In the Spotlight

She shook her head and sighed. Looking at the open curtains, she shrugged. What are the chances of him seeing her now? It was late evening, and she often heard him hang out with his friends on Zoom at this time of the day. Unless he would go out with the garbage, of course. But now? Chances were slim. And she was too comfortable to get up and close the curtains. She wiggled a little to get herself in the perfect position. “Yes, just like that” she thought to herself.

He had moved in about a month ago. She knew him from friends, from munches and some play party. She had never heard anything bad about him and assumed that he was safe. And sex positive. Having to stay at home, meant for her that she would engage more in self-pleasure. When old Miss Smith was still living next door, she always had to keep it quiet. But with him? She was sure he wouldn’t mind hearing the occasional moan or buzz. If things were different, she might have invited him over. But you got to stay safe. It was intriguing to live next door to a dominant man, when he was well-ware of that she was a submissive.

And they had flirted already. Safely and distanced. Each in their own garden, over the fence, while she was hanging her laundry in the warming spring sun. His salt and pepper beard, his tall and muscular statue, the brown sparkling eyes, the rough hands. He was an attractive man. With the knowledge that both were part of the kink scene and sex positive, they hadn’t held back. They had agreed that they would carpool to the next play party once the pandemic was over. And he jokingly had told her that if he caught her masturbating, he would see it as an invitation for some naughty time.

– “You better keep those curtain closed when you want some alone time.” he had said.

-“Oh, or what would happen otherwise?” she had laughed.

-“Well, if you express your exhibitionist needs that way, then I’ll show you some real exhibitionism. You know, the kind that slutty pretty submissives really want, but need someone to gently push them towards?” He had smirked.

-“Haha, deal. If I am feeling extra slutty, and my exhibitionism needs a bit of a push, my curtains shall remain open!”

And now she was contemplating leaving the curtains open, for the extra kick. The risk of him being out back in the garden was minimal, and that risk was enough to arouse her just a bit more. She was sitting naked on her sofa, legs spread, feet resting on the table. The wand was pressed against her swollen clit and she had her eyes closed. The vibrations were slow. She wanted this to last, she wanted to make a session of it. One hand holding the wand, the other slightly pulling her left nipple, she sighed. She felt the pleasure spreading through her whole body. Her muscles were relaxing, her tensions disappearing.

She heard some rumbling in he garden and froze. “Really? I doubt it is him. Probably a stray cat hunting” she thought to herself. She was too focused on her pleasure, than the risk of being exposed as the exhibitionist slut that she often admitted to being. She switched up the speed of the vibrations and moaned. She looked at the dildo next to her. No, later. The buzzing of the wand took all of her attention now. She pressed the toy harder against her clit and closed her eyes again.

A knock. A second knock. She turned the wand off and looked around. Confused. Where was the knocking coming from? Surely not the front door? Another knock. The window! “Oh shit!” she thought when she saw her neighbour stand on her back porch, waving at her. She swallowed, got up, still naked, and opened the back door. “Remember our agreement?” he asked, smiling with his eyes. He was wearing a black mask, just to stay safe. But it also added to the mysterious tension of the encounter.

-“Yes, I remember, but uh ….!” she answered, blushing.

-“Do you want me to show you what an exhibitionist slut you are, girl? Do you want me to?”

She swallowed. The tingle she felt running through her body answered the question for her. “Yes, I do want you to show me.” She blushed again.

-“You will address me as Sir from here on. Is that understood?”

-“Yes, Sir.” She nodded and looked up at him. She was wondering what he had in store for her. How could he push her exhibitionism if no one was allowed to be close to each other, or even in the same room?

-“Go get your toys, your mask, and your collar. Now, girl!”

-“Yes, Sir!” and she went to gather the things he had asked her to get. She was excited now. She wanted to be shown what a slut she was.

Back at the door, he was waiting for her. “What do you want the safeword to be, girl?” She thought for a moment and answered: “What about red?” – “Red. Yes, I like that. Simple and straight forward. Smart girl. Now attach the chain to your collar.” She was wearing her mask and the collar, as he had asked. He threw a chain to her and she attached the hook to her collar. He yanked the chain a bit and she stumbled towards him. “Mmm. Now now, six feet distance, girl. We are trying to stay safe here.” She nodded.

He led her out of the door onto her porch and towards the fences that separated their gardens. None of of them spoke a word. She followed him, submissively, obediently. He climbed over the fence and looked at her. “Your turn.” She felt a cold breeze on her naked body, and was trying to keep her balance while feeling another yank of the chain, holding the toys and lube in her hands, and barely able to see anything in the dark. She made it over the fence without falling, woodsplinters in her inner thighs and dropping anything. She smiled to herself proudly. “Come on now!” he said impatiently. “Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir.” she mumbled.

He opened the sliding door to his well-lit living room. She stepped onto the soft carpet and looked around. A sofa, chairs, plants, a table, bookshelves. paintings and posters on the wall. She turned to her right and froze. On the big plasma screen, she saw the faces of seven different people. She heard them talking with each other. The square in the middle was filled with an empty sofa. The sofa she was seeing right in front of her. She noticed the camera on the tripod. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed. The man holding the chain laughed out loud. “Still ready to do this, girl? Or chickening out?” – “I am still in.” she whispered.

