His Favourite Toy

Deviant Succubus being as her Master's toy
© DeviantSuccubus

I yawned and stretched my arms. I love taking naps and I had had such a stressful morning, I had really needed the rest. I heard my stomach grumble. Cookies, there were some cookies in the jar on the livingroom table. Still sleepy, I climbed out of bed and rubbed my eyes. I needed to wash my face first, it was hayfever season and I had left the bedroom window open. I sighed. Those stupid pollen!

I went into the hallway and walked past the half-open livingroom door. I caught a glimpse of something, someone. I rubbed my eyes again, hoping it would help with the blurriness. I sneaked up to the door and peeked into the room, almost tumbling over an empty box on the floor. “Fleshlight”. Oh, his toy had arrived!

I pushed the door open a little more to get a better look. He was sitting on his favourite chair, naked. His eyes were closed and I saw small drops of sweat glistening in the afternoon sun, in his chesthair, on his tense arms. His right hand moved steadily up and down his cock, holding the fleshlight toy. I watched his manhood disappear into the toy and then popping up, just to disappear again. It seemed to stroke him well. Silent moans were escaping his half-open mouth.

My itchy eyes and cookie needs were forgotten at this point. I felt a tingle in my nipples, moving down into my most private parts. I was only wearing a top and knickers, and they dropped to the floor rather quickly. Seeing him aroused, watching him enjoying himself, made me needy. One hand wandered down my belly right into my now wet cunt, the other one squeezing my left nipple. Mmm, this was nice.

I rubbed my pulsating and swollen clit, while sucking in his arousal with my eyes. Oh how I wished it was my tongue caressing his cock instead of the toy. I wanted to be the thing he used, the plaything that gave him pleasure. I focused to not moan, and to not breathe too loudly. I didn’t want to disturb his private moment, but also wanted to be part of it. I wanted to please him, to make him explode inside me.

I had trouble keeping myself steady on my legs, the need for him had taken over my body and mind. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened the door and silently walked into the room, towards him, and knelt in front of him. He had heard me. He stopped his movements but his eyes were still closed.

“Speak, puppet!”

“I need your cock inside my mouth, Master.”

“Oh, do you now? How much do you need it?”

“Very much, Master!”

He opened his eyes and looked at me. He smiled.

“You look needy, puppet. And I can smell you from here, your wet cunt screaming for attention.”

He moved closer to me, his cock right in front of me now. I opened my mouth and I stretched out my tongue, trying to reach his head. But he wouldn’t allow it. I heard him chuckle. “You really want my cock, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master!”

I jerked forward, trying to embrace his hard manhood with my mouth. But he pushed me back. “I didn’t give you permission, puppet. Sit still, don’t move!”

I sat still. Staring at him.

“Beg for it, you little slut!”

“Please, Master!”

“You can do better than that!”

“Please Master, can you use my mouth as your toy, Master? Please Master, can you fuck my mouth?”

His hands grabbed my hair and my head jerked forward. His cock pushed into my mouth. I relaxed my throat so he could go in deeper. Hard and fast. In and out. Using me exactly as it pleased him. I gagged, but that didn’t stop him. I was starting to feel dizzy. He stopped and I opened my eyes, looking up at him. “Fuck yourself with two fingers, puppet!”

My left hand reached down to my slippery slit, I spread my legs a little and entered myself, slowly penetrating my wet cunt. I moaned. “Good girl”, he said.

Hands back in my hair, cock back in my mouth. I submitted to the motions he dictated, submitted to his needs, submitted to being his to play with. His movements got faster and his cock reached deeper into my throat. I enjoyed my body’s reaction to his control and roughness.

He pulled his cock out of my moth. I opened my eyes and kept my mouth wide open, tongue sticking out. His hot seed landed on my tongue, my lips, my cheeks, my eyebrows. I felt my cunt clenching and twitching, the spasms moving all over my body, and my wetness gushing out over my fingers.

He held my face in his hands and kissed my forehead. “You are always going to be my favourite toy, puppet.” I smiled at him. “Thank you, Master.”. Now I really needed to wash my face.

This erotic fiction was inspired by MxNillin’s “Quick Shot”

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    What a very sexy scene indeed! ??

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    I do love being the favorite toy…it’s the best kind of toy to be. 😉

  3. Mx Nillin says:

    Omg this was SO fucking hot. I’m so glad my post inspired this piece! <3

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