Mirror of Truth

“Oh, you are such a slut!”

“Wait, what?”, I had been daydreaming and was looking at a seagull flying by our kitchen window. I felt the wooden chair hard against my thighs and wiggled a little.

“You heard me. You are a slut!”, he looked at me and laughed.

“Well, that is a random and rude thing to say?!? How exactly am I a slut?”

“Well, you have your hand in your pants right now, looking all dreamy and lost. Always horny, aren’t you, my little slut?”

I looked down. And my hand was indeed in my pants, cupping my mount. Feeling the comfort of my own warmth. It is the familiarity and also a way to connect with myself. I wasn’t horny. I was just comfortable. “Ah. You know, I like feeling myself, it is warm and comforting, that is all. I am not a slut. And I totally don’t appreciate you calling me that right now.”

He squinted at me. “So you are using the safeword for this? I can’t call you slut anymore, girl?”

“Nooohooo, that is not what I meant. Just outside the bedroom, it is weird. I am not interested in sex right now. I was chilling. I just don’t like when you assume stuff, man”




He walked over to me. Both my hands were in front of me now, on the table. I felt his hands on my shoulders, his fingernail going from my left shoulder, over my neck, to my right shoulder. He caught a sling of my hair and I felt him pulling it slightly. I stopped breathing for a few seconds. Anticipating, waiting for his next move.

“Not a slut, eh?”

He suddenly grabbed my ponytail and forced me to stand up. He didn’t ease the strength of his pull, while dragging me into the bedroom. I had no way to escape his will. And I didn’t want to. He was my Master, and I had vowed to submit to him in all ways possible.

In the bedroom, he pushed me in front of the mirrored doors of our closet. I turned to him. His eyes were focused on me, the expression on his face was simultaneously stern and excited. “No, slut, look at yourself. Don’t look at me!” . The strength in his words made my whole body tingle. He was in full-on dom mode, and my submissive side was purring.

“Get naked!”

“Whaa …?”

“I said, get naked. Slowly. Look at yourself while removing every piece of clothing covering that slutty body of yours right now. Come on, what are you waiting for?”

I froze for a second but then pulled my white tanktop over my head. I looked at myself. My porcelain skin against the velvet red bra. The black pajama bottoms. Small feet with red painted toe nails sticking out. I turned to him, but he pushed my head so I had to face myself again.

“Go on.”

I opened my bra at the back and slowly pulled the straps over my shoulders, the brush of the fabric creating prickly goosebumps on my naked skin. I watched myself removing the cups of the bra. I looked at myself. My full breasts free, my nipples hard.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.”

I swallowed. I pulled down the black pants, stepping out of each leg, then dropping the clothing on the floor.

“Mmm. You are almost there.”

All that was left were my comfy purple knickers. A wave of shame flooded my body and I watched my face turning red. Why did he do this to me? I looked at him. “What is your goal here?”

“Turn to the mirror, girl. You don’t trust me? Carry on.”

“Yes, Master.”

I pulled down my the last piece of clothing. And then I stood there, looking at myself. Naked, vulnerable, exposed. My eyes wandered up and down the curvy landscape of my own body. My round shoulders, my voluptuous breasts, my broad hips and well-formed legs.

“There she is. My girl. Beautiful and enticing. Now pull your nipples for me!”

I looked at him. He was not going to touch me?

“Face the mirror and pull your nipples!”

I saw my confused face in the mirrored door. My hands slowly moved towards my breasts, and fingers started squeezing my already hard nipples.

“Pull them!”

I pulled them. As I felt the sweet pain, a silent moan escaped my mouth. I could feel a tingle between my legs, the pain’s vibrations had made their way through my body. A hand automatically wandered towards my mount, and I watched myself, mouth half open, eyes dreamy, spreading my legs and my hand sliding over my mons.

“Ah, see, you know what to do. Good girl. I want you to dive in there, feel yourself.”

I spread my lips open and circled my clit. I could feel my legs getting weaker, trembling now. A finger slid inside me and my wetness covered my own skin.

“Stop. Look at yourself. Yes. Now taste yourself. Come on, suck your finger.”

