Cum Tributes Are A Huge Turn On For Me

Cum Tribute
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I am a shy person. I know that I don’t come across as one. There are nudes of me on my blog after all. I express very strong opinions and I openly talk about my sex life, my fantasies and my relationships. But when it comes to actually engaging with people sexually, I am very shy. I know that is linked to a negative body image and a fear of being repulsive. It is difficult to overcome those kinds of feelings, especially when you have been told all your life that you are too fat, too brown, that your nose is too big. I just never felt sexually attractive.

Sex in real life is still a bit of a shy thing for me, unless I know and trust someone and there is some sort of emotional connection. But I have those strong needs: to be objectified, to be shown what a slut I am, to see that I am good enough to be used. That is why I love to be cum on. It meets all those needs. How do I get that need met though if I can’t really engage with people sexually all that fast? Well, cum tributes are the perfect way to feel objectified and degraded into a sexual being without having to actively engage sexually with someone.

Being Wank Material

In German we have this word, Wichsvorlage, that describes exactly what I want to feel like. Translated it would be something like wank material. It means that you are being reduced to being nothing more than an object, something to get off to. I love knowing when someone masturbated and got off to my pictures. It makes me tingle all over, knowing that I am a sexual object for someone. And as I also love degradation, seeing how someones squirts their load all over a picture of my face or my body, Oh my!

A cum tribute is based on a consensual interaction between two people. If it is not consensual, it is actually an act of sexual harassment. You are sexualizing and using someone for your own sexual pleasure without having their consent. So, cum tributes need to be ethical and consensual. There is an agreement that one of the participants cums on a picture of the other person, and then sends the result (either a picture or a video) to the person whose picture it is. It can be a printed out version, or a device covered with cling film. Which picture is to be used, and who picks the picture, is really up to what the participants agree on.

I love being cum on in real life too. It is one of my biggest kinks, and it makes me feel wanted, sexy, and like I have done a good job to please my Dominant. It is kind of a job well done and getting the gold star glued on my body.

But knowing that cock owners that I have never met, get off to my pictures and videos, is a different kind of experience. A cum tribute makes me feel dirty and naughty in another way. It makes me feel like I am being used by different people, for other people’s sexual pleasure. I very much crave it, and doing it through something like a cum tribute, with the least amount of sex chat, is a very safe option for me.

Feeling More In Control

I know that some people engage in a juicy sex chat with sharing fantasies and such things, which then culminate in a cum tribute. That is not something that I do. As I mentioned earlier, for me to be able to engage in anything sexual in an active way, I need to have trust for the other person, I need to feel an emotional connection with them. For cum tributes, I don’t need to know the other person’s name or what they look like. All I need to know is that they are up for it, and that they are respectful.

And because the interaction is about my pictures or videos, I feel more in control of what I show of myself. I don’t feel as exposed. In the end, I decide what pictures I share online, I can weed out the ones that I am not comfortable with. I am the sexiest version of myself. It might be some sort of fake version. But knowing that I can control how I am being seen, helps a lot with my body image issues.

Same as I love cum tributes, I also love when people tell me that they masturbated to my pictures. The feeling of degradation might not be as strong, but it makes me feel fuckable and objectified.

Turn On and Cock Tributes

People might think it is often just about the boost of self-esteem. But for me, cum tributes, someone masturbating to my pictures and videos, it is a huge turn on. It makes my cunt tingle and I often end up masturbating, feeling all used, dirty, naughty and objectified.

A new thing that I have discovered, are cock tributes. It is basically a picture of a hard cock next to your face or a picture of you. I usually don’t like dick pics, but this sounds like a brilliant idea to me. If done consensually, of course! Instead of fuckability, it would be closer to degradation. And I really really am into degradation!

I know a lot of people find cum tributes to be a thing of disrespect and cum is not a turn on for everyone. I think that most people ignore the fact that they can be done in an ethical and consensual way though. There are people like me, who love being degraded, want to been seen as a sexual object and who love being used that way. And there is no shame in that.

Cum Tributes And People Masturbating to my Pictures – My Kink! – Another post I wrote on Cum Tributes

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13 Responses

  1. slave sindee says:

    Never thought about consent for a cum tribute but it makes sense. Also i was asked by a couple of Women online to do a cum tribute, but i find it is not respectful. i couldn’t do it. i also would never ever send an unsolicited cock pic. i have to really know who is asking.
    Thank You for not being shy in your blog and being so open. love your pics and esp your eyes

    • I can totally see what you mean. A cum tribute it a bit degrading, and for some it is pleasurable to receive it,, for some it isn’t. And some want to objectify and humiliate a woman, others don’t. As long as both are into it, and there is consent, then it is absolutely fine, exactly!
      Aww, thank you, Sindee, you are always so kind <3

  2. Sweetgirl says:

    I think you make the main point very clear, it is about consent, you give consent. I think the issue begins when unsolicited pics are shared, or when someone becomes aggressive, or abusive when the offer is declined.

    Great post ☺️☺️

  3. PurpleSole says:

    Those Germans have a word for everything. Hot post, I can see why a cum tribute would be such a turn on.

  4. Great post, and the gold star line made me giggle. It is the perfect description.

  5. sub-Bee says:

    I’m with you on the objectification but I need to have a connection to someone rather than just a random on the internet.

    • Consensual objectification is a fantastic thing! I can see why the connection is important. I can’t have sex with anyone I don’t know well and don’t have an emotional connection with, but cum shots seem more like a passive sexual act from my side, so for some reason I am okay doing it with safe people I don’t know well.

  6. Molly says:

    Yes totally with you on the feeling of being used and be an object of arousal.


  7. Andrew Sullens says:

    I would like to cumtribute you with consent

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