Of Red Balloons and Pink Teddybears

There was laughter and happy shouting all around us. I was enjoying some pink cotton candy, and smiled as I saw him approach me. He had bought me a red balloon. The atmosphere was almost electrically sparkling.

We had been driving around in bumper cars for the last half hour and I could still feel the thrill of chasing him around. All I needed now was to win a teddy bear! We walked towards a stall at the edge of the fair, the one with the pink bears. He had won me one every year ever since we started dating. He was good at shooting the little metal ducks going round and round.

But when we arrived at the stall, we were met with a “Be right back”-sign. There they were, the teddybears, at least three dozens of them. This night had been magical and the sugar rush I had just felt was now ebbing off as I realized that my teddybear streak might just be over. I was holding on tightly to the string of the balloon he had bought me.

“I got a naughty idea!”

“Really?”, I asked, feeling intrigued. He tried to open the door at the side of the stall and to our surprise, it was not locked. He pulled me inside and we were now standing in front of the wall of teddybears.

“It looks like we are going to have an audience tonight!”, he chuckled. He pushed some of the stuffies to the side, lifted me up and placed me on the table. Adrenaline rushed through my body. I loved it when he took over like that, when he decided that it was time to play.

He pulled down my panties and put them in his pocket. His hands wandered up my thighs and I moaned. I couldn’t believe how quickly he was able to make me need him. His fingers circled my clit and then entered me. “Good girl!”, he said when he noticed how ready I was for him. He unzipped his pants.

I closed my eyes, my head resting on the softness of a pink teddybear, my one hand still holding on to the string of the red balloon. He entered me and I could feel his hard manhood thrusting in and out of my wet playground. His one hand was tightly grasping my throat, while another was placed on my right boob, slightly pulling my nipple through the fabric of my dress. Faster and faster. I couldn’t hold it in anymore. He shouted: “Come, girl!” and we both twitched together, embracing each other. In the heat of the moment I let go of the balloon, and I watched it fly out of the open window of the stall, up into the dark starry summernight.

As we rushed out of the stall, I grabbed a teddybear by the ear and took him with me. The poor thing had seen so much now, he definitely needed a loving home!

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Fantastic ?

  2. Wittie says:

    I love this! And cotton candy. 🙂

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