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I was staring at the screen in front of me. What did he just say? We had been chatting for about two hours and I was having my breakfast. He had this vicious smile, his lips half-parted, his eyes squinting and focused. I missed him. We hadn’t met in months and things didn’t seem to ease up any time soon. No flights, no possibilities. I missed our physical connection, his smell and his touch. He was in front of me, on my screen, still, he was thousands of miles away. I sighed.

“Girl? Did you not hear what I just said?” I appreciated his constant tries to light the spark of our connection again. But it would be hard for him to make me do anything. Without the physical force, I didn’t much like the submissive game. “Girl, do as I told you to!”

“Make me!” I smiled. I would have loved to have him around now. To force me do what he is asking. The thought aroused me, but looking at the screen again, I felt a sadness. I needed him, and I wanted more than this.

“Make you, mhm? I own your orgasms, girl. I can give them out as easily as I can take them away from you. You agreed. You gave me that control. So do you really want me to make you?”

I swallowed. I remembered an incident last week. I had been masturbating and had felt the need to come. So I had sent him a message to ask for an orgasm. All I had received back was a clear no. I had begged, pleaded. But the no had stayed a no. Frustrated, I had given up on physical pleasure that night and had had to satisfy myself with that I had been a good girl, following his instructions.

“Okay, so you have leverage. I get it. But is this even hygienic?”

“Are you saying your cunt is dirty, girl?” He laughed.

I growled a little. Smart bugger. I saw the wrinkles on his nose, his eyebrows slightly raised. He was clearly amused. “So what did you want me to do again?” He looked at me, not uttering a word. I sighed. “What did you want me to do, Master?” The connection was frozen for a second, and I leaned closer to my laptop, to not miss anything he was saying.

“That’s better. Take a spoon, adjust your camera, and let me watch you fuck yourself with it. Clear instructions. Now do it, girl!”

I looked at him. I loved when he got that dominant, when he really tried. I loved this game we played, when I pretended that he had no power over me. And yet again, here I was, fighting with my own mind. I didn’t want to humiliate myself. But I also wanted to follow his instructions. I didn’t want him to think that I was easy. But I also didn’t want to miss out on yet another orgasm.

I slowly got up and walked to the drawer. I pulled it open and took out a silver spoon, I touched the cold surface of the cutlery and wondered how it would feel inside me. I closed the drawer again and leisurely walked back to my laptop. I didn’t want him to think I was eager. I was following his instructions, but some bratty sprinkles I would always add to our connection.

I put the spoon down and pulled my nightshirt over my head. I saw him look at my breasts and smile. He didn’t ask me to get fully naked but why not give him a treat? I smiled to myself. I loved thinking that I had a little bit of control too, just a tiny bit. I pulled down my knickers and stepped out of them. I sat down on the chair and put my feet up on the kitchen table. No, this wasn’t working.

“I can only see your face, girl. I want to see all of you!” I got up again, pushed the laptop to the middle of the table, the chair a bit further away and adjusted the camera. “There is my girl. Now do as you are told.”

“Yes, Master” I spread my legs, and rested my feet on the table. I moved myself a bit closer to the edge of the chair. I licked the spoon to warm it up a bit, moved it slowly down my body, spread my lips with two fingers and pushed the silver inside me. It was cold! I stopped for a second. It felt odd, yet arousing. I looked up at his face on the screen. “Don’t stop now, girl. Fuck yourself with it.”

I did as I was told, the cold metal becoming warmer, covered in the wetness of my cunt. I could hear how wet I was, the squishing sounds made it clear that the whole procedure was turning me on. “Look at you, loving it. I can hear you. And I can imagine what you smell like right now!” I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of being pounded by an object. I loved knowing that he was watching me. My motions became faster and faster and I could feel the orgasm build up.

“Stop!” He said. I opened my eyes and looked at him. “But Master …!”

“No, I said stop. Go get your wand and leave the spoon on the table”

Oh, the wand! I fetched what he had wanted me to and ran back into the kitchen. “All that work out make you thirsty, girl?” He asked, with a smirk. What did he mean?

