The Secret Chest

He pulled out a huge box from under the bed and placed it in front of her. They were sitting on the floor together, naked, legs crossed, in front of each other. This felt like Christmas, a box of toys, for her to pick from! A kinky Christmas.

“We both pick one item from this box. And then there is a secret chest that is mine alone to pick from. Are you okay with that?”

She nodded enthusiastically. She was excited but also remembered all the warnings she read about subfrenzy. She was still new at this and her Master had so much more experience. She looked up at him, his green eyes fixed on her. Gosh, she trusted him so much, he has been so good to her already. She grinned.

“So can I open the box?”

“Go ahead”, he smiled at her.

She lifted the heavy lock and gasped. So many things to play with! She clapped her hands in excitement. He laughed. Handcuffs, rope, a candle, clothespins, a speculum, chains, needles, knives. Her eyes widened. She wanted to try out everything, right now! Okay, calm down, woman, she thought. And then she saw it, a leather blindfold. Well, that seemed safe. Happy with herself and her self-control, she took out the blindfold and held it out, presenting it to him.

“Great choice!”, he nodded. “Now let me see what I want to use on you.”

She swallowed, hoping it was something that they hadn’t tried out yet. She watched him rummaging through the box and then pulling out the black rope. They smiled at each other. Yes. this was perfect!

They got up. He took her hand and they walked to the bed together. She laid down on her back and he pushed her legs up. Her feet on the mattress, her legs wide spread. “Are you comfortable, girl?”

“Yes, Master”, she said. The roughness of the rope pressed against her skin, as he was starting to gently immobilize her. It tickled every time he pulled one end of rope through the hoops already wrapped around her willing flesh. He stood up and looked at his work. She wiggled her toes and giggled. He gave her a stern look and they both laughed. She couldn’t stretch or close her legs anymore. He now walked over to her upper body. They looked at each other, her eyes following every step he took.

She watched him pulling the rope straight and then leaning over her. The rope was pressing against her upper arms now, going over her belly, under her breasts. The gentle sensations of the rope sinking into her skin enticed her. Goosebumps were running down her body, leaving a slight wetness between her legs. Her nipples stood erect now, waiting to be touched and played with. He was done now. He looked at his handy work, pulling the rope here and there, making sure it would hold and also not hurt her too much. She couldn’t move anymore. She was immobilized.

He disappeared out of sight for her for a minute but then she heard him pull something over the carpet. A chest, a massive box, reaching his hips in height. The secret chest! She gasped. He winked at her. “My secret box, girl. Are you still okay with me picking things from it for us?”

“Yes, Master”, she whispered, wondering what kind of magic was within this chest.

He walked over to her, the blindfold in his hands. He lifted her head and closed it in the back. Her eyes were now covered. She laid her head on the pillow. She was embraced by darkness and couldn’t see a thing. She tried to move and couldn’t. She felt helpless. Deliciously helpless. He leaned over to her, “Do you remember the safeword?”

“Kangaroo, Master.”, she whispered.

“Good. Don’t hesitate to let me know if it gets too much, and if you really can’t take it anymore, use the safeword. Can you promise me that, girl?”

“Yes, Master, I promise”

“Let the torture begin!”

She held her breath. She was both excited and scared, imagining the contents of his secret box. Something cold touched her skin, right over her breast. Something metal. She felt small pinches, pricks, moving over her left breast, then moving over to her right breast. It was slightly painful every time he pressed harder. He moved it over her nipples now, pressing it down, the pain increased and she squealed silently. What was this?

The sensation moved up and down her belly now, like small needles pricking into her skin. Oh, a pinwheel! She smiled to herself. He moved the pinwheel closer and closer to her pubis, running over it and then sliding between her lips. She froze as she felt him moving it over her clit, gently. The wetness between her legs increased. The wheel was now rolling over her inner thighs, then down her legs, on her toes, and up on the other leg again. She pushed her private parts up so she would feel the delicious coldness and pressure on her clit again. “Shhhh”, she heard him hiss, and he pushed her body down.

