Despite the naughty nature of this picture, I am not an exhibitionist. I just enjoy beautiful or interesting locations for my pictures. And during the warmer months of the year, it is more fun to take pictures outside. We don’t have a big apartment so it is quite difficult to get creative because the opportunities are limited. I love to be more creative with my pictures, but I am also not comfortable with being nude or naughty outside. The pictures are often taken quickly, hush hush, before I in panic dress again. Being in nature seems the safest option because there are more opportunities to avoid other people. So hopefully I will find more interesting nature spots the next few months. Until then, here is a picture of me half-dressed, on a bench, in a forest that is often frequented by birdwatchers (and bears!).

fun theme photo meme

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19 Responses

  1. Lisa Stone says:

    This is a great picture!

  2. Mary Wood says:

    Caution))) I like the whole idea of this shot! And you are glorious

  3. slave sindee says:

    lovely photo

  4. Hmmm, it would appear that this forrest is also frequented by naughty people who are into photography.

  5. What an image! Love it!
    ~ Marie

  6. This is spectacular! It makes me long to be a park bench!

  7. Sorry its taken a few days to comment!

    What a naughty picture indeed! You capture some wonderful images that I always look forward to seeing, and this is just beautiful.. even if it is against your nature.

    Thank you for sharing โค

  8. The colour of your shirt matches the colour on the bench thingy! So does the atmosphere.
    You look so chill, like, this is my world and I will do what I like thank you very much! I know that’s not what you felt, but you pulled it off and it’s a great picture!

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