Goth Boobs in Fishnet – Boobies Time!

Goth Boobs
© DeviantSuccubus
Goth Boobs
© DeviantSuccubus

It’s Boobday! I have wanted to use that bowtie for a picture in forever so I thought I’d just go for it. I know that my hair looks quite like cotton candy at the moment, which is not exactly what I want it to look like. So I will be working on that this weekend! But these pictures are all about my boobs. So here they are! Goth Boobs!

I find it quite fascinating that my boobs can look so very different from different angles. I am not a big fan of their shape, but I like that they are shapable. Depending on the bra or perspective, I can make them look bigger, smaller, rounder, or even the exact same size. Instead of a sexual object, I have been starting to see them more as an object I can be creative with, something I can make art with.

Goth boobs are really like any other boobs. I mean, we goths are human. But still, people tend to put a sort of extra meaning into it when something is labelled goth. Suddenly something becomes more mysterious, naughtier, darker. I just feel like they are like any other boobs, really. Just a bit oddly shaped.

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  1. Beautiful !!!
    Love the net too !!!
    Xxx – K

  2. jupitergrant says:

    Yay boobs! They look spectacular in the net! And I like the candyfloss hair, it’s super cute! ?

  3. Love the images!

    Rebel xox

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