The Mysterious Woman

She was the most mysterious woman he had ever seen. She was sitting in the shade of a big willow tree with lusciously green leafs, not far away from the lake. Leaning back, her legs stretched on a violet blanket. Her toenails were painted in the same colour as her ruby red lipstick. A large dark sunhat was hiding her face and hair. She was wearing a black bikini that pushed her breasts together and almost made them flow over the shiny fabric. The bikini bottom was held up by strings that were tied into rosettes, resting on her hips. She was beautiful. But there was something else, something that was hidden. She seemed distant, yet he felt so very much drawn to her.

He had observed her from a distance for a while. He was leaning against an oak tree, sometimes pretending to watch the children playing in the water, but more often looking into the direction of the mysterious woman. The swim trunks he was wearing were of the boxershort type, grey, with a black waistband. He was tall but not particularly muscular. He had curly brown hair and dark brown eyes that held a sadness behind them. Standing alone, he seemed both lost and confident. He took a deep breath and casually walked over to the woman under the willow tree.

He stood next to her, waiting for a reaction, a movement. She must have sensed him, his tall figure was throwing a shadow over her, blocking the sunbeams from reaching her porcelain skin. Silence. No words, no move. He cleared his throat and wanted to say something. Hearing the sound, she lifted her head. A pair of beautiful blue eyes looked up to him, a face almost angelic showing anticipation. He froze. He was overwhelmed by the strength in her eyes, by the nonchalance of her welcoming yet superior smile.

The silence between them seemed unbearable. It was as if the air was standing still. He opened his mouth but not a sound escaped him. Her lips parted as her smile grew bigger. Allowing her eyes to wander up and down his body, she sat up straight. Their eyes were locked into each other but still, no words were uttered. She was on her knees now, looking at him with big round eyes. He swallowed and felt his blood rushing to his loins. On knee up, then the other, she was now keeping her weight on her hands, still starring at him. With a graceful jump, she was standing next to him. She walked off her blanket, picked it up, got her red beachbag and threw the blanket over her shoulder. Pointing her finger at him, she gestured him to follow her. She started walking towards the dense forest ahead, turning her head around once to check if he had understood her command. And he had. Excited and nervous, he was following the beautiful and mysterious woman into the dark forest.

She stopped and put her blanket on the ground, behind two trees that stood closely together. He waited, not sure about what to do. She nodded at him and reached out her hand. He walked towards her and when he was within reach, she grabbed him by the waistband and pulled him towards her. She smelled like sunscreen and a light scent of vanilla. Feeling her hand this close to his manhood, he felt his excitement grow. Skin against skin, she kissed him, first gently and slow, then pushing her tongue into his open mouth, passionately biting his lower lip, pulling it with her teeth as she took a step back.

He opened his eyes and watched her take off her bikini top. He held his breath. She took his hands and put them on her breasts. Excited, he started gently massaging them, letting his fingertips run over her hardened rosy nipples, then pinching them, pulling them a little, while watching the reactions on her face: Lips parted, she looked back at him. No words uttered. Her nails wandered over his chest, circling his nipples, then sliding over his belly and into his swim trunks. He grunted silently when her hand embraced his cock and in gentle motions started teasing him. He was hard and ready. He yearned to be even closer to her now, to be inside her.

She pulled down his trunks and looked up and down on him, expecting his body, his cock. A smile ran over her face as she opened the knots of her bikini bottom and let them slide to the ground. Waiting for her next move, he was almost trembling with excitement. She took a step towards him, grabbed a chunk of the hair at the back of his head, and pulled him towards her, pushing her tongue into his mouth. His cock was pressing against her naked skin and he could smell the juicy wetness coming from in between her legs.

She pushed down his shoulders and he obeyed, going on his knees, watching her body pass him by as she moved to kneel next to him. Pushing him and forcing him onto his back, she was lying on top of him now, her legs in between his, her breasts pushed against his chest. Silence, No words uttered. They were looking at each other, no breath, no movement. She slowly got up. Standing over him, she observed his hard cock, inviting and vulnerable. He felt helpless under her spell, yet so very much willing to let her do with him whatever she wanted. One leg on each side of him, she bent down and grabbed his cock, spread her legs wider and lowered herself on top of him. His cock was inside her now. Her hands on his shoulders, her mouth was almost touching his.

She moved her hips, first in circular motions, then up and down on him. His cock was sliding in and out of her wet cunt. He was moaning, she had her eyes closed, looking focused and beautiful in her concentration. She grabbed his one hand and made him rub her clit, his other hand being held down by the wrist. Her breasts were right above his face, bobbing up and down with the motions of her hips. His moans became louder. Her motions became faster and harder. A moment later she was twitching on top of him, her cunt clenching his cock that was releasing hot creamy juices into her. He almost threw her off of him as his body jerked in a violent orgasm.

She leaned over him and kissed his nose. Pulling out his cock out of her vagina, gently, she got up. Wetness mixed with cum was running down her thighs, She bent down to get her beachbag, cleaned herself up with some tissues and put her bikini back on. He observed her, blissfully still floating in post-orgasmic space. “Good boy!”, she smiled at him, “Now get up!”. Her voice was husky, stern yet warm. He did as he was told. His trunks landed in his hands, and she got her blanket off the ground. Adjusting the sunhat that she had been wearing throughout their whole encounter, she walked into the direction of the lake. Only turning around once, winking at him. He stood there, flabbergasted, holding on to his trunks, wondering what just happened.

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7 Responses

  1. jupitergrant says:

    Ooh, lucky boy!! Very sexy, and a great use of the image ?

  2. Ria Restrepo says:

    I really liked how you used the prompt! The no talking until the end made it even hotter. Great story! 😉

  3. TenWays says:

    Great story, really liked the silent, alluring, stranger part.

  4. Kayla Lords says:

    Good boy indeed!

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