I have always admired the style of the 1920s. There was an enthusiasm not only in society as a whole, but also in women. The first world war had ended, and they were now able to be more independent. Women were able to get jobs, to earn their own money and with the decline of religion and tradition: pick their own partners!

That freedom also showed in the way they dressed. Smokey eyes, red lips and hairbands were the trend. Flapper was both a term of an endearment and something that a “proper” girl didn’t want to look like. And it was a bit of a first sexual revolution. It wasn’t a bad thing anymore, to be seductive and raunchy. Indeed, it was something that many men were looking for in a woman.

I don’t know much about erotic photography from that time, but as burlesque dancers are seen in images from those days, I assume that naked or sexy pictures were a thing then just as much as they are now. The ideal flapper was slim so I probably wouldn’t have fit the stereotype. Still, I went for it.

I have been wanting to take a picture with a 1920s flair for quite some time and I am happy that I finally did it! Erotic photography doesn’t always have to mean full nudity. You can look even more seductive when wearing just a little something.

I also filmed myself dancing and stripping to a 1920s song wearing this outfit. I might just share a short clip of that video on Twitter in the next couple of days. So be on the look out!

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9 Responses

  1. PurpleSole says:

    Superb Devie, I don’t know what the photography version of a chefs kiss is, but it’s that.

  2. gemstrong63 says:

    I love this! One of my favourite eras! You look stunning! xx

  3. Lisa Stone says:

    Wonderful! You really managed to convey the spirit of that time, as we imagine it.

  4. Littlegem says:

    Wow I love this image! Fantastic use of background too.

  5. Do you look right at home in the 20s.

  6. WOW, Devie, you really nailed the 1920’s look here. Love the image!
    ~ Marie

  7. Mary Wood says:

    Excellent Devi. You look both sexy and obscene. Everything worked out.

  8. Love this! This pic could very well have been taken in the 20’s. Great sense of that time. You would have made a stunning flapper!!

  9. SexPuppet says:

    Beautiful pic devi. I love the 1920’s look also. There is just something about the flapper that is mysterious and seductive, and you’ve captured it perfectly.

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