As sexbloggers, we are often expected to promote quality toys, quality lingerie, quality everything. But I think what we forget is that many people can not afford those luxury brands. You can be sure that more people order their sextoys through affordable stores on Amazon, than going for the newest Doxy. Yes, quality counts! But most fair-priced items today still uphold quality standards. And shit, I can tell you, buying plus-size lingerie is so expensive! The big fancy brands don’t make anything bigger than L out of a sort of open fat shaming anyway.

And here I am. I want people to feel good about themselves, and to have fun with the things that they buy. And guess what? I have personally never bought a piece of lingerie or a sextoy that was more expensive than $50. I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Yes, sex toys and lingerie are about indulging yourself. But then, shouldn’t everyone be able to feel good about themselves and have an exciting sexlife?

I hate the distinction between highbrow and lowbrow items, culture, literature, anything. It is such a snobby thing to do: to not want to allow others to enjoy things because they are cheap and without status. There were whole trials under the umbrella of “blasphemy” in England during the 19th century, that were all about trying to shut the poorer masses up. It was about taking away their voice in literature, because they were not supposed to have a voice. Certain genres and especially novels and newspapers that were cheap and affordable to the working class, were marked blasphemeous. They were not produced by the right people, they were not written by the educated bourgeoisie. Literacy became a threat.

And now? How dare cheap Asian companies produce sextoys that everyone can afford? How dare people purchase lingerie that doesn’t cost half a rent? Well. Blasphemous! Eh.

I have started ordering most of the lingerie that I wear on AliExpress. For a lot of reasons. It is cheap, so far the quality has been really decent, they have plus sizes, and a lot of the pieces look fantastic! I wear my lingerie mostly only for pictures. So I don’t see why I should pay an arm and a leg for something that I will maybe wear ten times? So, people, here I am, telling you: be blasphemous, and order lingerie on AliExpress! It is decent! The bodystocking I am wearing on the picture cost me $3. And I look hot in it. So there is your proof. Decent!

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  1. missy says:

    Brilliant post DS and I completely agree with you. I can’t afford to buy experience items either but like you, want to feel and look good so I try to snoop out the bargains. I haven’t trie ld ali express although it does pop up. I do have Wish which I think is similar 😊 oooo and yes for you looking got. I love this image.

    • Thank you! I just think that it is okay to be sexy on a budget too, and if it means that you can’t support the fancy safe brands or whatever, then be it! I haven’t bought anything from Wish, but yeah, it does seem similar to Aliexpress!

  2. PurpleSole says:

    I guess it’s not necessarily what you wear, but how you wear it. And you wear it damn hot DS 😊

  3. I have bought a couple of pieces of latex through Ali Express. It is exactly as I had hoped it would be.

    Your body stocking is very sexy, you look like a million dollars 🥰

  4. Littlegem says:

    Beautiful photo DS and agreed nothing wrong with looking hot for less!

  5. Liz BlackX says:

    I agree with you completely. I ordered a cute baby-doll sleepdress through Ali for around 7 Euros, where in a regular store I would have paid 60 Euros, at least. I’ve only worn it once, and I doubt I’ll put it on much more.

    Regarding sex toys it’s the same. I know I’m lucky to have a drawer full of high-end toys, often costing more than 100 Euros per piece. It’s why I also review lower-end to medium priced toys and value them for what they’re worth. And with today’s electronics, cheaper doesn’t always mean lower quality!

    • I am glad that I am not the only one who orders stuff from Aliexpress, haha.
      I agree with you on the sextoys. I think it is such a privilege thing to say that everyone needs to go for the high end stuff. There are a lot of sextoys out there that are reasonably priced and that do their job just as well!

  6. You look absolutely gorgeous girl!💞🧚🏻‍♀️

  7. May More says:

    Love that body suit – and if it cost less than people think – it is even better in my eyes
    May x

  8. First of all, you look STUNNING!
    And, I am totally there with you. I never buy things that are too expensive, and will much rather order from Wish or AliExpress than buy it at a regular sex shop, where it’s so much more expensive. And those affordable sex toys from Asian stores? Some of them have been better than some very expensive ones I have tried.
    ~ Marie

    • Thank you, Marie! I think just because it is a fancy brand or it costs a 100 bucks, doesn’t mean it will fit you better, or will do its job better. It is such a sad thing, that people who have money shame those who have to save their bucks. I am glad I am not the only one going for the cheaper lingerie 😛

  9. Lisa Stone says:

    It doesn’t matter how much your bodystocking cost. You yourself are the greatest treasure. And we all know about it.

  10. Great post! I don’t buy a lot of toys and try to get good quality ones when I do. Because I can’t afford to replace them if they fail. But some inexpensive toys last a long time and work great. That’s what I like to see. Good times for less money.

  11. Mary Wood says:

    This position shows independence. I see that.

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