Siren Song Seduction

Peisinoe’s brown wavy hair was blowing in the salty wind coming from the sea. She was walking through the warm white sand together with her older sisters. The hot early afternoon sun was burning on her golden skin. She stretched out her long white wings and yawned. Today had been a slow day and she was looking forward to sit by the water for the rest of the remaining hours of light. Nothing had happened for days and she loved when things were calm and enjoyable instead of chaotically dreadful. Her sisters often mocked her soft innocence but she didn’t mind. She loved the music, she loved the water. She didn’t like causing despair and pain.

“Ouch!”, she exclaimed and pulled her left claw out of the sand. A tiny seashell had gotten stuck and caused her to pout. Her sisters were laughing. “Don’t be such a softie! We give pain, sometimes you need to be able to take pain too!”, her oldest sister said. Her curly red hair had been the envy of many for centuries, and probably the reason why she sometimes was called to Olympus to spend nights among Gods.

The five sisters, naked and beautiful, wings on their backs, claws instead of feet, each of them holding a small harp, were heading towards the rocks that were their home. Once on top of the wet rocks, pointy cliffs in the background, they all stood still for a moment, looking over the water. Long hair blowing in the wind, perfect faces in the glowing sunshine, beautiful round bodies, tense yet confident.

They all settled down on the stones, some closing their eyes and stretching their bodies, others sitting down with legs crossed, mindlessly playing on their harps. Our brown-haired siren dipped her claws into the water, enjoying the cold sensation. She sighed. “Sisters!”, one of the sirens shouted, “look to your left. A ship. I sense 18 men!”

Everyone looked to the left. A small ship with full sails, was in the distance. The sisters started chatting excitedly. Peisinoe looked sinister. She didn’t want to hurt anyone but she had no choice. She stayed seated where she was, claws in water, looking at the ship that was slowly trying to make its way through the many islands around them. Her oldest sister stood up and spread her majestic wings, standing with her legs spread and her beautiful face focused. Two sisters were now on their knees and seemingly waiting for a signal. The oldest sister strung a chord on her harp and everyone else followed with a chord of their own. The symphony was about to begin.

Peisinoe opened her mouth and the most wonderful sound came out of her. It was a sound that had divinity to it. A sound so sweet that every human hearing it, would be entranced and unable to escape its beauty and demands. Her sisters joined and together they created the most magical choir, accompanied by the soft waves of the harps’ music. Sometimes slow and enticing, other times fast and demanding, the rhythm dancing across the water .

The men on the ship stood still, mouths open. One of them whispered: “We need to cover our ears, sailors! We are in siren waters and they are trying to entrance us. We are going to go into a certain death if we don’t cover our ears.”. But even he was unable to lift his arms and use his hands to protect himself. The poet Agape was among the sailors. He was standing on deck, with his white shirt open, mumbling words that no one but him could hear:

Sirens, Sirens

we are in your irons.

The rocks are calling,

and we are falling.

The sails were now adjusted to change direction. A few men started to row, strong arms, in rhythm with the musical demands of the sirens. They came closer and closer towards the rocks. All men had a dead look in their eyes, tears were running down their faces, mouths wide open. The were overwhelmed by the beauty of the music they were hearing, and the dreadful fate that laid ahead of them.

Their ship crashed into the rocks within minutes. The ships wooden planks cracked and flew into all directions. But no one was screaming. Silently, one by one, the men drowned. The sirens stopped their music and looked at the chaos they had created. “One of them is still alive!”, the oldest siren screamed. Her sisters gasped. That could not be! Peisinoe looked over to the shipwreck. A man in a white shirt was holding onto a plank, trying to keep afloat. While her sisters were panicly discussing how to best handle the situation, she made a quick decision.

She spread her wings and flew over to the man. Her claws gripped his white shirt and pulled him out of the water. She carried him over the waves and together they landed on a nearby island, at the beach. She placed him in the warm sand. He closed his eyes and went into an exhausted slumber.

Peisinoe looked at the sleeping Agape. Her hands were trembling and she was out of breath. Her sisters wouldn’t dare come here, they don’t feel safe on open beaches with no rocks to climb on. She knelt next to him and observed his heaving chest. The curly hair on his head, the dark eyebrows. She suddenly felt a strange sensation. She touched herself between the legs and smelled her finger. A confused look appeared on her face. Her body was reacting in ways she had never experienced it reacting.

She felt the strong urge to touch him. Her finger gently stroked his upper lip. Agape opened his eyes. Her wings spread in excitement, her naked body in the late afternoon light, she looked both magical and dangerous. “Siren!”, he exclaimed. “Shhh, you are a safe now. I am not going to hurt you!”, she whispered into his ear. He touched the feathers of her wings, and then laid his hand on her cheek. She leaned over to him and kissed him. Her right hand was now exploring his body, wandering over his chest and slowly down towards his groin. They stopped kissing and she watched him pull down his pants. Her mouth opened in surprise when she saw his hard manhood standing up. The throbbing feeling between her legs intensified and she felt a comforting dampness in her bush.

She pulled one leg over him and was now sitting on his stomach. They looked at each other, eyes sparkling with fiery passion. She got on her knees, spread her legs and slowly allowed herself to sink onto this spear. The sudden fullness inside her made her gasp. She started moving her hips back and forth and then up and down. He embraced her perfectly shaped breasts with his hands and moaned. Her claws dug deep into the sand and she closed her eyes, getting lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Her wings widespread, she was riding Agape, the golden afternoon sun covering them in warm beams and the waves of the sea playing the background music.

Their hips moved in sync now and she could feel his manhood growing even harder. They both moaned. The throbbing in her button demanded a touch of a finger and she started to rub it, first slowly and in circles, then frantically rubbing it up and down. A sound so primal and yet so beautiful escaped her mouth, and her wings started twitching, carrying her to float over his naked body. Her body now twitched in the rhythm of her flapping wings, as his hot seed shot out of him like a fountain, landing on both their bodies.

She fell to the ground, her knees hitting the soft sand next to his body. They smiled at each other. “I am Agape, nice to meet you, siren.”, he said. “I am Peisinoe.”, she bowed. She got up and helped him stand up as well. They walked towards the water, holding hands. As they were both standing in the warm sea, they kissed and washed each other’s bodies, both bewildered and enticed by the moment they had just shared with the person in front of them.

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  1. Kayla Lords says:

    I love the sexy and not-at-all tragic ending to this encounter with a Siren’s song!

  2. jupitergrant says:

    So beautifully told, and utterly entrancing! Well done ??

  3. E.L. Byrne says:

    Love the fairy tale quality to this and the imagery of their coupling is lovely.

  4. Ria Restrepo says:

    This was such an enchanting story. And very erotic too! 😉

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