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This is my first Share our Shit Saturday (SoSS) post! I have been thinking about writing one for a couple of weeks now but then decided that with a new month, it would make way more sense to start this off. I just love the idea of it: sharing my favourite posts of the last seven days and spreading some sexblogging community love! So here we go!


I follow all of the picture memes each week and I try to participate if and when the inspiration strikes me. The theme for the last Sinful Sunday challenge was Soft Focus and I totally loved what everyone came up with! Lingerie is for Everyone was all about being comfy and cute. And Boobday? Well, it is all about the boobs! The four pictures that impressed me the most this week were the following!

Jupiter Grant: Basking in my new Basque

She took those pictures for the Lingerie is for Everyone meme, and boy, does she look comfy! I am in love with the colours in the pictures and what she is wearing: a sinful red both on her beautiful red lips and her lingerie! I think she looks incredibly hot in her new sexy outfit! You can check out more of her pictures here.

Purple’s Gem: The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden- littlegem nude next to a gate in a woods, she looks as if she is going to open it

I love the vibe of this picture! It looks mysterious, magical and wonderful. It depicts her, naked, entering an gate in the forest. I think she almost looks like a fairy that is about to discover a magical world once she has passed that gate. An absolutely brilliant shot! Take a look at the original post here.

Focused and Filthy: Soft Focus

The position and the scenery in this picture are very brilliant! There are so many emotions I can read in her physical expression! Despair, shame, fear, grief. At the same time it also looks like an image depicting something like rebirth. I can imagine her standing up, standing tall and embracing whatever lays ahead of her. Check out the original here.

Violet Fawkes: Prism

I love the serenity of this picture, someone laying down on their back, relaxing. The beautiful rainbowy prism is not only a nice addition but it also changes the atmosphere of the picture. It seems playful and almost moving! Fantastic! Check out the original here.

Erotic Fiction

Oh, all the smutty, naughty and erotic fiction that everyone comes up with every week! I love seeing how creativity is flowing and how different interpretations of the same prompt can look like! I make it a thing each week, to read everyone’s entries on Masturbation Monday, Friday Flash and Wicked Wednesday. Here are my favourites of the last seven days!

Ria Restrepo: Stuck on you

Ria is an amazing writer and whenever I read something of hers, I am very much impressed by the plots and story lines she comes up with. This story is both hilarious and incredibly hot! I felt with the main character, the embarrassment when she was discovered, to be, well, stuck. And the sex scene, oh my, the build up was so sexy and the steaminess of the act got me all blushed. Fantastic story! Read it here.

Jerusalem Mortimer: I vant to drink your blood

This is an erotic flash fiction story involving another kind of vampire, the actor that plays a vampire! Yes, this is a sexy story about Bela Lugosi! I read it, I loved it! My little gothic heart was definitely beating faster! Check the story out here.

Jupiter Grant: Popping the Cherry

This woman has a way with words that woos me every time I read one of her pieces. And this flash fiction erotic story is no different. In just a few paragraphs she draws you into the world of a teenage boy and his secret crush. Read it, because it will impress you! You can find the story here.

May More: Twisted into the Woods

This is not exactly an erotic story but it is a story about sex and sexual experiences. I was quite confused by the main characters’ actions but it all made sense in the end and my feelings towards the protagonist’s actions changed completely. This is not a story to get off of, but a story that makes you think! Check it out here.

Articles and Posts on BDSM and D/s

Well, I am into BDSM and I am in a D/s relationship. So I love reading people’s thoughts on topics related to those areas of kink and relationships. I love that there are so many different experiences and opinions. I love reading everyone’s thoughts each week!

Purple’s Gem and Purple Sole: Full Metal Racket

This was such a fun post to read! The two were trying out the ElectraStim which gives off electricity and does so to the sound of music! I love music and it was so cool to get to read about the different songs, what the songs mean to Sole and how gem reacted to the electricity going into her skin. I can definitely recommend reading about their experiences here.

Victoria Blisse: Glorious Humiliation

This is another erotic nonfiction post, and about a kink I very much enjoy myself: humiliation and degradation. I love the way she describes her experiences with her partner, how humiliation makes her feel, how she gets aroused by it, and how important it is with aftercare after scenes involving this kind of play! Read her post here.

Submissy: Room 101

Submissy writes about things that annoy her in the kink community and oh gosh, I agree with so much she has to say! I must have felt so great for her to get that stuff of her chest, and you know, it felt great for me reading it! The short version: stop judging other people and stop acting like a know-it-all! Check out Submissy’s thoughts here.


I also sometimes contribute to memes that are not so much about BDSM or sex related things, but can be about anything that bloggers and writers could have on their minds. This week the following two entries really made me think.

Posy Churchgate: Older women enjoy sex!

Posy writes about an important and yet so little talked about topic: aging and sex. For some reason, people seem to ignore the fact that older women are sexual beings too. I wonder if that has to do with our contemporary beauty ideals or traditional ideas of women only having sex for procreation. Whatever it is, Posy’s post made me think. Read her thoughts here.

Floss: Landmarks, Goals and Enjoying the Journey

This post by the amazing Floss really impressed me! She discusses how her perspective about blogging and her own blog has changed over time. She adjusted her goals and seems now to be in a place where the goals she has set for herself seem quite reasonable and she loves what she is doing. Read Floss’s post here.

Posts that I have written this week

I had a bit too much time on my hands this week, so the last seven days I wrote a whopping 10 posts. Oops! I definitely have some favourites among those. The one I wrote on Ageplay was quite difficult to get done because it felt so personal and I was worried about judgment or people unfollowing me because of it. No one has done that yet, so yay! I wrote a post on Flashbacks and Intimacy which I felt was important to write. Hopefully it will help some folks. One post I really enjoyed was the one on Degradation Play. It is one of my favourite kinks and it was really cool to reminisce and write down one of my experiences with it. My favourite picture of me this week is the one I took for Lingerie is for Everyone.

There you have it! My first Share our Shit Saturday Post!

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9 Responses

  1. May says:

    That’s is a fabulous first Soss – thank u so much for including my story – it is not a comfortable read but i like to challenge the reader at times and aimed for that when writing the story 😉

  2. jupitergrant says:

    This is a terrific SoSS, and I’m so flattered to have been included ?
    These are a lot of my favourites of the week, too. I loved Ria’s Stuck on You as well!

  3. PurpleSole says:

    Thank you for including us in your first SoSS ☺. There are some great posts here, some that I need to go read.

  4. Posy Churchgate says:

    At last I can access your site to read your great inaugural #SoSS post! So comprehensive, many posts I missed myself so will check out. Thank you for including mine, and I see it sparked off some inspiration for you. Indeed you’ve been a busy bee, so next time the parental lock comes off my internet I shall be looking into your delicious words! xx

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