Something brushed up and down her belly now, soft and not too cold. She enjoyed the gentle sensation. But then she heard a swishing sound and the tails of the flogger hit her belly. She screamed from the sudden pain. But that didn’t seem to bother him, instead, the tails danced all over her upper body now, leaving hot stingy sensations on her needy flesh. She felt herself submitting to the rhythm of the impact. The darkness was now a warm place, a place where she could happily float. Then he stopped.

Without any warning, he pulled her left nipple and something cold squeezed it really hard. She screamed again. Oh god, this was painful. Her right nipple went through the same torture. He let the cold chain of the nipple clamps drop onto her still hot belly, stinging from the flogging.

She held her breath, slowly getting used to the pressure applied to her nipples. Something was brushing her face now. Cold leather. She knew this sensation! The riding crop! She froze. Anticipating the stinging pain on her naked skin, she tensed up. The crop was moving down her belly, over her cunt, her thighs. One hand was holding her right knee. “This is going to hurt girl!”, she heard him say from afar.

A swishing sound and the leathery top of the crop landed on her exposed swollen clit. She screamed. Another slap. Another slap. And another. She couldn’t stop screaming. “Too much for you girl?”, he asked, stopping for a second. “No, Master”, she answered, trying to catch her breath. A new slap, another. She didn’t scream anymore, but enjoyed the hot stingy pain, hearing how it landed on her wet needy flesh. Feeling the painful sting that made her want to run away and beg for more at the same time. Slap, slap, slap. And then he stopped.

She felt her whole cunt throbbing, needing relief, needing to be touched. He circled her clit with his fingers now, rubbing it slightly, gently pinching it. She was close now. Then he pressed it really hard, pinching it, pulling it, harder and harder. She tried to move away but she couldn’t. She was squirming and whimpering. Two fingers entered her and she could hear her own wetness. Fingers moving in and out, clit pinched and pulled, she couldn’t hold it in anymore. “Please, Master, can I come?”. He didn’t answer, instead he pushed the fingers that had just fucked her, deep into her mouth, letting her taste her own neediness. He still pulled her clit. “Not yet, girl”.

Fingers out of her mouth and relieving her clit from pain, she was left gasping, needy, wet, wanting. She felt the mattress move a little at her feet. He placed something there. He pulled her down the bed a little. And then a weird sound started. A whirling, an engine? Something entered her, something hard, and then moved out again. A clicking sound. The rhythm’s speed increased. Hard, in and out. She started to moan and pushed her wet cunt closer to whatever was fucking her. Another click and the speed picked up. Now it became almost unbearable and she started to growl.

“Open your mouth, girl!”. He was now standing next to her face. But she was so lost in the sensations of the fuckmachine, that she couldn’t think straight anymore. “I said open your mouth girl. Wide open!”. His musky smell had now wandered into her nose and she knew what was to come. Mouth wide open, cunt tortured by a machine, stuck in darkness, helpless. His hard cock entered her mouth, and one hand pulled her head, pushing her closer to his manhood. His other hand picked up the chain from the nipple clamps and pulled hard. She tried to scream from the pain that exploded in her nipples but couldn’t. Fucked in two holes, tortured by pain, she couldn’t hold back anymore. Her body was tense but her mind was floating.

She heard him moan. “Be ready now, girl. One, two, three, four, five, come with me, girl!”. Finally she allowed her body to totally submitted to the sensations. His cock twitching insider her mouth, filling her throat with hot seed, her body let go and twitched together with him, her juices squirting over the dildo of the machine, the spasms only subsiding when he finally pressed the off button. She was breathing heavily, feeling her heart beating hard.

He brushed her cheeks, and then removed the blindfold. Squinting her eyes, trying to adjust her vision to the bedroom lights, she smiled. “Good girl”, he said and kissed her on the mouth. She couldn’t wait to see what more he was hiding in that secret chest of his.

Story inspired by this image.

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Wow! I forgot how to breathe at several points in this story ?? Fantastic work!!

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    And I chuckled at the idea of a blindfold as “safe” (as I’m sure you do, too, lol)

  3. J. Lynn says:

    So very hot! I loved it ❤️

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