Stardust Harness

Stardust Harness

We have tried a new rope tie this weekend, the Stardust Harness. That is one complicated thing to tie, let me tell you that! The guide has over 50 steps and even when you have followed all the steps, you still need some adjusting later for things to look symmetrical. It is a very beautiful tie though and well worth the effort.

We used two ropes because I am more on the chunky side so I tend to expect that I need more rope than suggested for every tie that we do. This time, there was a lot of leftover rope for us which left me with a cute little tail on my back. Fortunately you can hide that really well in pictures.

Stardust Harness

I find the Stardust Harness very pretty and it is quite comfortable to wear. I never really get the sort of subspacy tied up feeling from harnesses as I would with a rope dress or when my hands are tied together. Nevertheless, I found it to be very sensual. There are so many steps and with almost every step, the rope needs to be pulled through a loop or under something, so the length of the rope gets slowly dragged over your skin. And the same happens when the tie gets removed. So I’d say that the Stardust Harness is a sensually beautiful tie.

Stardust Harness

We went out to a bog to take some pictures with the harness. It is quite an odd feeling, knowing that you are tied up under your hoodie, passing people at a safe social distance. It felt naughty and a little bit exhilarating. I have always found bogs to be very magical places. The green is deeper than a common forest green, the moss is covering everything and things are alive yet standing still. And what a better place to take a picture of a tie with the beautiful name of Stardust Harness than in a magical bog!

There were a few people around but we were able to stay clear of them. We went in the early evening, to make sure that we would have some privacy. I was a bit worried about the light but as it turns out, the light worked well enough and we took a lot of very beautiful pictures.

You can check out the Instagram of the creator of the Stardust Harness here!

If you want to see the rest of my Stardust Harness set, head on over to my onlyfans account and subscribe.. You will find this set and many more picture, snaps, clips and videos.

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16 Responses

  1. Lisa Stone says:

    As always – great photos, staging, outfit!

  2. The purple and black looks so pretty on your skin. I love how it looks as if the rope was always supposed to be there with your outfit and in the first picture you blend in so well with nature.

    I’ve had to do that before, hiding the tail behind my body for a picture, hehe.

    I’m so jealous of you being able to visit bogs! I like that you’ve taken it outside this time. You do look magical in that!

    • Thank you so much! I guess rope harnesses are sort of gothy, so it makes sense!
      Them silly tails. If only they would make ropes the exact length we need them to be 😛
      Canada has fantastic nature, so I am really lucky with that!

  3. PurpleSole says:

    What a fabulous bog, great scene for something a bit magical. Harness goes well with the fishnets too.

  4. Mary Wood says:

    I like the combination of colours! It definitely looks sensually beautiful

  5. slave sindee says:

    magical You look magical

  6. Purple and Black, of course! Perfect for DS. I would choose the word ‘elegant’ to describe this beautiful tie, and to the tyer… well done. Love your choice of brassiere with the rope, it looks so natural, and sexy.

  7. Looking fabulous. Rope work is very well done! The bog is a fine place to shoot your pics!

  8. Devie, your tie is stunning. Love the two colors of rope and the symmetry!
    ~ Marie

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