The Freedom They Needed

She got startled by the knock. She turned around and looked at the door of her room. Shaking her head, she opened the door and a woman entered. They embraced each other and sat down on the sofa, not uttering a word. They had been through things together, they had seen the horrors others couldn’t even imagine. But life seemed different now.

As women in their early 30s, and single, they felt a freedom their mothers never got to experience. The nurse’s uniform hanging over the chair in the corner of the room was both a sign of privilege and resilience. But none of that was important tonight, because tonight they were going to forget and push away all the responsibilities. They had been sewing all week, getting together their outfits. Feathers, ankle-long dresses, headbands. Shiny purses and high heeled shoes. Red lips and red rouge. Their short hair curled at the ends. Ruth and Dorothy were women of their time, and they needed some fun.

Ruth, a bit shorter and rounder than her friend, locked the door behind her and the women walked down the few stairs onto the street outside the dormitory. It was six o’clock. The two gentlemen they were to meet arrived in a four-seater car, no roof. They looked dashing with their hats and the well-fitted suits. They nodded, and Graham, the doctor, stepped out and helped the women up and into the car.

It was summer and the air was still warm in the early evenings. They arrived at the club only minutes after it opened. But that didn’t mean that the it was empty. The lines outside were long, and you could hear chatting, laughing and see dancing and hugging. Ruth and Dorothy smiled. They really needed this. A car in the distance honked and they both jumped. Nails dug into each other’s arms, they took a deep breath together. “We are not there anymore, darling, we are fine now”, Ruth whispered to her friend. Graham and Harold, a teacher, stood next to the ladies, smoking cigarettes and looking over the crowd. They didn’t notice the tension between their ladies, but looked at them with admiration. They sure were pretty tonight.

Inside the club, people were dancing to the music played by a band that had just arrived from America. Black men, all dressed perfectly, were working on their instruments as if their lived depended on it. It was a new sound, a fresh sound, something that fit the electricity in the air. The war was over. The flu was over. They were all alive. Twirling and swirling, flowing dresses and flushed cheeks, the four of them had a grand time. Smoking, drinking champagne, breathing in the air of freedom, covered in sweat, and not a worry on their minds.

Hours later, they sat in the car again, at one of the less populated cliffs of town. They looked over the sea together, reminiscing the loud yet happy atmosphere they had experienced at the club. Ruth sat in the front with Graham, Dorothy in the back with Harold. A waterpipe made the rounds and the sweet smell of opium filled the air. The women became more relaxed and didn’t even blink an eye when a seagull flew by, screaming. They looked at each other and smiled.

Ruth suddenly pulled down her dress and exposed her breasts to the chilly night air and everyone around her. “Oh my, Ruth, darling, those are glorious!” Graham exclaimed. She laughed. “Don’t you want to touch them?” She winked at him. Harold looked at Dorothy. “Ah, you want to see mine too, don’t you? she smiled at him. She felt free now, and not weighed down by her usual worries. She wanted the attention he was willing to give her. She stood up and allowed her dress to slide down over her silky skin. Nothing covered her now, she was completely naked.

“Oh, we are doing that now?” Ruth laughed again and pulled up her tight dress over her head and threw it on a surprised Graham. Posing for their dates, the women seemed confident and knew what they wanted. They wanted to be admired. They wanted pleasure. They both moved over to the men in front of them, and sat down on their laps. Lips met and buttons of jackets and suits were opened. Soon the men were as naked as the women, and with skin pressed against each other, nipples were sucked, cocks caressed and clits rubbed.

Ruth stood up and sat down on the back of the leather seat, legs spread open. Almost falling over, Dorothy caught her, kneeling behind her now. Graham was on his knees, pulling out one of those new condoms, pulling it over his cock, and entered the anticipating nurse. Ruth screamed as he started fucking her, of relief and pleasure. Dorothy had one hand in between her own legs, kneeling on the backseat, rubbing and pulling her own clit, while her other hand was playing with her friend’s engorged pleasure button. Harold was watching the scene, as he stroked his hard cock.

Everyone was panting, getting closer and closer to the highest point of pleasure of the day. Graham started twitching, seconds later Ruth followed his lead, arched her back and yelled “Oh bloody hell”, while Harold’s juices landed all over her naked breasts. Dorothy frantically rubbed her clit faster and faster, until also she finally let out a squeal of relief and then collapsed in the leather seat.

Everyone looked at each other, laughing. “Well, girls, that we swell”, Harold said, as he was putting his jacket over Dorothy’s shoulders. The men buttoned up their shirts again, the women allowed themselves freedom just a while longer, sitting bare breasted and naked in the open car, only the men’s jackets on their shoulders. The waterpipe was making its round again, and the sweet fog of opium covered the fog in their own minds. No pressure tonight. Only pleasure.

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15 Responses

  1. I really love this. The way you mentioned their nervousness because of a loud sound, is just how I imagine it must’ve been for those who served in the war. Beautiful story 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. MrsK says:

    Well done! I love the description of each character 🙂

  3. Kayla Lords says:

    I love the picture you’ve painted in just a few words. I can almost feel their relief at having a much-needed evening of pleasure.

  4. Posy Churchgate says:

    Well Devie, you achieved a diffferent tone here, of simpler times while the tension from past situation/traumas is evident in nuanced ways. I like how united the women are, encouraging and supporting each other in their pleasure seeking. The gentlemen seem very wholesome and gallant. This was very subtle in it’s erotic delivery.

    • Thank you, Posy! I wanted the story to be believable, and most people during the 1920s had some sort of trauma from the war. Thanks for your kind words!

      • Posy Churchgate says:

        You’re so right, and they’d have a “we’re still alive, let’s make this count” attitude both things that could be overlooked.

  5. Asrai Devin says:

    The theme of letting loose after tension is so very relevant right now.

  6. jupitergrant says:

    Very pertinent, and a great piece x

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