Are Mermaids Real?

“This was definitely a huge tail”, she thought to herself as she watched the open ocean in front of her. For the last few minutes, she had been observing a strange creature swimming through the water. She had been sitting on the secluded beach for most of the late afternoon, enjoying the solitude, catching the sun’s warm beams on her naked skin.

She got up from her towel and walked closer to the water. Her feet leaving behind small prints in the sand as she approached the foaming waves. “Yes, a tail, and an arm? Is the fish waving at me?”. She rubbed her eyes. “Maybe I should have been staying in the shade.”. She shook her head to help her focus. No, there was an arm.

She waved back, confused and enticed. The creature swam towards the stones on her left and she followed their lead. “I got to see this!”. She didn’t care to cover her naked body, she was too excited to meet the intriguing sea creature.

She climbed up the slippery stones and then descended again, closer to the water. A beautiful woman was waiting for her. Hair green, eyes blue. Her naked breasts exposed. She was holding on to the stones, her tail flapping in the water to keep her afloat. “This can’t be real?”. The two women looked at each other. “Are .. are … are you a mermaid?”, the woman asked. The sea creature laughed. “Yes, I am.”.

“You look beautiful. Can I touch you?”

“Only if I can touch you!”

The woman touched the mermaids face, her wet hair, her fingers gently brushing over her shoulders, down her neck, her chest and then towards the perfectly shaped breasts. The mermaid smiled. She held on to the woman’s legs and pulled herself closer to her. Her fingers wandered up the legs, over the knees, and up to the thighs. She carefully spread the woman’s legs, her hands getting closer and closer to her sex.

One flap of her tail and her face was right in between her legs. She dove in and spread the woman with her fingers, her tongue reaching for her clit. “What is happening?”, she said, as she grabbed the mermaid’s hair. Slow circles around the clit turned to rougher strokes. Fingers inside her, two, three. Pushing in and pulling out. Closing her eyes, the woman moaned. Faster and faster, she was now close. She let out a scream, her whole body twitching in orgasmic spasms, her wetness blending with the ocean’s waves.

The sensations stopped. She opened her eyes. She was alone again. Looking around her, she saw no tail, no magical woman with green hair. She shook her head, climbed up and down the rocks again and made her way back to her towel. “Did this really just happen?”, she said out loud as she felt the tingle between her legs slowly subside.

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  1. Oh goodness me! I enjoyed that. I have been thinking about mermaids a lot lately so this was very nice. ???

  2. jupitergrant says:

    Wow! That’s a very sexy flash!

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