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My Master's body
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I have this weird thing about being physically attracted to someone. I am just not feeling it. I can count the number of times I felt an instant physical attraction to another person, on one hand. I am not the one that looks at a picture, a video or someone that passes me by in real life, and think: oh, I’d tap that. For me to even be able to have sex with anyone, there needs to be a level of trust and connection. I am not one for one night stands, and I don’t just start a relationship nilly-willy. Physical attraction, as a primary motivator to start a relationship or a sexual connection, is something I don’t find important. It is first later on that I recognize some attractive physical traits on the person that I am dating.

Physical Beauty vs. Turn Ons

I like almost all body types, genders or sizes. Back in the day, when you would have asked me if I had any preferences, I probably would have been able to give some sort of list. Today I know that even certain things I disregarded as a hard no in the past, I am totally fine with now. Someone needs to win me over with their personality, their reliability, their intelligence and their wit. That is how you get into my pants.

I can appreciate physical beauty, of course. But there is a difference for me between beauty and something that turns me on. And I don’t need conventional beauty to be the primary selling point for anyone. As a matter of fact, beauty is for me in the imperfections, in what is not conventionally seen as attractive, but what catches my attention.

This attitude towards beauty and attractiveness has led to me dating people from all different kinds of walks of life, different genders, different body types, different races. My ex-husband is a 1.80 m bald Swede with blue eyes, a huge belly and very broad shoulders, and 18 years older than me. My latest ex-boyfriend is a 28-year-old Singaporean of Chinese descent with a facial disability, glasses and a soft round body. And my current partner? My current partner is 19 years older than me, skinny, hairy and of Russian-Jewish descent. I don’t really have a type when it comes to looks.

Objectification of the Master

Once I am in a relationship and that mind connection is there, that is when I pay more attention to someone’s physical appearance. And I am strongly physically attracted to Master S, my current partner.

His eyes that often shine with excitement and curiosity but that can also give me the sternest look of seriousness. His smile so wide that it makes me happy every time I see it. His hair, framing his face perfectly, age showing but making him look even more dashing. The tiny hairs on his earlobes. The fluffy hair on his arms, his chest, his belly. His perfectly shaped body with the flat stomach, the cute belly button and perfect nipples. His amazing cock that has given me so much pleasure. His little tiny butt. His long skinny legs that I am so jealous of. His muscular upper arms, his strong back. The stubble on his face when he hasn’t shaven in a couple of days.

I can with all honesty say that there is nothing about my partner’s body that I find unattractive. I see the tiny imperfections and I am curious to explore them more. And the things that are perfect, I want to appreciate more. I want to be physically close to him, I want to touch him, I want his fingers to touch me.

Furry, Hipbones and Cocks

One thing that I always thought I’d dislike about men is a hairy body. I know where that feeling of dislike comes from (my dad is quite hairy), and I have for a long time avoided men who seem hairy. Master S is hairy, he is my favourite furry toy! Okay, no no, I didn’t just say that, haha. But I don’t mind his body hair. I love curling his chest hair around my fingers, or to play with the hair on his belly. When I lay my head on his chest, there is always a soft cushion of hair welcoming me. Does it mean that I am now generally attracted to men with hairy bodies? Nope. But on his body, the hair fits, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

There are only a few physical fetishes that I have, and one of them is hipbones. I love when you can see someone’s hipbones, and oh gosh, touching the skin covering that bone, feeling the hard bone sticking out! And Master S has very prominent hipbones. So I catch myself objectifying him sometimes, when he is standing there, in the kitchen, making breakfast, naked. And his hipbones stick out.

Hey, but let’s get to the body part that maybe sexually is the most important: the penis, the dick, the cock, the manhood. I have never cared much about size or shape. Up util now. Because I have found the perfect cock. Now, I might want to reflect upon that I don’t really care about physical traits in the first place, but my vagina begs to differ here. Apparently girth and length do matter if you are into feeling full and want your G-spot to be rubbed during penetration. I mean, that is simple biology and physics, anyway. So for penetration, I have found the perfect cock, and lucky me, it belongs to Master S!

I actually prefer his cock to dildos, because behold, we compared, and his is just a tiny bit longer and thicker than your average size dildo. It is the perfect amount of sexiness! Also, one thing that most people don’t ever consider is in what direction a cock points when hard. I have had some weird experiences with that in the past. Well, let’s just say, if there was a picture of a perfect cock anywhere, it would look very much like Master S’ cock.

Physical Closeness

We have only talked about physical attributes so far. There are some other things about my partner’s body that I love. His high libido, his stamina. The body’s health and strength. I love that I feel protected with him because I know he is physically strong. I love that he is rarely tired and that he can fix a lot of practical things for me. He is in his 50s, and the men that I dated that were younger than him, did not have such physical fitness.

But most of all. I love being physically close to him. The best place in the world is in his arms. When his hands wander over me body, his soft lips kiss my mouth and his strong arms embrace me, I know that is where I belong. With him. In that moment.

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11 Responses

  1. J. Lynn says:

    This was a beautiful description of your Master DS. So funny I have a thing for men’s hipbones too. They are quite fun to gnaw on ?

  2. What a tribute! I hope he reads it!

    Also, that whole penis thing? I totally get it. I would choose my Husband’s cock over a dildo any day, because it hits all the right places and gets me off faster. He is particularly large, but his length/girth/shape is perfect for my body. I’m not sure I could find another like it.

    And I fully agree with the “type” thing. I don’t have a type either. What matters is scent, emotional feeling, and what He can do to my mind. Physical beauty is way down on the list, because once an emotional and mental connection has been made, what may not have been attractive becomes so.

    • *high five* We have found the perfect penises for ourselves, wooohoo!
      I so very much agree with you, a personality click, the chemistry and other things are way more important for me to feel attracted to someone!

  3. jupitergrant says:

    Hi Deevie,

    I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award ?

  4. jupitergrant says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Your appreciation is so evident in the way you describe your Master, and I love that feeling when you grow to love each part of the other’s body because it is theirs, not because it fits some pre-conceived idea of what is beautiful ?

  1. April 5, 2020

    […] to write a post about appreciating my partners body but it would have felt like a repetition of a post I wrote a while ago. So instead, I am going to focus on his dick. Or cock, or penis, or member. Or […]

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