An Elf’s Sexy Adventure

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She waved goodbye to her colleagues and started walking down the dark street. The ground was wet and slippery. With each step she took, the small bell at the end of her hat was making a sound. She sighed, stopped, took the hat off her head and stuffed it into her backpack. What a day it had been! Working as an elf at the mall, helping Santa take care of children, entertaining adults who had tried too many samples of mulled wine.

She was wearing a short green dress, red and white striped stay ups and black high heels. She wasn’t freezing as the weather in December seemed to be more of a rainy nature than the white snowy dreamland always pictured in Christmas stories. She fumbled in her bag, trying to find her car keys, and didn’t take much notice of the broken and torn umbrella right in front of her. She stumbled over it, tried to keep her balance, cursed out loud and then landed on her back, the back of her head hitting the ground.

When she came to herself, she tried to find her bag. But all her hands seemed to touch was cold fluffy snow. She shook her head. “How long have I been lying here? When did it start snowing? God, I hate this city. I pass out and someone steals my backpack. Unbelievable!”. She stood up and brushed some snow off her dress. She heard the familiar sound of the bell on her hat and touched her head. Why was she wearing that annoying thing again? She looked down on herself and instead of black high heels, her feet were stuck in comfortable pointy elf-shoes. She shook her head again. Touching herself everywhere, she realized that her ears were just as pointy as her shoes, and she wasn’t wearing a bra under her dress, which suddenly had long sleeves. “Oh no, I must have had a concussion. Where is my damn bag, I need my phone!”, she mumbled to herself as she was looking around in the snow for her red backpack.

She looked up at the starry night sky. Her head turned to the side and on the left of her, she saw lights in the distance. “Well, this is not 6th Avenue. Where the heck am I?”, she asked herself. Walking towards the lights, she noticed a wonderful smell in the air that became stronger and stronger the closer she got to the well-lit quaint houses. A blend of pine trees, cinnamon, freshly baked cookies, spices and candlelight was tickling her nose. She smiled to herself. It smelled like Christmas.

She reached a bridge, the railing painted in the red and white. She walked over the bridge, past a frozen river and towards the village in front of her. The streets were lit with streetlights in the form of candy canes. All houses were beautifully decorated in colours of green, white, red, golden and silver. A giant Christmas tree was standing in the middle of the round village center. She watched people in elf costumes skipping down the streets, carrying towers of wrapped gifts. She grinned. It was almost like she was in Santa’s Village. Moments later, she watched a Santa Claus in a sleigh being pulled by reindeer passing her. He waved at her “Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!”. “Merry Christmas!”, she shouted back, wondering if she had actually just seen real reindeer just now.

She shook her head again. A faint sound of music caught her attention. The sounds were coming from a pub across the village square. She slowly walked into the direction of the music, stopped for a few moments in front of the wonderfully decorated Christmas tree, and then entered the establishment, pushing open its wooden door. She was met with jolly laughter and merry singing. Dozens of people dressed in elf costumes were dancing. The bar to the right was busy and a white fluffy dog greeted her. The air was filled with warmth and happiness. Someone tapped her on the shoulder and as she turned around, she looked into the face of a smiling blue-eyed elf. “Merry Christmas, fellow work mate! I have never seen you here before, I am so happy you found us!”, The elf gave her a hug. He was only wearing his green pants. His suspenders were hanging down on the sides, his bare muscular chest looking invitingly shiny in the light of the fireplace in the background.

“I am Sam, who are you?”

“I am Marie. Where am I?”

“Well, in the elf pub in Santa’s Village, of course, silly!”

“I am in Santa’s Village?” She looked around and realized that everyone’s ears were pointy and they were all shorter than the average person. She herself seemed to have shrunk in size. It couldn’t be?

“Let’s get you some mulled wine to warm you up”, Sam said and took her by the hand. She enjoyed his company. He seemed kind and well, his bare chest had already tickled out some interesting physical sensations. She felt her hard nipples against the fabric of her dress. She willingly followed him to the bar and quickly drank up her beverage. As the warmth of the wine was spreading through her body, she started to feel more comfortable in the strange environment. A second mug in her hand, Sam and her made their way to a table at the back of the pub. She took in the hedonistic atmosphere of the place. It seemed like everyone was letting off some steam after a day of hard work. Most elves were barely dressed, naked flesh was flashing everywhere. People were singing, watching each other, kissing, and she even saw the occasional very sexual motion in the corner of her eyes. “Naughty elves”, she though to herself and giggled.

