The Joys of Flogging


I love impact play. I’m a masochist so I am generally into receiving pain during sexual play, and one of the easiest ways for a masochist to get pain is through, yes you know it, impact play. Usually, I’m more into spontaneous rough play than planned scenes though. So my weapons of choice are often the sadist’s hands. I absolutely love being squeezed, slapped and punched. A hard punch on my boobs and I am sliding into subspace. But sometimes I also need pain to relax, or I want a slow build up and then I enjoy the use of toys like paddles, whips and floggers.

Flogging is Sensual

While you can do some sensual slow play with the help of whips, riding crops and paddles, I found all three to be really painful when used with more force. I can take it but after a while and when being used with some force, it becomes more uncomfortable than pleasurable, especially when focused on one area. It will eventually push me into subspace but because it is less of an intimate activity, I would still always choose a hands on approach if I were asked.

Flogging, on the other hand, is a bit of a different story. I find floggers to be quite sensual toys. The way they can be run over the naked skin, tantalizing, tickling. When the tails of a flogger meet the skin, with softness, it almost feels like a massage to me. Honestly, I have been close to falling asleep many times when I was getting a soft flogging. It is a very relaxing activity, and it can become quite hypnotic too. Once the person who is flogging me has found their rhythm, it is lulling to me.

Intense Flogging

But I definitely wake up when the speed of the impact picks up, and the force behind it picks up too. The sounds that a flogger makes when being used with force adds to the experience. The swooshing, and the different tails dancing in the air, and then landing on your skin. And the pain intensifies, and becomes like stings, short-lived, yet leaving you with a hot sensation on your skin.

I can see how floggers could create bruise marks on someone, especially when the impact is focused on one area. I have not yet been marked by a flogger, but who knows what the future will bring! For me, the most painful place for a flogger to land are my inner thighs, by the way. I hate it with a passion. Sometimes, when I know we will be using a flogger, I put up that limit: no hitting the inner thighs!

Back vs. Front

And I think there is also a difference in where on your body the flogger is used. I feel the pain level definitely increases when it is being used on the front than on the back. Getting flogged on the back and ass is more relaxing. Actually watching the tails dance on your chest and watch them come closer to your genitals is a totally different experience. I think it has also a lot to do with the fear element. While you hear the flogger approaching when the impact is on the back, you can hear AND see the flogger when you are getting hit on the front.

There are also more sensitive areas in the front and one wrong (or intended) hit on your nipples or open cunt, oh my, that is painful! The risk level is higher then as well, because the eyes and face are closer. Although I trust my Master’s abilities with the flogger, there is always a tiny bit of worry, that one rogue tail will land in my eye and blind me (I should totally look up statistics on that so I know more about the real risk of this!).

Flogging at Play Parties

Flogging was our one number one to go to activity at play parties and dungeons in the past. It makes a great sound, it is showy, and it doesn’t hurt too much. I am not very self-confident. I’ve always felt it was quite difficult to let go at play parties. And that makes it near-on impossible to slide into a pleasurable submissive space. That results in that I can’t take too much pain. So a bit of flogging while being dressed always felt safest, and still something I could do. I feel that flogging is probably the most popular form of BDSM play. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever been at a play party where it wasn’t in the top three play choices for people to engage in (in competition with rope play and spanking).

My Issue with Floggers – Leather

I have a little bit of an ethical issue with flogging. I am vegan and I am trying my best to stay away from all kinds of animal products. And that includes leather. I have promised myself that I won’t ever be buying real leather products anymore. Even suede is made out of animal skin, so it is really hard to find a flogger that is vegan. When looking at what vendors at play parties had to offer, I’ve only found floggers made out of animal skin. So I will have to look into it some more in the future, when and if I am planning to buy a new flogger.

A Good Flogging

I do like a good flogging. I think it can be a very sensual experience and it relaxes me. It doesn’t even have to become sexual for me. It can be about releasing emotional and physical tensions. The harder and more forceful the flogging, the more it becomes sexual for me though, especially when the impact is on the front of the body. I slide into subspace and the pain doesn’t only become relieving, but also turns into a sexual pleasure. And then a flogging can lead to more sexual play. I think it is important that you play with someone who knows what they are doing and have a good feel for the flogger and how it lands. While there aren’t too many risks with most of the floggers you can buy, there are still a few harmful things that could happen.

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11 Responses

  1. One aspect I DO recall consensual and enjoying, flogging.

    You describe your experiences beautifully.

    A good memory

    Swirly 🌻

  2. Lisa Stone says:

    Thank you for this sharing, Devie 🙂 I love reading about your experiences and feelings.

  3. Mary Wood says:

    What a hot picture! As well as the topic 😉

  4. sub-Bee says:

    They’re so versatile, gentle or not. My clit has definitely been in the receiving end of a stray flail and that was painful. I’ve not seen a good vegan flogger but I’m not a fan of plastics either so I think it’s a no win situation.

    • Yes, we can agree on that stray flogger tails hitting the clit can be really painful, ha! I really got to look into it again, I am sure that there are a lot of vegan kinksters out there!

  5. I look at that position and think, “That’s ambitious!” I don’t think I would want to hold it for very long. If you are flogged in that position I take my hat off to you. My Queen is getting better at flogging. It used to be something that didn’t really hurt too much but she is putting a lot more force into it these days. I definitely know I’m being flogged. ☺️☺️😜

    • Haha, yes, that is an ambitious position and I definitely wouldn’t be able to stay in that position for long ether! I think because floggers make a lot of impressive sounds when hitting the skin, it can be mistaken for that the landing tails cause a lot of pain. I am glad that your Queen is now giving you proper floggings 😛

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