Forced Orgasms

Forced Orgasms

“Grab your ankles. Yes, just like that. Look at you, naughty puppet. All needy. You want to come, don’t you? Let me help you come. Do you want that, puppet?”

“Yes, Master, I want to come.”

He pressed the wand against my cunt. Slow vibrations, observing my reactions. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations. I love when he takes care of me like that. I needed this today, get rid of the tensions. One click and the vibrations got stronger. I moaned. I felt exposed, with my legs in the air and spread, my cunt was open for him. Another click and I felt the need for relief becoming stronger. I tensed up and allowed the orgasm spread through my body. I breathed out. Yes. This was what I had needed. I let go of my ankles and tried to sit up. He squinted his eyes at me.

“Don’t you dare move. We are not done yet. Lie down, grab your ankles again. This is for my pleasure, puppet, not yours. You are here to please me.”

I swallowed and focused on ignoring the tingling of my clit. Could I take more? He pushed three fingers inside me and started fucking me. And then I heard the vibrations again. I looked up. The sadistic smile, still observing me, ready for torture. On the highest setting, the wand felt overwhelming against my clit. I let go of my ankles and tried to wiggle away.

“Hands back where they belong. Now!”

I grabbed my ankles again and started panting. I was scared of the uncomfortable feeling, of the pressure, the vibrations. His fingers back inside me, the wand on my clit. I started to wince. This was so uncomfortable. No, no, no. But he relentlessly moved the wand around, didn’t let me go. One minute, two minutes, three minutes. And then I suddenly relaxed. He was using my body for his own amusement. and I was taking it, like a good girl. The discomfort turned into comfort, and I felt the need for an orgasm return.

“Oooh, needy puppet. I knew you could take more. Good girl!”

The orgasm took me by surprise. My body was shaking of pleasure. The physical stimulation and his words gave me a push into the land of orgasms. And he didn’t stop. And I enjoyed it now. The discomfort, the pain, the tingling, the overwhelming vibrations. I pushed my cunt towards him. And I came again and again and again. He was laughing.

“Look at that, my little slut. You can’t stop coming. All you are is cunt now, all you are is my puppet to play with.”

“Yes, Master. Please, more, Master. I need more. Harder.”

He slapped my cunt with the wand. And pressed it against my clit again. I raised my head and looked at him. He was still smiling, observing me, looking down on me. Watching me dance to the music he was commanding. I came. And again. And again. I was squirting now. Four fingers inside me, spreading me open.

“You look intense, puppet. Maybe this is too much for you?”

I had lost all control. I was so horny. And I wanted more. More. More. I wanted to show him what I could take. My eyes were filling with tears, I was panting, squealing with every orgasm.

“I can take more, Master. Please give me more, Master.”

He flicked my clit and put the wand back where it belonged. I couldn’t think anymore. I was a horny puppet with a needy cunt. Nothing else. And there it was. The strongest pressure I had ever experienced. I started screaming, one long scream of total exhaustion, need and passion. I pushed my cunt up, towards him. I needed to come, I wanted to come so bad. I felt like I was going to die. I didn’t care if this was the last moment of my life. I couldn’t breathe anymore, I couldn’t move anymore. I just screamed. And there it was, the most uncomfortable yet most pleasurable feeling. My whole body was twitching, and I violently squirted, soaking everything in my cum. I started crying and couldn’t stop screaming.

He removed the wand from my clit. I fell back and tried to calm my body down. I was still twitching, my hands trembling, still panting. His hands were on my legs, gently stroking me, soothing me.

“Shhh. Shhh. Good girl. You can take more than I thought you could. Good puppet.”

Are Forced Orgasms Selfish?

I love forced orgasms. If there is one thing I am up for when my Master and I start playing, it is forced orgasms. I always hope that it will happen. And I just love when he is in control of my pleasure like that. I hate the uncomfortable feeling, but I love the feeling of being humiliated and pushed into a space where I am only arousal. where I crave for my clit to be tortured.

I can’t do it on my own. Once I have had a few orgasms, I stop masturbating. I have tried to push myself further, but I just can’t. I need my Master to do that. He enjoys having that kind of control over me. He loves to watch me squirm and try to wiggle myself out of it. And he likes that he can torture me into experiencing a kind of pleasure, I can’t give myself.

The orgasms, and the intensity of them, they are so different when they are forced. They are not as relaxing. But they are stronger, somewhat painful and they make me feel so different. I am coming for him, I am being turned into an objectified orgasm-machine. I love that feeling.

But it also makes me feel a little bit selfish. Usually, when it comes to sex, my primary intention is to give my Master pleasure: through my submission, or physically pleasuring him, or taking what he gives me. I love the pain, and humiliation and lack of control. But while I can say that all those components are also part of the forced orgasm play, I think my strongest need is to experience those intense orgasms. I want to be tortured into coming in a way that I lose all control. And I feel so needy for it!

I know that he gets pleasure from it as well. He can be sadistic and has control over me. But because I experience my primary need to be the orgasms (which are a result of the combination of physical stimulation and feelings of submission and humiliation), I always feel a bit self-centered when I hope that he will give me forced orgasms when we start playing. Does that make me selfish? Or is that just human, that I crave the best and most intense orgasms that I have ever experienced?

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10 Responses

  1. I love how you wrote this down. We get to experience it very intimately this way and it was so enjoyable to read. It’s interesting, the switch from feeling unable to cope to turning into the horny puppet wanting to please and also have the pleasure and pain of these orgasms at the same time.

  2. Lisa Stone says:

    Nice description of a very nice activity. Made me think: am I selfish?)

  3. Mary Wood says:

    I don’t think you are selfish, Devie

  4. I love giving orgasms. I think if I were a dom, I would do this often! A great post that is highly descriptive! The picture is fantastic. I am always amazed at how brave you are to show your face! But it is a very sexy pic!! And I thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thank you! Oh, there is definitely nothing better than making your partner come. I prefer it to my own orgasms, really.
      Haha, I don’t really have anything to lose in real life. I don’t have a job, I am not in touch with my family much and I doubt any of my friends would judge me. So showing my face is not that huge of a risk for me. 😛

  5. Forced orgasms… getting to that point where you want to quit, and then realizing you don’t want to quit anymore. What a release. I love it. And no, I don’t think forced orgasms are selfish, because where they do give us pleasure, they are also doing it for themselves, feeding their sadism, so to speak 🙂
    ~ Marie

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