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It was a hot summer morning. Sunday morning, to be precise. He had opened the blinds and the windows, so she was hiding her face under the blanket. Her head hurt and she had a hangover. She listened to him whistling in the shower. A shudder ran down her spine. Who can be this happy this early? She yawned, stretched and decided to go back to sleep. She was hot under the blanket, so she hugged her fluffy bed companion between her legs, almost spooning it. A pearl of sweat slowly made its way from under her breast down her naked belly. She was fast asleep within seconds.

The whistling stopped. He walked out of the bathroom, a towel around his waist. He had never been one to suffer from hangovers. He had been looking forward to spending a day with her in nature, having a picnic, running around naked where no one could see them. He tilted his head and looked at her backside, and then walked around the bed to see her face. It seemed like his plans might not become a reality. He observed her calm and steady breathing, her chest moving up and down, her long hair almost covering her delicate nipples. He walked to the other side of the bed, removed his towel, crawled up to her and laid down next to her. He wrapped his muscular arms around her naked body, his legs around her legs. She was still spooning her blanket, he was spooning her. They were now in a cozy threesome of sorts. Together.

His hand rested on her round hip. He looked down and saw her long legs stretched, her bottom pushed out a bit. He moved closer and pressed his already half-hard cock against her naked sticky skin. She grunted and moved a little, instinctively pushing back at him, feeling the aroused part of his body poking her flesh. The fingers of his hand tapped up her arm, like tiny feet climbing a mountain. Steady and slow. Reaching her shoulder, he stopped for a second, gently pulled her hair back and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. He watched the almost invisible goosebumps on her face in the merciless summer sunlight. He kissed her earlobe, his hand waiting on her shoulder, waiting for her to wake up. Opening his mouth, he bit her ear, pulling it with his teeth. She moaned and the rhythm of her breathing changed. She was awake now, anticipating.

His hand wandered down her spine, alternating between soft fingertips and hard nails. Reaching her bottom, he kneaded her apple shaped flesh while rubbing his cock against her. He moved closer to her, lifted her arm and placed it around his neck. His head resting on her side now, close to her breasts. He pushed his one hand under her head and with the other hand started caressing her chest, allowing his fingertips to gently touch the hard nipple of her left breast. Two fingers were now squeezing and pulling. “Oooh!”, he heard her moan. “Ah, you like that girl, don’t you?”. She replied with yet another moan. They were rubbing their heated bodies against each other, naked skin against naked skin. Together.

Her legs opened slightly and he could smell her dampness, her arousal. His hand moved down her belly, over her hip and towards her mound. Parting the lips with two fingers, a third found her engorged button and started circling it. She moved her hips, closer to him, seemingly wanting to become one with him. He rubbed her clit, first in circles, then up and down, slowly, then faster, then slow again. Playing with her need to come, he bit her naked skin, almost making her yelp. Her legs were wide open now, one leg in the air, she gave him the invitation to discover more of her. His fingers moved down her slick slit, finding the hole that needed to be filled. One finger, two. She pushed her whole body down, wanting him to enter her, deeper, deeper. “Tssst”, he whispered, “don’t be so needy.”. She sighed as she realized that he was in control. He was leading, he was playing with her, he decided what she needed.

The two fingers spread her open, and pathed the way for his hard manhood, waiting to explore her wetlands. The head found the door to her cave and his hand retreated back to her clit. They both moaned as he entered her. His fingers rubbing her, his cock pounding her, she moved her hips in the rhythm he conducted. They both could hear the wetness, smell it, almost taste it as it filled the air in a combination with the musky scent of their sweat. He was moving faster now. Pushing in and out relentlessly, faster and faster, they were both breathing hard. He felt her starting to twitch next to him. Feeling how close she was to relief, only aroused him more. And in unison, they both started to spasm. He felt the muscles of her cunt squeezing and releasing his hard cock as his juices shot outside of him, filling her up with his white seed.

Removing his fingers from her clit, pulling his cock out of her, and freeing his head from under her arm, he kissed her cheek. “Good girl”, he whispered into her ear. He was hugging her now, his arm around her belly, legs intertwined. She was laying on her back, pushing a foot against one of his feet. They were both sliding into a relaxed slumber. They were spending their day in bed. It maybe wasn’t in the freedom of nature. But they were together.

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  1. “Waiting to explore her wetlands”… love it. A very enjoyable read. ?

  2. jupitergrant says:

    Fantastic tale, lovely Sunday morning sex is wonderful ?

  3. Kayla Lords says:

    Morning sex is my favorite kind of sex…and I love that even if the day doesn’t go as originally planned, it can still be really good. 🙂

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