Pleasure at the Movies

Pleasure at the movies erotic fiction

I had been walking past that old school porn movie theater many times. Women don’t go to such a naughty place, do they? But today I couldn’t just continue walking. There was this movie poster that drew me closer. There was no nudity, just a picture of intimacy, of peace. The title read “Yes, Sir!” in big red letters. The movie would start in 10 minutes. I swallowed and tried to clear my mind. I couldn’t think straight though, I could feel the excitement that had already taken over my body. I looked around, quickly walked towards the entrance and slid in.

The theater was small and dark. Most of those seats were empty. I could see a few dark figures sitting in different places, and decided to walk towards the back, head down and body almost pressed against the wall. I sunk into a seat in the middle of the back row, and looked at the big screen. The curtains opened and the movie started.

I was drawn into the story right away. A woman serving her Sir in any way possible, being his plaything, taking the pain he inflicted on her, pushing her into places that she had never imagined to experience. I could see the enjoyment in her eyes, I could see the satisfaction in his face. And I could feel my own body’s reactions. I was breathing faster now. I could feel the tingle in my vagina.

My hand started to wander, over my breasts, down my body. I spread my legs and pulled down my panties. While Sir was fucking his slave, I was starting to get lost in my own pleasure, barely recognizing what was happening on the screen anymore. My fingers circled my swollen clit, then rubbing it. I sighed and closed my eyes.

I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. Oh no! I opened my eyes and saw a big hard cock. I looked up and saw a figure standing in front of me. “Mind if I joined you?” I nodded and opened my mouth, when I felt another tap on my shoulder. – “What about me?” another dark figure asked from behind me. I turned around and smiled. I crawled up on the seat, lifted my skirt up and presented my wet cunt to the person behind me. I could feel a hard cock enter me within seconds and moaned. I took a quick look at the screen, seeing Sir using his slave. I opened my mouth again and welcomed another hard cock into my body. Minutes later, both my butt and my face were covered in cum and I felt both used and at peace.

I quickly wiped myself off, unsuccessfully searched the floor for my panties, pulled my skirt down, and almost drunkenly left the movie theater. Outside, the cold air hit me with reality. I panicky looked around me, smiled and then walked home, knowing that porn movie theaters are definitely for naughty women like me.

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7 Responses

  1. jupitergrant says:

    Unnfff…. Horny as hell ? Fantastic tale!

  2. books1799 says:

    I so enjoyed your hot movie theatre story. I loved the fact she couldn’t find her panties – nice touch that!

  3. Oh gosh, this is SO hot! A secret fantasy of mine 😉

    Rebel xox

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