Back-Arm Harness

Back-Arm Harness

My Master and I have been more into ropeplay lately and while a lot of ties are beautiful, not all of them are practical for a fun and kinky time. I loved doing the rope dress, but I don’t really see myself getting fucked in it. The gag tie that we tried out a while ago was more practical in that sense, because not only did it look good, it also shut me up quite effectively! I had similar hopes for the back-arm harness that we tried out this weekend.

It looks like a simple harness but it is a rather complicated process with a lot of steps. This tutorial explains it pretty well though and my Master managed to get it right, and perfectly so, on the first try. I realized right away that the harness was not thought out for people who are overweight. I have quite large upper arms and I am also short (which translates to short arms) so I had a difficult time even getting my arms in the right position on my back. There was no way for me to get them as high up as they were supposed to be, because my upper arms were in the way. My hand was supposed to be almost at my elbows and as I am not a circus artist, I was just glad I got my hands to the opposite arm’s wrist.

Back-Arm Harness

I must admit that for a moment that felt quite discouraging. I know that I am overweight but realizing that it makes it more difficult to do something that I really want to try out, is a bummer. But we gave it a go and as you can see, it worked out!

I really enjoyed the feeling of restraint and the way he pulled and tightened the rope around my arms and my wrists. I experienced the sort of floating freedom that many rope bunnies describe when being under the control of a rigger. It didn’t hurt, but it was definitely not a comfortable tie for me, because the harness pulled my body into shapes and directions, that it really can’t do because of my physical shape and traits.

Back-Arm Harness

One thing is for sure: the harness made me feel restrained and I couldn’t move my upper body much. So I can see it work for play and sex. I was not aware of how much my arms actually contribute to my balance so when I was on my knees and was told to move a little, I fell over more than once quite ungraciously!

After about twenty minutes in the harness, my fingers started to tingle, so we had to remove it. We are always careful about bloodflow and to not hurt muscles and nerves but I guess it was more the position of my arms, than the rope that made my fingers tingle. I had quite a bit of pain in my upper arms for a few hours and couldn’t really move them and today, my hands, fingers and arms hurt a bit. But I really don’t put it down to the harness, but more to that my body type in that particular harness just wasn’t the right fit. It looked pretty though, and I enjoyed the feeling of being restrained, and had a good laugh when I fell over.

Back-Arm Harness

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11 Responses

  1. slave sindee says:

    well done and very sexy color photo your black hair and red lips not to mention your beautiful eyes

  2. I have really, really, started enjoying that your picture posts often come with 4 pictures, each from a different angle or portraying something slightly differently and that they all have different edits too. It really adds something extra, like you’re telling a story and there is so much in each of these pictures I appreciate. These are all sooo good. I get distracted looking at them while I’m reading, lol.

    Looking at the tie on you, I hadn’t really guessed that your arms were supposed to be up higher. It looks like the tie is exactly as it’s supposed to be and has been tied really neatly (yay master!) I’m sorry to hear that this tie simply isn’t versatile enough to work for everyone but I’m glad that you got some enjoyment out of feeling restrained. I’m curious about that floating feeling that you’re describing, as a result of being tied.

    Guess not all tie’s can be a success but the next one will be better!

    • Thank you! I think rope pictures deserve different angles because they look so different, depending on how you look at them! Also, I always take too many pictures, trying to get the perfect shot, so I am glad I don’t have to send too many of them to the graveyard 😛

      The tie was still fun, but it was just not working perfectly for someone with bigger and shorter arms. At least I got some submissive floating and some pretty pictures out of it 😛

  3. PurpleSole says:

    Despite the difficulties I think you have done an excellent job, especially with all the photos too. Those eyes always draw me in.

  4. In the past during some playdates, I had this tie done on me, and could never get my arms and hands exactly where they needed to be, because of my upper arms, and my shoulders not being that flexible. I did like the tie, but oh darn, my shoulders always hurt so much when my arms were untied. Love your images here, especially the one where you look up at the camera, and the last one where you are on your side.
    ~ Marie

    • Oh, that is so interesting, that you had trouble with pain after as well. I guess it is for tall, skinny people with flexible arms. Rude tie, haha.
      Thank you, Marie <3

  5. Mary Wood says:

    Oh, Devie, those photos are wonderful!

  1. July 6, 2020

    […] get the sort of subspacy tied up feeling from harnesses as I would with a rope dress or when my hands are tied together. Nevertheless, I found it to be very sensual. There are so many steps and with almost every step, […]

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