Over the Knee Spanking

Over the knee spanking
Spank Spank Spank

Spanking is not a new experience for me. I like impact play in all kinds of various ways and spanking or impact play on my butt is always a welcome addition to sexual scenes. So far, I had only experienced spanking when I kneeled down with my butt up in the air, flogging and paddling on my behind. All those happened as part of general impact play, they were never the main attraction. Over the knee spanking seems different from other kinds of impact play because you are physically closer and it adds more to a feeling of deep connection.

I know that a lot of D/s couple use spanking as a punishment and while we have tried that, it doesn’t necessarily work for me. Even if the first minutes are painful and feel uncomfortable, I tend to slide into Babygirl-space and enjoy the sensations. I got aroused and we always ended up having sex. That is of course not the worst thing that could happen, but it was sort of the opposite of what was intended. I was rewarded, not punished.

After having read up more on the different ways of spanking, their intentions and the sensations they could provide, I realized that we had never tried out over the knee spanking! Isn’t that odd? I mean, we are no strangers to painplay at all but over the knee spanking felt often like a ritual, something that has a slowness to it, and not necessarily something that was very sexual.

Over the knee spanking – how was it?

Now that I had some more information on it, we discussed it and decided to give it a go. So one day, out of the blue, he pulled down my pants, sat on the bed and told me to lay down over his knees. Once I was in position, I could feel my submissive feelings taking over. I was quite surprised by that!

His one arm hugging my upper body and holding me down, I felt both dominated and protected. He gently caressed my naked skin and started slapping me. First slowly, and teasingly. I felt his warm hands brushing over my skin and I started to relax. It didn’t feel very painful, but more like a massage. I loved how connected I felt to him, because we were so physically close.

The impact of the slaps intensified and were more distributed to different areas of my butt. Sometimes it felt stingy, sometimes it felt more like a teasing push. The burning stingy sensation took over and the pain got stronger. I was still breathing steadily. My eyes were closed and I felt like I was under his control. All that he focused on was my butt, my face and the rest of the body seemed uninteresting at that point. That added to the feeling of humiliation and pushed me deeper into a submissive space.

Turning Sexual

The slaps became harder and harder and I moaned. I screamed a bit here and there, and a few times I tried to wiggle out of his grip. But he wouldn’t let me. My butt was now burning and my body shook from each slap. He intensified the speed and I was now squealing. The pain was both delicious and overwhelming. I felt how I got wet from the vibration of each slap, from the feeling of being controlled and being stuck in his grip. I loved feeling helpless and exposed!

My wetness didn’t escape him, the smell was most likely quite strong at this point. I felt his cock grow harder under my belly. My own arousal reached new heights realizing that he enjoyed himself just as much as I did. He started massaging my butt, gently stroking the red swollen cheeks. His hand moved down and he spread my legs. I happily obeyed. Without hesitation, he slid a finger inside me and slowly moved it in and out. I could hear how dripping wet I was. A second and a third finger joined the party and I was close to an orgasm in no time. “You need to say it”, the uttered words breaking the silence between us. “I am a puppet!, I almost screamed as my fluids gushed over his hand and my whole body twitched in ecstasy.

He wasn’t done with me yet. I was pulled up and was now on my knees on the bed, him standing behind me, hands on my hips. His naked skin slapped against my burning butt cheeks and with each thrust I got reminded of who I belonged to. When his sticky load landed on my butt, it almost felt like a chilling relief on the redness he had created on my body.

We are definitely going to integrate over the knee spanking into our sexplay more! This was an utterly delicious experience.

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Oh, this sounds absolutely divine ?? I adore that feeling when the vibrations from the smacks combines with the wetness between the legs to make everything just thrum like a perfect tuned violin string. It’s delicious ? Wonderful post, sensual and highly erotic.

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