The First Time

“Shhh. There there, I will be gentle. Just try to breathe and relax.” His hand stroked her naked belly. She was trying to slow down her breathing, which was hard with the ball gag pressing into her mouth. She had agreed to this and she was enjoying herself, but in this moment, she was scared. She had never done this before, and although he had prepared her well and not pushed her too much, she felt anticipation and fear.

Her wrists were tied to her ankles with cuffs and she was lying on her back. Like a helpless turtle that had fallen over. Her breasts and belly were red from flogging and slapping. She was floating in a space of bliss and total submission. But she was also whimpering, because he would do something he had never done before. She knew it would feel different, she knew it would be humiliating.

A wand was pressed onto her clit, vibrating mercilessly, making her body shake uncontrollably. She was exhausted but also utterly willing to go further. “I know you are scared. Do you still want to do this? I love you like this. Helpless and willing. You know I do. But I want to ask again. Are you sure you want to do this?” His hand was still now resting on her belly, his brown eyes looking at her. She nodded. Yes, she still wanted this. And her body shook with another orgasm.

He turned the wand off and inspected her cunt. It was glistening from the lube and her juices. He had made her squirt, and you could hear the squishy sounds coming from the wet fabric underneath his knees every time he moved. He smiled and flicked her clit. She whimpered and raised her head a little. He was unwrapping a condom and slowly rolled it out on his hard cock. She leaned back again and breathed out. She loved seeing that she had made him hard. Her submission and pleasure had pleased him. She heard him opening the cap of the lube and apply it to himself.

Trying to relax, she closed her eyes. His fingers were now wandering over her spread cunt, her clit, her lips, her opening. And down, further down. She held her breath. He gently pulled out the butt plug that he made her pick out for today. She could feel her anal opening being spread as the thickest part of the plug was sliding out. She was spread, she could feel how she was ready to receive him. But his hands held onto her inner thighs and nothing happened. She looked up again, seeing him stare at her open hole.

“This is delicious, girl. Mmmm. I am going to fuck you in the ass now, you nasty slut. You asked for this, eh? So relax, and I will be gentle. I don’t want to hurt the body that belongs to me in any wrong way. Are you ready?” She nodded. She could feel the tip of his cock gently pushing her hole open wider and then entering her. She was whimpering. He stopped. “Don’t be scared. I will be gentle. And I am watching your hands for the safeword. Two middlefingers. I will not hurt you, I just want you to feel that you are mine.” She breathed out.

He pushed inside her, gently, slowly, cautious, watching her reactions. No sound was coming from her now. She had her eyes closed, her fingers were widespread and she was lying on her back for him. “Good girl. You are doing really well. You are a good sub. Taking it for your Master.” He started to penetrate her, slow movements, not too deep, his eyes focused on her. And then faster, and deeper, pounding her. Her body was going through the motions with him and as he pushed deeper, her eyes opened and she stared at him. “Ah, you like that? I knew you would. You are such a horny bitch, you even love getting your ass fucked. Nasty slut.” He was breathing faster now, and moments later, he pulled out his cock out of her, pulled off the condom and spread his cum all over her cunt and ass.

Leaning over her, he removed the gag and smiled at her. “Good girl. You did so well today. Now let me clean you up and release you from the cuffs. I am proud of you.” He kissed her on the mouth. “Thank you, Master” she whispered, as she felt her hole slowly close again, and her legs and arms relax as he opened the cuffs.

Masturbation Monday

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10 Responses

  1. TJ says:

    hang on… I need to go find Mr. Robinson after reading this!

  2. Mary Wood says:

    this is so fantastic! I’m pulsating))

  3. Molly says:

    Now I want to get my arse fucked


  4. Kayla Lords says:

    I love how sexy and kinky this is, but also how he checks in, too.

  5. This is something I’ve never done. It’s been done to me with strap ons, but it hasn’t been something that anyone I e been with has wanted. Perhaps in part because of Angus’ girth. Hot story though.

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