Knickerless – Kinky Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 15


I got a confession to make. I am not always properly dressed when I am at home. It is not uncommon for me to either run around totally naked or partially naked. We don’t have children so it is only my Master and I who share the apartment with each other. There isn’t a need for us to be fully dressed at all times, unless we feel cold, we are awaiting company or we are about to leave the house. A lot of times that not properly dressed part means pajamas, or topless. Every now and then I run around naked for a day, especially during summer. I don’t think I have ever only had my bottom part undressed. So going knickerless for a day was still going to be an interesting experiment.

During a time like this when you don’t really leave the house much, running around without knickers might not be as daring as one might think. And during the colder times, I might also rather pick a pair of leggings over a dress or a skirt. But I thought for the experiment’s sake, I’d wear a dress so I would more intensively feel that I am not wearing any underwear.

I only left the apartment once, to take the elevator down to mailbox, and back. I didn’t meet anyone but I must say that my dress felt awfully short! In general, not wearing knickers for a whole day made me feel more vulnerable. Not only because I became aware of that every time I bent down, my cunt would show, but also because it was cold and I always checked carefully that wherever I sat down, there wasn’t any dirt.

With the vulnerability also came a feeling of it being natural. I don’t mind being naked at home, and I was partially naked now, although the focus was on an area that I usually keep dressed. I sort of wanted to take all my clothes off because it would have felt more right then. But winter might not be the right time of the year for that, because it gets too cold.

Not wearing any knickers definitely made my private parts more accessible to my Master. He quite enjoyed knowing that I wasn’t wearing any underwear and his hands often wandered between my legs when we were sitting next to each other or when I was walking past him. And it did seem like an invitation to sex, so that definitely happened too. With things being out in the open like that, who could resist!

(A fun side note: When I mentioned that I would go knickerless for a day, my Master misunderstood. See, in our part of the world, we don’t call underwear knickers, we call them panties. So he didn’t make the connection and instead thought that I meant “Nikolaus”. And of course that was a bit of a confusing misunderstanding when I didn’t end up dressing up as a male saint but walked around with my lady parts out all day!)

Advent Calendar

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4 Responses

  1. Lisa Stone says:

    You look sexy. Indeed, someone could resist knowing that you go without panties all day. It’s like a challenge or an invitation.

  2. Oh gosh, that last paragraph made me giggle! Love your image, Devie 🙂
    ~ Marie

  3. Wow. What a sexy image! I have to say I love dresses worn without knickers or panties! I find it such a turn on.

  4. Mary Wood says:

    Short skirt
    Braid ribbon
    Who doesn’t love Devi?
    Everyone loves Devi!

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