“I know you just made coffee. Take the spoon and stir your coffee, girl”

I looked at him in disbelief. “Ah come on, don’t make me ruin a good cup of coffee. That is just rude.”

“Do you want your orgasm or not, girl? Do as you are told. Be my good girl.”

I took up the spoon and looked at it. It was covered in my juices, wet and milky, smelling of sex and cunt. I pouted for a second or two, but then started stirring the coffee. “Leave it in. Now sit down and show me that nasty cunt of yours, all needy for an orgasm”

I sat down, the cup of coffee still in my hand, and spread my legs for him. “Mhm, that is my cunt. Look what you are doing to me, girl.” I watched him stand up, and he showed me his hard cock in his hand. Oh, how I missed that cock! I wanted him, I needed him. I started massaging my clit with my free hand, my need for him overcoming me.

“Wait, girl. Using the wand is easier. Because I need you to multitask now. I want you to masturbate while drinking that cup of coffee, and you can only come, once you have finished the whole cup. Understood?”

Oh, that sadist! I stared at him. I wanted that orgasm. But drinking my own juices mixed with coffee? I turned on the wand and placed it on my clit.

“No coming before you finished that cup!” He reminded me.

I nodded, and took a small sip of the coffee. It tasted awful, salty and musky. Just wrong. I almost gagged thinking about what I had just stirred into it. I could see the arousal on his face, he enjoyed seeing me this humiliated. Maybe I would be fine? I didn’t need to come, really.

The wand was relentlessly vibrating on my clit. I was so aroused, I was slightly moaning. “Drink more, you nasty slut. Let me see what a fucking slut you are, doing anything just to get an orgasm.” He laughed. He didn’t allow me to see his face anymore. All I could see was his hard cock, him masturbating, while watching me humiliate myself. I was close now, just the realisation of him pushing me into such a space made me even needier for relief.

“Drink it, slut!”

I took a big gulp and swallowed. I looked inside the cup, it was still half full. The vibrations on my clit got too much, I needed to come, now. I needed to. The pressure, the need, the anticipation. I took a deep breath and drank the rest of the coffee in one go. Instantly, I felt the wave of pleasure hitting me, my back arching, I lost all control over my body. I dropped the cup and I heard it break into a million pieces, as my body twitched.

I breathed out, the wand still turned on, I opened my eyes and watched him come for me, his juices landing on the towel in his hand. Another orgasm shook me body, knowing that I pleased him.

“Good girl. Look at you listening and doing what you are told. I am impressed.”

I smiled. “Thank you, Master.”

“Now be careful, I wouldn’t want you to hurt your feet.” I looked around me. The floor was covered in the broken pieces of my cup. A price worth paying for the experience I had just had.

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  1. Sweet ๐Ÿ˜‰ I like the bit with the broken cup at the end…that was a nice touch

  2. Lisa Stone says:

    very hot coffee story!

  3. slave sindee says:

    Oh Devie Oh Devie that was so hot ..i am rock hard just imagining The smell of you and the taste of your coffee.

  4. JerBear says:

    that was so imaginative and hot. Thank you!

  5. I had to chuckle at how he told her to do it with a spoon. I could definitely picture myself in this story lol.

  6. Asrai Devin says:

    ohhh i shivered at the thought of feeling a cold spoon on my body. Great description.

  7. jupitergrant says:

    Wow! What a deliciously sadistic scenario. Great ending, too. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  8. Kayla Lords says:

    I have never considered mixing orgasms and coffee like this, but now I am *definitely* considering it.

  1. April 16, 2020

    [โ€ฆ] โ€œI pulled it open and took out a silver spoon, I touched the cold surface of the cutlery and wondered how it would feel inside me. I closed the drawer again and leisurely walked back to my laptop. I didnโ€™t want him to think I was eager. I was following his instructions, but some bratty sprinkles I would always add to our connection.โ€ Keep reading. [โ€ฆ]

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