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I know that I am sort of constantly redefining what lingerie means. It is just a little bit different for a fat girl. I don’t think I have ever been able to find a bra and knickers set, where both pieces fit. I often just go for some simple knickers, and a lacey bra, and I am good. But that generally means that I don’t pay a lot of attention to my knickers. Until the other week, when I realized that most of the ones that I own have holes in them, are ripped somewhere, and are not something I’d wear if I had a doctor’s appointment. (I can’t be the only one who is very concerned about wearing proper underwear when having to see a doctor?!?).

So on the internet I went, looking for underwear. I ended up in my comfort zone: H&M, buy a big pack of simple knickers that go with everything, that are cheap, that I can wear at home, when partying, and when having my period. But when I scrolled around, I found some really nice lacey shape briefs. Now, I love briefs. they are comfortable! I can’t wear thongs because my big butt just eats them. And most other underwear shapes are really only made for normal sized people. Which is okay, because I love briefs!

So now I own a few pairs of briefs, and behold, they actually shaped me well! I feel like I look better in them, and although they are supposed to squish the fat into the right places, they are still comfortable, and sexy! So there you go, maybe shape briefs are a sort of sexy lingerie too. (plus. I love off shoulder shirts, they make anyone look fucking hot!).

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  1. I think you look hot as fuck!! <3 and it is funny you mentioned holes in undies because a good chunk of mine do too – and I can't rem it happening so I just blame my OH coz it's easier LOL x

  2. Jae Lynn says:

    I think this absolutely defines lingerie. You look amazing and I love the off the shoulder look on you.

    I laughed about the doctor’s office part. Something my mom once said when I was little, “Always wear clean underwear, that way if you are ever taken to the hospital and they have to cut them off you aren’t embarrassed.”

    I love the briefs! They look comfortable and still sexy. I wear bikini style for some of the same reasons. ❤️

    • Thank you, Jae! Yup, my grandmas used to say something similar. Never leave the house in dirty or ripped underwear, because what if you ended up in accident and doctors need to cut the clothes off of you! That is catastrophic thinking on an odd level, haha.

  3. kisungura says:

    I hear you! I’m rarely (read, never) in matching bras and knickers, and have my fair share of cheap comfies with frayed elastic and holes in seams. I bought a whole new bunch recently with soft lacy tops that look nice but are super soft. My lacy uncomfy tiny ones stay in the sex clothes drawer longer than they should lol…

  4. slave sindee says:

    You Look HOT
    i jave always thrown out my panties or briefs as they got holey or frayed for the same reasons can’t be seen in dirty undies.
    guess i’ll just have to handle wearing women’s panties and briefs if something happens

  5. And you do look lovely in them!

    Rebel xox

  6. jupitergrant says:

    I love a good brief, especially with a bit of pretty lace. And I’m totally with you about nice underwear for visiting the doctor!

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