Submissive Training – How Erotic Hypnosis Enhanced My Submission

Erotic hypnosis and submission
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In some D/s relationship forms, the training of the submissive is a huge part of the connection. If you are a Disciplinarian Dom, or a slave submissive, a servant or just in a very strict D/s relationship, then there can be numerous ways for training to happen. Most couples taken on an approach that is marked with punishment of bad behaviour, and encouragement of good behabiour. The training has either a goal or is forever part of the relationship. Whatever it is, there is a want and a need for an improvement of submission and functionality. Training a submissive is about growth in one way or another. Now, I am not easy to be tamed. Being a brat makes any kind of training very difficult and long term benefits are scarcely to be seen. But we found a way: erotic hypnosis.

Training a Submissive

All kinds of training is in one way or another a combination of caretaking and conditioning. While caretaking is something that most people can relate to and even subscribe as either the caretaker or the one being taken care of, conditioning has a scary undertone. It means that you want to alter someone’s behaviour in a way that they do as it is expected from them. You give a command, and they do as they are told without questioning the nature of the command. Or they don’t even need a proper command anymore: it can be a gesture, a look, and automatically, an action follows.

I can see how that could sound creepy and very much like a Pavlovian experiment. But when you think of it, isn’t that what we do to children? We explain rules to them, and if they don’t follow those rules, they get punished. And eventually, to avoid punishment (or because they understand that the rules are reasonable!), they adhere by the rules. I don’t see it much different, because there is also the goal of growth. The only difference is that in D/s, the training, the approval and punishment, the push towards growth, happens between two adults who consenually embarked on that journey together.

Well, I am a brat and consistently strong submission is a struggle for me. I am not a service sub or a slave. And neither do I want to be that. But I like to play with control. And I very much enjoy being made to do things. I love being punished, it meets some deep-rooted need within me. I sometimes even go that far that I poke my Master so he punishes me. I am a deviant little brat. In the moment, the punishment, and being dominated, makes me feel entirely free and happy. I am in a submissive space where I don’t question him, where all I want is to please him and for him to hurt me more.

But it is a short-lived sensation and behaviour. No matter how many times he dominates and punishes me, I eventually go back to my bratty ways. I assume that if he were more consistent in trying to condition me with the help of punishment and rewards, things might look a bit different. But he is not a Disciplinarian, and I am not sure I’d even want that. I just enjoy our constant back and forth, our poking and dominating, way too much.

Erotic Hypnosis and Conditioning

There is one way in which he has conditioned me though. One way in which I have been disciplined and trained. It has nothing to do with physical punishment or lengthy protocols. Instead, it is more of a conditioning that goes first through the mind and then takes over the body. I am talking about erotic hypnosis.

I have talked about erotic hypnosis on this blog before and I know it is an iffy topic for some. People seem to think that when the body is being conditioned, when it happens consciously, then it is safer. They think that consent is difficult in erotic hypnosis. None of this is true. You never get conditioned consciously, it always happens in your subconscious, it is there that it manifests, it is there where your automatic responses to triggers lie. And I have never felt safer in my D/s connection than when I am in trance. How come? Because there is a clear way out. If you practice hypnosis with someone who is safe, and trustworthy, they build in a door out in the image they create for you.

Hypnosis, in simple terms, is to override someone’s conscious mind and help them float in a state of an altered mind. You create an atmosphere of safety and calm, you make them focus on your voice and words, and you slowly help them let go. You create an image in which they will float and experience things now. And in that image, you can create a door out for the one being hypnotized. A door that they can always open when they feel uncomfortable.

We used hypnosis for play when we were living in different countries and most of our connection happened through Skype calls. It helped us a lot to develop our D/s. While sessions were often about invoking certain kind of sexual play in the moment, sometimes we worked on conditioning my mind into obeying certain commands. It was both exciting and flabbergasting!

The commands we mostly worked on were focused on training my body into submitting to him in ways that I didn’t know were even possible. Our main focus was orgasm control. And through conditioning during hypnosis, he put triggers into my subconscious. And those triggers would last until we agreed on that they would not have any effect on me anymore.

He was able to do two things, really. He could make me orgasm on command, and he could make it so I couldn’t come. And all that without touch, we were on different continents at the time. One of the commands wasn’t even verbal. It was a snap of fingers. He snapped his fingers and my body responded instantly with an orgasm. It was so confusing when that happened in non-sexual contexts and he wanted to remind me of my role. A snap of his fingers, and I had an orgasm! Other things was making my vagina feel numb so I couldn’t come, no matter how hard I tried. Or I could only come when he counted me down. I loved being that much under his control, and I was proud of my mind and body to be able to show that kind of submission.

There are so so many ways to use training in D/s connections. There can be tasks that need to be done, there can be punishments and rewards, denial and good girl-ing. And there can be conditioning of the mind through hypnosis. We haven’t used those kind of commands in a longer while because we both prefer physical play more when we are together in real life. But I will never forget the absolute happiness and freedom I felt when my mind was totally under his control.

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    lovely post. and sweet control by you both

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    I love reading about how hypnosis works for you, it really is fascinating.

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    This is such an interesting post. I find it fascinating the way that hypnosis works and really enjoyed reading about the different ways that you have used training. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    This is really interesting, and very informative.

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