Intense Nipple Play – Kinky Advent Calendar 2020 – Day 8

nipple play

Nipple play is something of a mystery to me. My nipples are not very sensitive. So for me to feel anything, there needs to be some intensity to it. Soft and tender nipple play? I don’t experience any physical sensations from it, although my nipples get hard. Sometimes I can take a lot of intensity, other times, I scream of pain and want it all to stop. I have had orgasms from nipple play when a lot of pain was administered, without any of my body parts being touched. But I have also cried from the pain and was close to using the safeword. So yeah, nipple play is a bit of a mystery to me.

Nipple play is always somehow part of our play sessions, but it is never the main focus. It is a place where my masochist needs and my Master’s sadistic needs meet, because it is easy access and not a lot of thinking needs to go into it. So it was interesting to set a timer on eight minutes to follow the Kinky Advent Calendar’s prompt. Eight minutes seemed like a long time but in the end it turned out to be over a bit too soon for me.

We don’t often use toys in our nipple play so we thought it would be interesting to do that for once. We have done it in the past but with our spontaneous approach to play, toys are more likely to be forgotten about. For our eight minutes of intense nipple play, we used nipple clamps and different clothespins.

He first prepared my nipples by playing with them tenderly for a little while and then attached clothespins around my areola so I could ease into the pain. I find the physical sensation of clothespins to be quite pleasant. It pushes me into a space where I can take more, crave more. My Master then moved on to putting a stronger clothespin onto each of my nipples. I held my breath for a second to take in the pain, and then sunk into the sensation.

He wanted to move onto the nipple clamps. The pair that we own is quite intense and had brought me to tears in the past. I started to get quite anxious, watching him pushing it open and placing it on my nipple. I screamed and started to pant. For a moment, I tried to lean into the pain, to take it in, to make it enjoyable, but I couldn’t. Tears were shooting into my eyes and I started to wiggle around, trying to not follow the urge to take over and remove the clamp.

My Master smiled and then removed the clamp for me. He replaced it with a clothespin, and attached the clamp to the top of the pin and pulled the chain. Now that was pleasant. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation which intensified when he gave my other nipple the same treatment. He pulled, my body followed his movement, my chest slowly moving upwards, my head back. And then the timer beeped.

He removed the clothespins. He pulled my nipples a little, bit them, and twisted them. I squealed but really like that hands on approach, his face resting mine. I don’t think I will ever prefer toys to my Master’s hands. The physical intimacy between us is very important to me, and I want to feel his skin touching mine. Still, those eight minutes were pretty good too.

Advent Calendar

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Nipple Play.

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4 Responses

  1. slave sindee says:

    nicely done

  2. My nipples are very sensitive. My Queen often uses them for punishment purposes because of that. But I like them teased too. Clamps scare me as well. Added to the fact that my nipples are small, when clamps are put on them they will often fall off and that process is really unpleasant!

  3. Littlegem says:

    I love the picture Ds really nice accompliment to your writing. Sounds like a great time was had.

  4. Lisa Stone says:

    The warmth of the hands of a loved one will never replace any clamps.

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