His – X Chin Chest Tie

He’ll wrap you in his arms,

Tell you that you’ve been a good boy

He’ll rekindle all the dreams

It took you a lifetime to destroy

He’ll reach deep into the hole

Heal your shrinking soul

But there won’t be a single thing that you can do

x chin chest tie

He’s a god, he’s a man

He’s a ghost, he’s a guru

They’re whispering his name

Through this disappearing land

But hidden in his coat

Is a red right hand

“Red Right Hand” – Nick Cave and the Badseeds
x chin chest tie

I didn’t manage to plan and take pictures for the Tie Me Up prompt that was all about arm restraints. But I really loved the idea of the tie and although the x chin chest tie looked a bit complicated, we thought we’d give it a try anyway.

The tutorial was in pictures and the text was confusing for someone who doesn’t know all the rope language, but hey, we were in it to learn! We realized quickly that one rope wouldn’t be enough so we tied two ropes together and that length was perfect! I like how this tie required close body contact and as there was a lot of pulling the rope through loops and into loops, I found it quite sensual!

Taking the pictures proved a bit difficult because it was hard for me to keep my balance. Who knew that one needs arms for balance, eh? It was amusing that he had to catch me by the rope on the back more than once so I wouldn’t fall over. The tie was definitely restrictive as I couldn’t move my arms at all and apart from maybe scratching my nose or showing the middle finger, my hands couldn’t do much either.

I love the way the x chin chest tie looked. It makes me look submissive and captured. A great tie!

More of my rope/bondage pictures.

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26 Responses

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    I totally love that last photo. The way the downward V of his arms shows against your tied-up pose gives the photo composition a Hindu statue feel. I had to look really closely to figure out exactly what I was seeing.

  2. giovanna says:

    This post is really very interesting!

  3. PurpleSole says:

    Loving that tied up look as your hair is being grabbed, very grr

  4. NaughtyNora says:

    So sexy!

  5. Littlegem says:

    Wow these photos are amazing and I really can’t decide which one I love more.

  6. That second image should be framed and hung on a wall. Stunning!
    ~ Marie

  7. I love how this tie caused you to lose balance. I can imagine it would have that effect. The look of this tie mesmerises me and your Master did a great job! I love both pictures. Each have a very different atmosphere

  8. Lisa Stone says:

    In my opinion, the first shot is unsuccessful. You look like being scalped. But the second is good. The composition from the hands looks like the wings of an angel.

  9. missy says:

    I love these DS. The lighting is spot on and the images are so striking. I really like seeing MM in the background and the second one where his arms frame you is gorgeous 🙂

  10. May More says:

    This is great Devie

  11. slave sindee says:

    great pics and wonderful rope work
    as always love your look and eyes
    well done

  12. Great tie, great pics, and apparently also quite a handy to help you keep your balance. Beautifully done!

  1. September 9, 2020

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