February Photofest 2020 – A Reflection

February Photofest 2020 A Reflection

When I decided to join February Photofest this year, I had quite a few ideas for pictures. I was convinced that I’d not have a problem to get something posted every day. I went through my archives and found some old gems that I knew I hadn’t posted yet and I wrote down some ideas for new pictures. I felt prepared.

But once it started, I was really overwhelmed with the planning part of it and I began to dislike some of my picture choices. I also had to deal with some physical health issues which made it more difficult to actually do the shootings I had planned. There was more than one moment when I just wanted to drop out and quit.

I pushed myself and eventually managed to get all the 29 pictures posted, and all on time too. I am proud of myself for that achievement, not only that I managed to post something, but that I posted pictures that I put effort into and that I am not ashamed to show off to the world. And to be honest, it was a whole lot of fun too! I am sure that I will participate next year too. I am already excited where my creativity will take me, and who knows maybe next year I will even go with a theme!

Here are all my pictures for the February Photofest of 2020, in one go! You can see my favourites by others participants in this Twitter thread, check it out!

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  1. Lots of great images! What an accomplishment! I found it much more challenging than expected.

  2. You really shared some gorgeous images, Devie!

    Rebel xox

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