I Imagine


I imagine feeling your breath on my neck. You were approaching me and now you are standing right behind me. You are not touching me yet. But I am frozen, waiting for your move. Anticipating your touch. And you know that. You are aware of that. So you let me wait. Just breathing, together, a still moment before the storm.

I imagine your hands on my shoulders. Your fingertips sliding down my naked arms, tenderly. I don’t trust the softness. You don’t like it gentle. I don’t either. Maybe that is why you are doing it? To taunt me? You hold onto my right hand and pull up my arm. Your left arm resting on my head, your cheek next to mine, I feel your fingertips moving from my hips up to my armpits, tickling me, teasing me. I laugh. And you squeeze my upper arm. I hiss. I try to get away, but you hold onto my shoulder now. I can’t move. It hurts. I move my hips. I can feel my own arousal. I can smell it.

I imagine you turning me around and pushing me against the wall. I stand there, exposed, naked. You are observing me. Looking up and down. I want to hide my nakedness and you can sense it as I move my hands towards my breasts. But you raise your finger and then point it down. I put my arms down again. You take a step towards me. I can see your hard cock in your pants. How come you are dressed and I am not? I feel slutty. I feel my own arousal.

I imagine your hand around my throat. Not squeezing, just holding me in place. Your eyes staring into mine, looking for my submission? I give you my submission. Freely. I am already floating. I want you to touch me, I want you to hold me, I want you to hurt me, I want you to use me, I want you to fuck me. You smile. I smile. Your other hand is squeezing my belly now, moving to my right side, squeezing it hard. I lift my right foot off the floor, my knee up slightly. A way to cope with the sudden pain. You shake your head. I put my foot down again.

I imagine you tying my wrists together. Behind my back. I am looking at the wall. My nipples getting hard from being pushed against the cold concrete. I turn around. You push my legs apart and grin. A hard slap on my left breast, a hard slap on my right breast. I try to stand steady. I am loving the pain. I want more impact. And another slap. And another. I close my eyes and listen to your hands meeting my naked skin. You stop and I look at you. You are squeezing my shoulder now, your other hand in between my legs, pulling my already swollen clit. I scream. “Shhh!” you say.

I imagine you ordering me to kneel on the bed. My hands are still tied behind my back. I watch you open the zipper of your pants, seeing the bulge in your boxers. You pull them down. I open my mouth, automatically. You push your hard cock inside me, and grab my hair with both your hands. I gag as your cock reaches my throat. But I relax. You are in control of my body. And I float.

I imagine your turning me around and pushing me down. My butt up in the air, my face buried in a pillow. You slap one cheek, and the other. It hurts but I like it. You hold onto my hips and push inside my wet cunt. I gasp as the tip of your cock pounds against my cervix. It hurts. But I like it. You are holding onto my hands now, using them as a way to balance yourself. I am noting but a tool, nothing but a toy. I feel you get harder. And you pound me faster. I float.

I imagine you coming all over my naked butt. Sweat is running down my face, soaking the pillow. “Don’t move, puppet.” I hear you say. And there is the click click click of the camera. You degrade me. You use me. You give me what I need. The familiar buzzing sound, and the vibrating wand on my clit. I try to move because the sensation is overwhelming. But you hold me in place. I can’t move. I come.

I imagine you not letting me go. Cum on my butt, all I can do is come. Over and over. You hold the wand steady against my clit. First. But then you see me fall, deeper and deeper. You turn me around, spread my legs and squeeze my inner thighs. I moan. You slap my open cunt with the wand. My juices are spreading everywhere. My butt is pressed against the stickiness of your seed. I am a slut. I am your slut. And I come once again.

I imagine you lying next to me. Your hand on my thigh. You kiss my shoulder. My eyes are still closed. My whole body feels like it is vibrating. “Good girl” you whisper. “Thank you, Master” I say, not ready to let go of the sensations just yet.

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8 Responses

  1. MrsK says:

    ” You turn me around, spread my legs and squeeze my inner thighs. ”
    This is the ULTIMATE finishing move 🔥🔥🔥
    I really like your imagination. Wonderful fantasy!

  2. May More says:

    All this sounds great to me!!
    May x

  3. naughty nora says:

    Damn…this was hot!!! Nice work, Deviant Succubus 🙂

  4. David Mei says:

    Well played. Incredibly hot.

  5. This is a very sexy image, I’m going to read the story now.

  6. Lisa Stone says:

    I don’t want to let go of such sensations.

  7. Maghna says:

    Just beautiful. This is very interesting. I really enjoyed the story.

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