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Outdoor Sex
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I’m very much torn on the topic of outdoor sex. I totally get why people would be into it: there is the thrill of maybe getting caught, and then there is the freedom with letting go wherever you are. While I’m all for letting go, and I love being out in nature, Im not sure what to think about that thrill. I think someone needs to have an exhibitionist kink to find it exciting to have sex outdoors. You don’t mind getting caught, so the threat of maybe getting caught is probably part of what is so fun of about it, right?

Well, due to my dislike of my body, I have more days than not, where I rather want to hide my body from others. After all, I am the one that runs around fully covered at playparties! On the other hand, I have days where I just feel so frisky, that I am okay with taking sexy pictures and during those days I might also be okay with having sex outside! So that sort of thing would have to be more of a spontaneous affair than something I would be able to plan ahead. My comfort levels can change drastically from day to day.

And what about consent? The people who would run into me performing any kind of sexual activity do not really consent to seeing me naked or having sex. They are not voyeurs by choice. So is it actually a cool thing to push your sexlife onto others? I guess it is a balance, you can pick the spots where you least likely could get caught. By limiting the chances, you could still have the thrill, while not feeling too worried about making other people feel uncomfortable. I mean, honestly, you can’t totally avoid getting caught, but you can at least do the best you can do, to limit the possibility!

Having said all that, I have been frisky outdoors a few times in my life! And there was one incident that is still very present in my mind, because it was the first I ever did anything like that! So let me tell you the story!

At the time I was in a long distance relationship with a Dom, and we often had Skype calls that lasted hours. It was summer, late afternoon and I was out on a walk, while being in a call with him. We joked around about his control over my sexuality, and how he was more confident in his skills than what reality actually looked like. That conversation led to a lot of teasing from my bratty side, of course.

“You’re not even here, man. The only control you have over me is the kind of the control I allow you to have. It’s not like you can physically overpower me!”, I said to him. I was holding my phone in front of me, so we could have a videocall, while I was taking a walk in the warm afternoon sun.

He squinted his eyes at me and chuckled. “Ah, you don’t say, babygirl. Where are you right now anyway?”

I was looking around. I was by the lake and was walking towards the forest and some hills that looked wonderfully lush in the golden sunlight. Turning the camera around, I showed him where I was heading. “You remember those hills, don’t you? We can see them from my balcony.”

“Mmmm. Why don’t you climb up one of those hills and we’ll have some fun behind those bushes? Wouldn’t you like that?”

I swallowed. Outside? But there were people here, walking their dogs, holding hands by the lake, playing football. “But what if anyone sees me?”

“See what a naughty girl you are? Ah. So you want to keep that a secret from the world?”, he laughed.

I laughed too. “Okay, Master. But only if I find a safe spot!”

“Well, walk on then! There are plenty of bushes to hide behind. I doubt you will have trouble finding a spot that suits our needs!”

I walked towards the hills and felt more excited by the second. This was something I had never done before! I was passing people being out in the lovely summery weather, and I blushed. If they knew what I was about to do! He saw me blush, and said: “Go on, babygirl, for now your naughty side is still only seen by me.”

On top of the hill, there were some dark green bushes. But they were quite close to the bridge that a subway travelled over every 10 minutes. “The people on the subway might see me.”

“You wouldn’t want them to catch a glimpse, babygirl? Just a tiny glimpse?”

I stared at my phone. Well, did I? My nipples were already hard, and I could feel my clit swelling up. Just thinking about what he wanted me to do, aroused me. How great would it be actually doing it?

I looked around. I was on top of the hill, behind a bush, facing the bridge over the lake. No one walking past the hill would be able to see me. It seemed like a great spot. “Place your phone on the ground so I can see!”, he said.

I put my purse down and leaned my phone against it. I sat down on the ground. “Pull your tits out, babygirl. I want to see those lovely plum breasts in the sunlight”. I swallowed. Pulling down my dress, I pulled my breasts out of the bra and the dress. I started playing with my nipples, he was watching me, and I could feel the warmth of the sunbeams touching my naked skin.

“Pull them for me, girl. Pull hard!” I pulled my nipples hard and moaned. My panties were instantly soaked in the wetness that I so desperately wanted to touch. I closed my eyes, and enjoyed the moment, of him watching me, him telling me what to do, being outside, the thrill of maybe getting caught.

“Pull down your panties and spread your legs for me, you little vixen. I want to see your cunt.”

I did as I was told, but didn’t touch myself yet. There was a need to wait for him to instruct me to do so. He had definitely more control over my sexuality than I felt like admitting to earlier. He stayed silent.

I looked at the phone and asked: “Can I please touch myself, Master?”

“Of course you can, babygirl. And I am watching you, you naughty little slut.”

I started circling my clit, dipped two fingers inside my wet cunt and start to fuck myself. Lost in the moment, I felt the grass on my naked butt, the light wind touching my hard nipples, and I could hear bees buzzing in the background.

“Oh, look at you going at it. I have control over your sexuality after all, eh, babygirl?

“Yes, Master, you do. You do!”, I moaned.

“Pull your clit, you little slut!”

I pulled my clit and then rubbed it. Hard. fast, faster. I could hear the approaching subway but couldn’t stop. As the subway’s thundering noise was getting louder and louder, my arousal got stronger and stronger. I heard the train going over the bridge, and I felt the relief I had needed. Spasm after spam went through my body. The orgasm left me breathless and speechless.

As the subway was disappearing into the trees, he cleared his throat. I opened my eyes and looked at him. “Well done, babygirl. Now you have shown the world what a naughty little thing you are! It was fun watching you.”

I smiled. Suddenly I saw someone walking up the hill and it seemed like the man had seen me too, as he stopped for a short second. I quickly pulled my dress over my exposed breasts and pulled up my panties. Without saying a word, I grabbed my purse and the phone and ran down the other side of the hill, around the corner and past the lake. I looked behind me and didn’t see the man among those walking around. I was out of breath but laughing. “Sex is a calorie burner, alright!”

(Picture is of me by that lake!)

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6 Responses

  1. Loved this!

  2. sub-Bee says:

    I am a bit of an exhibitionist and live the thrill but I can honestly say I never plan on being caught, I’d much rather I was a million miles from anyone else and be able to relax and enjoy myself more.

  3. Love the post. I feel a bit the same way. I’m fine with masturbating when there is at least a good faith attempt to keep it somewhat hidden. If someone wants to watch, they can, but it’s not forced on anyone. The ‘good faith’ really goes up when two people are involved. I’m not sure I want to see other people doing it in public – it just makes it so awkward that I’d probably avoid the area in the future (if I can). Nice picture! xo

    • Yeah, I think it is a lot about consent, and pushing your sexy adventures on others seems iffy. I mean, if you are hiding and someone still catches a glimpse of you accidently, that is different! I can’t wait to try out some real outdoor sex this year, hehe.

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