Rip it up


I’m gonna rock it up, I’m gonna rip it up

I’m gonna shake it up, gonna ball it up

I’m gonna rock it up, and ball tonight

“Rip it up” – Little Richard

Isn’t it funny how lyrics and poems can mean so many different things, all depending on the context? Because I am not partying, but hey, rip it up, shake me up, and me rock me up!

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6 Responses

  1. These lyrics are perfect for this image, D. I had just gotten my own record player when this song came out. Hound Dog was the first record I bought, then Little Richard. Perfect lyrics for you.

  2. Littlegem says:

    I love this image and the lyrics go well with it!

  3. May More says:

    I love split fishnets!
    May x

  4. Lisa Stone says:

    The potential is felt

  5. There’s something about ripped net stockings that’s just so sexy!
    ~ Marie

  6. Mary Wood says:

    The tights are already partially torn. Do not stop..

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