A Degradation Fantasy

A sexual degradation fantasy
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I’m sure that most people have certain fantasies that they return to when they are masturbating. You close your eyes and you imagine a wild time with a certain person, or certain scenarios and positions that turn you on. And those fantasies don’t always need to become a reality. That is the beauty of them, you can just get off to them without thinking of the implications, maybe even your own safety. I assume that most people’s fantasies are pretty tame compared to what turns me on when I am masturbating. And I usually don’t see a problem with that.

But lately my brain has taken me on a journey that I definitely would never want to become a reality. When I am aroused and masturbating, I like to think in extremes, and that is fine. I don’t need these scenarios when I am engaging sexually with another person in real life. Then, just the additions of smell and touch, and the actual sensations of closeness and intimacy, bring things to a totally different level. Still, my to go to masturbation fantasy these days is both confusing and arousing to me. I am not ashamed by it, at least I don’t think I am. But I have said out loud “what the fuck” more than once after getting off to it. I have laughed at myself. I have shaken my head. And yet, it creeps back into my mind.

CW: pissplay, scat, extreme humiliation

Extreme Degradation

I am in the back of a truck. The doors are open and I am sitting on a white mattress. I can feel the springs poking into my buttcheeks. I am naked. My feet are resting on the cold and dirty floor. I look up and I can see my Master standing next to me. He is fully dressed and is looking straight ahead. I can see the expression on his face, He is focused and in a sadistic mood. Seeing him like this gives me a tingle in my cunt. I don’t know what he has in store for me but judging by his pleased smile, I know it is going to be good.

I wonder where the light is coming from and I look around. I can see two flashlights dangling from the ceiling of the truck. It is almost as if there is a spotlight cast on me. I hear mumbling and notice the men standing in front of the open doors. We seem to be in some sort of parking lot and the crowd outside is rough. I can make out beards, beer bellies, tattoos and leather vests.

“You can do with her whatever you want, guys”, I hear my Master say. “She is a little slut and she loves being used and humiliated. Don’t you, puppet?”. I nod.

“Don’t you, puppet?”, he asks louder. – “Yes, Master”.

“Two rules: No penetration of the cunt and ass. And when she uses the safeword, or I tell you to stop, you stop. Is that understood?” My Master comes across as all powerful, and the tingle in my cunt intensifies.

“Understood” the men reply.

The men are climbing up into the truck. My Master is standing behind me now, ready to observe the scene. I don’t know how many of them are there. The light is not strong enough to make out faces. I get pushed on my back. I turn my head from the left to the right and see that several pants have been dropped. If they are not to penetrate me. what is going to happen?

Knees drop next to my face and a cock is pushed into my mouth. I squeal. The man pulls up my head a bit, holds it up by grabbing my ears. and fucks my mouth. I choke when I feel him inside my throat but then relax. I let him use me like the fuck doll that I am. His balls press against my chin and his pubic hair scratches my skin. I take in every sensation in that moment.

I can feel something warm landing on my belly. A stream of warm liquid. I first assume that someone is covering me in cum, but then recognize the smell in the air. They are pissing on me! I shudder and try to move. But I am pinned down by the man fucking my mouth. I hear laughter. “Don’t try to wiggle your way out of this, puppet. I want to see what a disgusting slut you are. Or don’t you like this? I know how much you love being pissed on.” I try to reply to him but I can’t because my mouth is filled with a hard cock. More laughter.

Now there are two streams. Then three. Someone is pulling my legs apart and angling them. I can feel the piss run down my body, everywhere, soaking the mattress under me. I can’t see anything because my mouth is still being fucked. “They are filming you, puppet. To show the world what a disgusting filthy whore you are. You want the world to know, don’t you? Your Master’s fuck toy, your Master’s slut. A human toilet.”.

I don’t know what to feel. I am embarrassed. I am aroused. I want to run away. And I want more. More humiliation. More degradation. I want to see how far I can be pushed. My clit is being flicked and I twitch. That hurts. Another flick. And another. “Looking at her swollen clit. The bitch is really enjoying this.”. The inner turmoil, the shame, is almost getting too much. But I want this. More. More.

