Lingerie Anxiety

lingerie anxiety

I really need to get some new lingerie. I have lost some weight and nothing really fits right and I am also bored with always wearing the same things. But I am such a picky buyer. It needs to be black, it needs to be lacy or with fishnet. And I don’t even know my size anymore and the thought of having to measure my body is a very triggering one. I can’t be the only one who has that issue. Lingerie anxiety is thriving for me. The option of going to an actual lingerie store is even more uncomfortable. Someone else measuring me, silently judging me and maybe even telling me that they don’t have anything in my size. Not to mention that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Buying lingerie should be about positive feelings, self-indulgence, wanting to feel sexy. I think I might be approaching the whole thing with a way too anxious attitude.

It is weird how body image issues don’t get resolved by losing weight. So I just continue to wear what I own. I still look good in it. And to be fair, I am mostly naked these days anyway as it has been really hot here.

lingerie is for everyone

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9 Responses

  1. MrsK says:

    You are so very right about weight loss not fixing body image issues. I relate so much to that!
    I think your pictures always have a sexy edge to them that I couldn’t duplicate in a million years and you always look great!
    I hope you find something that makes you feel your beauty!

  2. Sweetgirl says:

    I hear you! You’re looking great though. Are you able to alter the things you have yourself?

  3. You look really wonderful, Devie, and I hope you get to buy some new lingerie when you’re ready.
    ~ Marie

  4. Mostly naked anyways… that sounds perfect. Skin is my favourite lingerie!

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