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I don’t like cum on my skin, but I like when someone comes on my face. I have never quite liked the texture, smell or taste of cum. It is sticky and looks very similar to snot. It often smells a bit like pee, musky, fishy and if you are out of luck, even like rancid garlic. And the taste doesn’t entice me at all: it is sort of salty, yet bitter, and in combination with the yucky texture, it has made me gag more than once in my life. Add to that the cum of most cockowners (not all though) gives me diarrhea if I swallowed it. It took me a lot of testing and experimenting to find that out, but I guess my stomach can’t handle the weird slimy protein.

But just because I don’t like cum, doesn’t mean I don’t like where it comes from, what it stands for and experiencing it landing on me. When I am able to make someone have an orgasm, I feel good about myself. I have pleased the person I am having sex with. I have been sexy, slutty and attractive enough for them to have an orgasm. It does a lot for your self-confidence if you know you are able to make someone come.

And when you are a submissive like me, it even adds to the feeling of being a “good girl”. I have pleased my Master, I have been a good submissive and tended to his needs. I have said it before: my own orgasms are not my goal when I am having sex or I am playing with someone who is my Dominant. For me it is way more important that my partner comes. I feel like I have failed if they haven’t gotten off. It is sort of weird, really. I mean, I would want to be with someone who isn’t selfish in bed either, but if both were totally unselfish, no one would get an orgasm! But I digress.

I love the male orgasm. I love seeing the twitching of the cock right before the cum starts coming out. And I love how hard it can get, and to feel that either in my hand, my mouth, my cunt or my ass. And I love the moment of the orgasm, seeing it squirt, fly, and then slowly just drop out. I find that really hot. If only cum wasn’t that yucky!

For some strange reason, I don’t really feel it when someone comes inside me. I am not sure if other women can, or if it is greatly different from when someone comes in your ass. But cum inside my cunt? I first have experience a sensation related to that when it runs out of me, and then I am mostly just looking for the next paper towel or bathroom. It is a shame, I would love to experience what it feels like to be filled up with someone’s cum.

What I can feel is the cum landing on my naked skin though. And I love that sensation! It isn’t only the feeling, it is also the context. It is a feeling of being marked with someone’s cum, to feel their arousal on your skin. Like a badge of honour. I have made them cum, I am sexy, I am hot, I am a sexual being! And my submissive mind gets tickled too because I get to feel like a slut, like just a dumping ground for my Master’s cum. There is something forbidden and naughty about having cum on your body.

And all that gets magnified when the cum lands on my face. It is the ultimate humiliation, the ultimate sign that you are a slut, an object. It is both a sort of sign of disrespect and a sign for gratitude. “I will use your face to dispose of my seed, to show you what you have done to me!” There is just something very specific about the face, because that is where the emotions can be shown, where you can connect through the eyes, where you can make yourself heard.

So having someone come on your face is sort of a way to silence, to blind, to be turned into an object. And I absolutely love to feel that! I think that is why I love when someone pees on my face too. It gives me the same sort of submissive experience, only more to the extreme, where it isn’t even about sexual arousal in your partner, but really about show you how little you matter in that moment.

Getting cum on your face is actually not as easy as porn makes it seem. When a cockowner comes, they rarely can control how exactly the cum is going to fly out, or where it is going to land. And if it succeeds, I really love only the moment when it happens. Then I get to smell the cum, my skin breaks out a little (I feel like cum makes my skin really dry) and if I am unlucky, I have even gotten some in my eyes. Honestly, I love pain in a sexual context, but the burning feeling of cum in my eyes is not pleasurable at all! It also ruins my make up, but that often adds to the humiliation aspect that I enjoy about having someone cum on my face.

I love being sexually humiliated and having someone cum on your body, and especially your face is very humiliating. You are getting turned into an object. It also makes me feel like I pleased who I am with and I love being marked that way. But once the moment is over, once the cum has landed and is on my face, I really just want to get rid off it as quickly as possible. I just dislike the texture, taste and smell of cum. Still, it is worth it. I don’t mind having to go through the moment of yuck, to be able to watch cum squirt out of someone’s cock and feel it land on me.

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13 Responses

  1. Every time I cum, I have to clean it up. I must admit it isn’t my favourite flavour either. lol

  2. Mary Wood says:

    I also like when my partner comes) It’s amazing when he comes on my face too

  3. I can understand all that for sure, but good lord does it look so hot on a pretty face and/or body! As you can no doubt guess this image is doing it for me!

  4. looks very similar to snot LOL YOU ruined it even further for me lmao ewwwww (I’m glad it does something for you though)

  5. sub-Bee says:

    I can’t feel it when he cums inside me either so you definitely aren’t alone. And I’m right with you on the humiliation aspect, I love that!

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