She sat down next to Sam and watched his lips move. He was telling her something but she could barely hear him over the sound of the music and the laughter, singing and shouting around them. She leaned in to him to make out his words. Suddenly she felt his hand on her face. Their eyes met. She was mesmerized by his beautiful blues. Their lips touched and curious tongues started engaging in the dance of passion.

He pulled her over to him and she ended up sitting on his lap, face turned to him, legs spread. She could feel one of his hands holding the back of her head, the other hand exploring her hard nipples under her dress. She held on to his neck and felt positively overwhelmed with all what was happening. The sounds of the pub became no more than background noises to their passionate play. She lifted up her dress and let it drop to the floor. She could feel his hard cock press against her wet cunt and wanted to feel him inside her. She stood up and looked around. No one seemed to take much notice of what Sam and her were doing, apart from one elf looking her right into the eyes, winking. She smiled at him.

Sam pulled down his pants and she noticed his hard member. She pulled down her knickers and stepped out of them. All she was wearing now were her red and white striped stay ups and her elvish shoes. She couldn’t resist and went down on her knees. Marie started licking his delicious candy cane. She sucked his head, the fingers of her one hand dug deep into his thigh, the other hand moving rhythmically up and down his cock. She stopped and looked up at him. He touched her chin and slowly pulled her up. One hand between her legs, she guided his cock inside her slick slit. She slowly lowered herself onto him, and when her naked buttcheeks found his warm thighs, she moaned loudly.

She started moving her hips and he quickly learnt the notes to the rhythm she was dictating. One hand holding onto his shoulder, the other pulling her left nipple, she lost herself in the sensations of the moment. She felt fingers playing with her swollen clit, circling it, flicking it, rubbing it. She was moaning louder now, feeling him get harder inside herself. She opened her eyes. She saw his focused yet relaxed face, his pointy ears, his half open mouth. She leaned back, pressing her chest up, digging deeper into his shoulder for balance, and moving her hips faster and faster.

She could feel his cock rubbing against the walls of her cunt, his fingers rubbing her needy clit. The moment of relief was approaching and she started to scream. She felt free, she felt like she could let go, enjoying a happiness she didn’t even know one could experience. As she started twitching in orgasmic pleasures, she felt him spasms inside her, filling her with his hot juices. She leaned into him and allowed her head to rest on his shoulder. He embraced her and kissed her on the cheek.

She slowly got up feeling his flood of pleasure running out of her. She found her dress and quickly pulled it over her head. The music suddenly stopped and everyone turned silent. Confused, she looked around. The majestic statue of Santa Claus was standing by the bar and he did not look happy. She heard him shout in a bellowing voice, telling the elves about their duties and how their debauchery was bringing shame over Santa’s Village. She turned around and Sam was gone. He was probably standing in the crowd, all staring at the floor in shame. Marie silently made her way through the sea of elves and pushed open the wooden door. Turning around one more time, she took in the strange scene, and then stepped out into the cold.

The moment her feet touched the ground, she felt the high heels on her feet again. Her red backpack next to her, she noticed that she was back on the wet street of her own reality. She picked up her bag and shook her head. “What an odd dream”, she thought to herself. Marie made her way to her car and stopped in her steps. She felt warm cum running down her thighs. She smiled. An odd dream indeed.

Masturbation Monday

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  1. Sweetgirl says:

    nice one DS

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever look at Elfs the same way. Very naughty and wet dream😘

  3. An odd dream indeed, but oh so darn delicions!

    Rebel xox

  4. Cousin Pons says:

    Thank you for writing this wonderful Christmas story. I loved every moment of it. I was captivated. It slipped down like a glass of warming gluwein. .

  5. May says:

    Good work DS – i do hope u are entering the smut marathon
    May x

  6. slave sindee says:

    talk about a wet dream this one is great

  7. Kayla Lords says:

    And now I want to go to Santa’s Village!

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