Bestvibe’s Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager – Review

Bestvibe's Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager

I love wands! But there are so many of them out there these days, that it can become difficult to find one that actually meets your needs. They come in different sizes, from different brands, in different colours and materials. I am quite partial to powerful wands that don’t play around with too many settings. And the harder the material, the better. I just can’t do soft sensual toys for clitoral use. They are maybe a good way to make me fall asleep, but they are not my favourite thing to turn to when I want to get off. So I have to admit that I didn’t expect much when I was to try out Bestvibe’s Mini Silicone Wand Massager. But I was pleasantly surprised by how much this tiny toy can achieve!

The Specifications

Bestvibe's Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager

Before telling you about how well this sextoy got me off, let me talk about some of the specifications first! Bestvibe’s Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager is made out of silicone and ABS, which makes it bodysafe. As the name suggests, it is a small wand. It is only 168 mm long and is 42 mm at its widest point. It has one motor and is USB rechargable. The toy comes with a USB charger and a short manual. It doesn’t take too long to charge and the battery time is pretty reasonable for the size of the toy.

It is quite pretty with a silver top at the handle and a sleek black look. There are two buttons on the toy: one on/off button, and one to click through the different modes. They light up blue when you switch the wand on or when you charge it. The toy is waterproof and can be used in the shower or the bath. There are 10 modes, from a steady vibration in different strengths to different kinds of vibrations. So there is definitely something for everyone.

It is best to use the wand with waterbased lube. And you can clean it like any other silicone toy: with warm water and mild soap. And then let it dry properly before storing it. It is riffled on its head and I found it a bit difficult to wash the lube out of the small spaces. I had to do the cleaning three times to get it all off. So be mindful when cleaning the wand, and make sure to check if you got everything cleaned properly.

The head is attached to a very flexible middle which makes it possible to move the wand head around easier, and to press it against your clit harder. I found that to be an interesting feature which you don’t find in most wands.

First Impressions

Bestvibe's Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager

I found the wand to be very small and light weight when I first held it in my hands. It was pleasant to touch, as most silicone toys are. I liked the silver end at the handle and also found the flexibility of the head quite surprising. And I loved the fact that the buttons shone blue when you charged, it gave it a prettier look. I let my fingertips slide over the riffled part and wondered if they would make a difference to my pleasure.

I was definitely intrigued but also a little bit worried that it wouldn’t be strong enough for me. It was easy enough to turn on after it was done charging and clicking through the different vibrations, I let out a breath of a relief because their strength seemed powerful enough. The motor is very quiet, which I think is important to mention. I don’t have an issue when others hear me play with myself, but I know that discretion is important for some.

My Experiences with the Toy

Bestvibe's Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager

Specifications and first impressions are essential to get to know a toy, but the truth is in trying it out. I was clicking through the different vibration options when my husband came into the room, asking me what I was doing. He was of course intrigued seeing me holding a new toy, already all lubed up. So he told me to lie back and relax. I mean, come on, who would say no to that?

He first started with the lowest setting, moving the wand around, allowing me to get a feel for it. it was a fantastic feeling and I closed my eyes and let go, relaxed and was ready for what was to come. He clicked it up one setting and the vibrations got stronger. And then he pressed the wand harder on my clit, and the flexible head made it possible for the toy to be exactly in the right place.

He watched me as I was getting closer to an orgasm. My body became more tense and I was moaning. So he clicked the button one more time and and the vibrations got even stronger. I felt the waves of the orgasm rushing over me almost instantly and twitched in pleasure. It was a really good experience. And I must admit that I was surprised that I got off so quickly.

Now, things are a bit different when you play with a partner, so I thought it would be only fair if I gave the wand another try. But on my own this time. And let me tell you, the first experience was a good indicator of how well Bestvibe’s Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager works for me. I loved how easily I could press it against my clit, and get the vibrations exactly where I needed them to be. The head’s flexibility really makes a difference! I got an orgasm in no time.

My Verdict

I think Bestvibe’s Mini Silicone AV Wand Massager is a pretty decent wand and surprisingly strong for its size. The extra riffles and the flexible head are definitely positives. And although I found the toy a bit difficult to clean, it wasn’t impossible. I can imagine the wand being perfect to travel with, or to keep if you live in a household where you can’t openly pleasure yourself. It is not loud and because of its size, it is easy to hide.

You can purchase the toy for 12.95 US Dollars here.

I offered to write an honest review in exchange for the toy and a small fee.

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    lovely review and what a wonderful husband to join in and give you a wonderful time.

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    A convenient device, judging by the review 🙂

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    An interesting device. Good overview. And the photos are great!

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