It is such an odd sensation when something that gives you pain still doesn’t push you into letting it go. You hate it, it hurts so much, you cry, you want to scream. You want to fight it. But you can’t. Because you want it too. You want the discomfort. You know it goes against everything. We are taught to avoid pain. But then you fall into it, you slide into it. Into this secret space where the pain suddenly calms you down. You don’t want to scream anymore, the tears are running down your face silently. Suddenly the pain feels different and you don’t fight it anymore. It doesn’t scare you now. It makes you throb and pulsate. You want more, you want to float deeper, and higher. You want to never leave this space of bliss. You are a masochist, addicted to the power of pain.

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15 Responses

  1. slave sindee says:

    wonderful photo love the expression

  2. Littlegem says:

    You look so delicious in this pained pose.

  3. PurpleSole says:

    That pull of the chain in your teeth is really something

  4. Lisa Stone says:

    Pain is your friend. She tells you that you are still alive.

  5. Metal, flesh and mesh, something to see.

  6. Masochist indeed… such a powerful image!
    ~ Marie

  7. I’m familiar with those clamps. Ouch indeed! But you have such lovely nipples to grab. Mine are so tiny that clamping them is a challenge.

  8. jupitergrant says:

    Amazing photo, Deevie! 🤩

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