      P,S. Stupid meds! I am so glad you are off of them!

      • I once somehow managed to get through it with the clit sucker, which is always too sensitive for me for just a single orgasm but omg once I was past it it was just pleasure after pleasure after pleasure. And then the battery was empty and I was like SRSLY

        I’m sure I will in the future! I better!

  4. Same here on clitoral orgasms – I can come over and over and over again, and yes, I frequently count them too. When I have a huge orgasm, often coming from either clitoral stimulation and fisting, or clitoral stimulation and anal fingering, I can’t bear being touched anymore. Then I am just too sensitive. I love those orgasms!

    Rebel xox

  5. A beautiful image. I want one now.

  6. jupitergrant says:

    I am also hugely appreciative of my body’s ability to multiple orgasm, having not realised for a long time that many women struggle to come. When I was younger, I couldn’t really come with a partner, only through masturbation, and I didn’t achieve my first vaginal orgasm until I was in my 30’s. I haven’t experienced an anal orgasm, and no pain orgasms, but boy, if it were actually possible to get one from stubbing one’s toe, I’d be in seventh heaven, as I’m always hitting the damn coffee table leg, lol! 😂

  1. May 4, 2020

    […] Body Love: O is for Orgasm & Queefing by Deviant Succubus It’s so interesting how everyone has a different spot or way to reach a great orgasm and how all of our bodies are different. Devie seems to be able to have a whole range, which is a great resource, and I was surprised to reach you can reach an orgasm from anal play. Her post on queefing is also a bit of an eye-opener as I didn’t know there was a difference between farting during sex or queefing and guess we never actually fart so it’s time to stop being ashamed of that! Also, check out these pictures, they’re mesmerising! […]

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