The guy pulls out his cock from my mouth and his cum lands all over my face. Sticky hot juices cover my eyes, my mouth, shoot up my nose. I want to rub my eyes but my Master steps on my hands. “You are not allowed to touch yourself until I tell you to.”. I nod. He takes a step back again. And my hands grab the sides of the mattress as the flicking of my clit continues. My nipples are being pulled. But I can’t see by whom. My eyes are burning from the cum.

“Aaaah, here it comes”, I hear a stranger say. The flicking stops, the pulling stops. Everyone is silent. I can feel something tickling on my chest, in between breasts. I can’t see and I don’t dare to move. Something warm and slightly heavy lands on my chest. I try to make out what it is, but I can’t see. Then the smell hits me. Someone just pooped on me! I try to get up and I want to run away now. This is too embarrassing. I gag and try to get up on my elbows. But my Master steps on my hands again. “You know the safeword. puppet. Until you use the safeword, you take what you are given.”. I nod. And tears are starting to run down my face. I hear laughter while I feel someone covering my face with what seems like a never ending stream of piss.

A load of cum lands on my cunt, another on my face. “Rub it in, puppet. Rub all the piss, and shit and cum that is covering your disgusting nasty body. Rub it all over your tits and belly. I know you love it. Feeling how nasty and filthy you are, you slut.” – “Yes, Master.”

And I do as I am told. He is right. Knowing what I am rubbing into me, knowing that there are people standing and kneeling around me, watching me be a disgusting filthy whore, I can feel the arousal get stronger and stronger. I hear laughter. I am crying. But I want more. And more I get. Load after load of cum is covering me now. My hands, my chest, my titts, my belly, all covered in shit, piss and cum. I am crying. And I want to touch my cunt. I want to come. I am so horny now that I need to get off or I feel like I will explode.

I can sense my Master kneel next to me. “Now it is your turn, slut.” and he hands me a wand. “Get yourself off while everyone is watching you. Seeing how disgusting you are, getting off on being used as a human toilet and a cum dumpster. Come on, puppet. Show us what you got. I know you can’t see right now, but don’t worry, you are being filmed. Everyone’s eyes are on you.” Tears are flooding down my face.

I turn on the wand. I press it against my swollen clit and switch it to the highest setting. I don’t need a build up. I need to come. My eyes are still stinging and I can only make out shadows. But I can hear their laughter. I can feel their judgment. I can’t hold it back and while almost choking on my tears, I ask “Can I please come, Master?” – “You can come if you tell us that you enjoy being a filthy nasty slut.”.

I close my eyes and focus. Almost there. Almost there. “I love being a nasty slut!”, I shout out. The laughter intensifies. “She sure is” – “Look at the fucking whore” – “Filthy.”. And I cum. My body twitches, and I scream of pleasure and shame. I needed this. This felt cathartic. I got shown what I really am. “Good girl.”, I hear my Master say. I smile. – “Now someone bring me the hose. We got to clean this mess up.” As I lie down and breathe out, I can hear the shuffling of busy feet. I don’t dare to open my eyes. I blush as I think about what just happened.

Masturbation Monday

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12 Responses

  1. slave sindee says:

    extremely hot

  2. I like fantasies because they can become so vivid in your own head and feel real but you don’t necessarily need them to be real, though sometimes, it would be nice if they were. I love how you wrote this one down. I really feel like I’m experiencing your fantasy, as well as your desire for it

  3. Asrai Devin says:

    Most of my fantasies I wouldn’t want in real life. But that’s what fantasy is for, exploration of the forbidden.

  4. May says:

    I have had similar to this – fantasies – it took me along time to come to terms with it though – I felt i was wrong. Now I know it is all about “what ever gets your through the night” type thing and I regularly delve to the dark depths of my mind and pick out a really dirty story to help me climax. And loved the one you have here
    May x

    • Oh, I like how you said that: it is about whatever gets you through the night. If a fantasy helps you get off, then there is no shame in that. It doesn’t mean that you’d want the fantasy to become a reality, and if you you judge yourself for the fantasy, then it is about working on your own kink shaming. Sexual fantasies are not something you’d share while drinking with your kiddo’s teacher anyway 😛

  5. Kayla Lords says:

    I don’t fantasize while I masturbate, but like others, i definitely read erotica I would never want to experience in life and get really aroused. I can still remember bits and pieces of a story series I read on Literotica as I was figuring out I was kinky and submissive — filled with degradation, humiliation, and some really dark stuff. It still makes me hot.

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  2. December 20, 2020

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