I stopped the car behind the warehouse and looked around. No one there. A sigh of relief. I needed this time away from the family, the stress and the to do lists. No one out there. I relaxed. I was still within a reasonable range of my home, so I didn’t really break any rules. I scrolled through my phone, found my favourite tune and hummed to the music

I looked at my handbag on the passenger seat, the pink back of my rabbit vibrator sticking out. I smiled. “Yes” I thought to myself “This is what I need.” I put away the vape I was holding in my hand, and pulled out the pink toy. I had ordered it some weeks ago, when the whole lockdown situation started. I had assumed that I wouldn’t be able to go on dates or find suitable one night stands on Tinder for a while. I just hadn’t expected my parents to live with us, or my children to be constantly around me. Privacy was so scarce these days, that I was grateful for the few hours a night I could get some sleep in. I sighed again.

I pulled down my knickers and spread my legs a little. I was wearing a short skater dress, convenient and comfortable. I didn’t care much about make up and fancy clothing anymore. I hadn’t been on a date for weeks, neither in any office meetings. I lifted my legs and placed my feet on the dashboard. I pushed the seat back as far as possible. Yes, this would work, enough space for me to move, to spread my legs properly, without any risk to hurt myself.

I gently started playing with my hard nipples that were showing through the dress. I wasn’t wearing a bra. Who would see me anyway, other than my family? I pulled down the front of my dress to get better access to my breasts. I massaged them, pulled the nipples slightly and closed my eyes. The sensations ran through my body and I could feel the familiar tingle in between my legs.

I grabbed the rabbit toy and licked the top of its head. I didn’t bring any lube, so this would have to do. I clicked through the settings and decided on a slow constant vibration. I was pushing the cock-shaped pink toy into my mouth to wet it one last time before pleasuring myself, when I heard a hard knock on the window next to me. I opened my eyes and noticed two flashlights shining into the car. I froze. “Oh shit!” I shouted.

“Ma’am, we need you to roll down the window please!”, I heard a voice say. Shit shit. I pushed my breasts back into the dress, moved my legs down, still holding the toy. I scrolled down the window. Two police officers were staring at me. “Driver’s license and registration, please, ma’am.”, one of them said. I didn’t respond but turned to my bag and rummaged through it, trying to find what they were asking for.

I handed them my driver’s license. They stepped away from the car and were whispering, and looking at me with suspicion. Back at my window, within a safe distance, they smiled. “Ma’am, you are aware of that public indecency is a criminal offense and that there is a hefty fine, yes?” – “But, it was dead here, no one around! And I am in my car!” – “Mmm. Mmm. Open the door, ma’am. Now!”, one of the officers said.

I pulled down my dress as far as I could and opened the door. I tried to stand up but without saying a word, just with the wave of a baton, I was commanded to sit down. So I did. “What is it you are holding in your hand, ma’am?” I swallowed and blushed. “A rabbit vibrator, Officer.” – “Mmm. Mmm. And you couldn’t play with that bunny at home?” – “Rabbit, it is a rabbit.” He looked at me in a way that told me I better not mess around.

“I couldn’t have a minute for myself at home, Officer, with the lockdown and all. So I decided to get some time away, within the recommended distance from my home, of course”. The officer smiled, his colleague squinted his eyes at me. “And there is nothing you are hiding? I am not sure I trust you. Being alone in an industrial area like this. Are you hiding anything, ma’am? Why are you pressing your legs together like that? Are you in possession of any illegal substances?”

I shook my head. “No,Officer.” – “So why so tense, ma’am?” – “I’m not wearing any underwear, Officer. I mean, I was about to play with the rabbit, underwear would have kind of been in the way, wouldn’t it?” I giggled. I got a stern look and turned silent and looked at the ground. At least I was still wearing my sneakers.

“I could call a female officer to search you, or I can take a quick look now. What do you choose, ma’am?” – “Eh, I just want it to be over with. This is really embarrassing, Officer, it is not like you didn’t see everything already anyway.” He nodded and took a small step toward me. His baton touched my leg, moved over my thigh and in between my legs and pushed them apart. “I need to take a good look, ma’am.” I swallowed. The tingle was back. I spread my legs and let one foot rest in the open window. The flashlights wandering over me, the officers whispering to each other, I felt exposed, yet aroused.

“And that rabbit of yours, it is not a hiding place, ma’am? It is really just a sex toy?” – Yes, Officer. I ordered it off the internet some weeks ago.” – “Can you please turn it on and show us that it works, and isn’t hollow?” I smiled. I turned the rabbit on, the head vibrating, the little ears vibrating. The flashlights were pointed towards the ground now. The officers were looking at me, I was looking at them. “Ah, whatever”, I thought to myself and slowly moved the vibrator over my body and then in between my legs. 

I circled my swollen clit with the head and when I felt the spotlight on me again, I closed my eyes. I gently pushed the vibrator inside my wet cunt and adjusted the toy so the ears would stimulate my clit. I started fucking myself, first slowly, then faster and faster, feeling the orgasm build up quicker than I had expected. One hand attending to my cunt, the other was holding onto my right breast through the dress, squeezing it, pinching the hard nipple.

I pushed my whole body forward, embracing the toy, feeling the ears relentlessly vibrating on my clit. The wave of pleasure ran over me like a tsunami, my legs shaking, a loud moan escaping my mouth. Being watched, feeling the vibrations, after several dry weeks, the orgasm took me with all its might. I breathed out and opened my eyes just in time to watch the flashlights being turned off.

I made out the two officers in the dark. “Thank you, ma’am” One of them walked towards me and handed me back my driver’s license. “ We will let you off with a warning but let us not catch you doing the same thing again, understood?” – “Yes, Officer”, I said, my legs still spread, turning the rabbit vibrator off. “Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands and keep your distance. Have a good night, ma’am.” I watched them both tip their hats and then walk away. I closed my eyes and then opened them again. What has just happened? I threw the pink toy onto the passenger seat, and drove off, my knickers still on the floor in between my feet.

Masturbation Monday

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16 Responses

  1. Now that was delicious!

  2. slave sindee says:

    indeed very DELICIOUS !!!!

  3. victoriablisseuk says:

    Oh, I liked this. Fabulous lockdown erotica!

  4. Lisa Stone says:

    wow! very sexy story 🙂

  5. I like how we fall right into this story. I was curious about what was going on from the start and wanted to read on.

    lmao at ‘we need you to roll down the window please’
    This is such a typical hot fantasy, that was so enjoyable to read!

    Also what about keeping distance there officers! Bad example!

    • Haha! I wanted to write something a bit more porny that would make people smile 😛 Well, they still need to approach people, but then they stayed away, they were really trying!

  6. Kayla Lords says:

    Kind of hilarious and also SO DAMN HOT.

  7. Mary Wood says:

    oh god, this fiction made my pussy shrink 😉

  8. The further I read, the broader my smile became. Love this!

    Rebel xox

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