I watched myself sticking out my tongue and licking the finger that had just played with another wetness of mine. My lips closed around the finger and I sucked it. My sweet, salty and musky taste was now spreading all throughout my mouth. I closed my eyes.

“No, no closing your eyes! Open them! Now sit down on this pillow and spread your legs.”

I sat down on the pillow he had put down on the floor for me. The softness embracing my round bottom. I spread my legs. What I saw in the mirror made my face blush once again. All I saw was arousal. The wetness between my legs was glittery, my nipples were hard and anticipating. My hair looked roughed up.

I suddenly felt him sit behind me, his legs spread next to mine. Something cold touched my shoulder. A charger cable? I watched him place the wand inside my right hand, my fingers closing around it automatically. I saw his eyes focused on my face. We looked at each other in the mirror.

“Yes, girl, turn it on. Lowest setting first.”

I did as I was told and pushed the head of the wand in between my swollen and needy lips. The vibrations on my clit made me held my breath, before letting go and succumbing to the pleasure. I watched him watch me. “Higher setting.”

I clicked the button and almost fell back, against his chest. His hands moved down my legs now, inside of my thighs and squeezed them really hard, while pulling my legs apart even harder. My feet were now against the mirror, my legs were up, his hands glued to them in a painfully sweet embrace. “Highest setting.”

I moaned. The vibrations were now going through my whole body. My eyes fixated on him in the mirror, while seeing my own body starting to twitch and push against the vibrator. I could feel the wave of pleasure building up and closed my eyes to enjoy its impact.

“Open your eyes. Look at yourself.”

“Master, can I please come?”, I whispered.

“Sure, girl. But only if you look at yourself, and say out loud what you are.”

“What I am?”, I said in an almost frustrated voice.

“Yes, what you are. You know what I mean.”

Oh, that bastard. I didn’t want to play his game and pulled the wand away from my clit, only to have his left hand pushing it right back to where it belonged. “No stopping.”

I growled in frustration now. His hands squeezing my thighs hard, he was biting my right shoulder too. His eyes were locked on me. I watched my face and I knew that I had no choice. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. “Look at yourself and say it, girl.”

“I am a slut!”

I watched my body twitch violently and a loud moan escaped my mouth. The waves of pleasure that I had been anticipating were now flooding every part of my body and the sweetness of relief embraced me. He took the wand out of my hand and turned it off. I fell back onto his chest and closed my eyes. He stroked my hair and gave me a kiss on my cheek. “Good girl. Always remember that I know exactly what you are.”

Masturbation Monday

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13 Responses

  1. PurpleSole says:

    I love that you have used our prompt picture to make such an intense piece of writing. Using a mirror makes for an interesting humiliation.

  2. Kayla Lords says:

    LOL, I love that change of thinking by the end…”I am a slut!” He knew all along.

  3. Posy Churchgate says:

    I loved this – I am not into all forms of humiliation, but this way, showing what lust brings out in my – Oh Yeah I am down with that! Your descriptions of action and thoughts combined with feelings – Oh boy this has me tingling. Super sexy writing.

    • Thank you! I am glad you liked it! I tried to not make it too extremely humiliating, but more about how lust and passion just has us in its claws sometimes, and it is okay to embrace that part of ourselves!

  4. niccihaydon says:

    I really enjoyed myself…er, this story! I didn’t really see this as humiliation, as some others have said. More about encouragement to strip and enjoy and go with the moment. There was an explicit consent moment at the beginning, we know she has a safe word, so she was obviously not too uncomfortable with the situation. I could really imagine myself in her position, stripping slowly, revealing more flesh, then playing for both pleasure and exhibition. Nicely written!

    • Thank you very much for your comment (and also the post on your blog!). I wrote the story to be more about exposing someone’s primal sexual nature, and making them feel okay and free with their own sexuality! There is a bit of humiliation linked to that, because of the initial shame, maybe? I am glad you enjoyed the story!

  5. jupitergrant says:

    Very sexy. I love the idea of your Master sitting behind you and the two of you in front of the mirror like that. What a turn on! ??

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