“Then sit down on the sofa and say hello to your audience!” – She nodded and slowly walked over to the place that was to be her stage. She blushed, remembering that she was naked. She sat down and the conversation between the people on the screen died down.

She awkwardly waved into the camera. Her Sir said out loud: “This is my neighbour, the exhibitionist slut I have told you about. She wants to show you all how much of a slut she is. Don’t you girl? – “Yes.” she said, barely whispering. – “What was that?” – “Yes, Sir. I want to show everyone what a slut I am.” – “That is better. Let me just adjust the camera a bit.” He walked over to the tripod and adjusted the settings of the camera. She was now fully in the frame, in the middle of the screen. Visible to herself, visible to the others.

Everyone seemed to look at her with anticipation and curiosity. No one uttered a word, she heard the occasional cough, sipping of beer, and drag from a vape. Anticipation. Waiting.

“Spread your legs. Yes, just like that. Good girl. Now we can see all of you. Stay like that, yes.” He was standing behind the camera, zooming in onto her glistening wet cunt. She blushed behind her mask. “Do you all see her?” he asked his friends. Mumbling and positive affirmations made it clear to her that she was being presented to a live audience. “Yes, nice nice.” He zoomed out again.

“Use your wand. No, no, not the soft slow settings. Go all the way in. No teasing here. Sluts need it rough, don’t they?” he laughed. She looked at him. “I asked ‘don’t they?’, slut.” – “Yes, Sir, sluts like me like it rough. We do.” She opened the lube and massaged some into the head of the wand that she had cleaned before bringing it over. She spread her legs a bit wider, the chain from her collar sliding down in between her thighs. The cold metal on her hot cunt made her squeal for a second. She heard laughter coming from the screen. She didn’t dare look up. She felt embarrassed yet very aroused by the whole situation. She pulled the chain to the side. She loved how he was in control. He was even sexier when he was giving her commands, giving her attention, noticing her every move.

She switched the wand on and clicked through to the highest settings. She leaned back, and looked at the man sharing the room with her. “Yes, girl, right on the clit. Now.” She nodded and pressed the wand against her clit. The vibrations were too strong and she squirmed and removed the wand again. “No, girl, back! Put the wand back onto your clit. Now. You know what you were getting into. Sluts like it rough! Now. On your clit.” – “Yes, Sir.”

She took a deep breath and focused. She knew she could do it. He wanted her to. She wanted to please him. She wanted everyone to see what a good girl she was. She pressed the wand onto her clit again, this time pushing herself to do as she had been told. The first few moments were terrible, the sensations were too strong, she was trying to get away. Her body and mind were fighting with each other. She wanted to show everyone what a slut she was, she wanted her Sir to be pleased, but her body couldn’t take it. Slowly, she relaxed. The initial discomfort subsided and she began to enjoy the sensation. The tension disappeared and she felt her whole body relax.

She opened her eyes and looked at her Sir. She wanted to come. The vibrations were strong and she knew she couldn’t hold back much longer. “Sir, can I please come?” – “Mmm, I wonder what your audience thinks. Friends?” Laughter was coming from the screen. They shook their heads. Someone suggested that she used the dildo too. “Good idea! Slut, lube up your other toy and show us what you got!”

She smiled behind her mask. She lubed up the toy, spread her legs wider and slowly pushed it into her wet cunt. The wand pressed against her slit again, she now also fucked herself with the dildo. Her motions became faster and more intense. She was panting, her eyes focused on her Sir behind the camera, she was slowly losing control of her restraints. She couldn’t stop anymore. She needed to come. She felt the pressure, she felt the need. She couldn’t hold back. “Please, Sir, please can I come?”

“Not yet, girl. Just a little bit more. Why don’t you spank your clit with the wand, would you want that? Show me how much you want to come. And don’t dare stop fucking yourself” – She lifted the wand a bit and let it land on her swollen clit. She squealed. The pain, the vibrations. She did it again. And again. She heard cheering from the screen and looked up. Smiles were on everyone’s faces, intense eyes, red cheeks. “Please, Sir, please can I come? I can’t hold it in anymore!” she screamed desperately.

“Well, what does the audience think? Shall we let her come, or maybe not come at all?” – She froze. Not coming at all was an option? She felt tears in her eyes. She couldn’t do this anymore. “Let her come!” someone exclaimed. She sighed. “Okay, girl, come for us. Let go. We are all watching!” – Knowing that she had an audience gave her the last push, the wand on her clit again, fucking herself with a dildo, she started to twitch, and screamed out loud. She felt her whole body being flooded with waves of pleasure.

She switched off the wand and pulled out the dildo, carelessly letting them drop to the floor. She heard cheering and applause coming from the screen. She leaned back, eyes closed. “Good girl. You have been a good girl!” She heard her Sir say. She didn’t dare look up, facing everyone look at her. She blushed behind her mask again. Yes, he had shown her how much of an exhibitionist slut she was.

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14 Responses

  1. Mrs Fever says:

    You’ll forgive me, I hope, but when she sat down in his chair I was like, “NooOo! Wipe it down with sanitizing wipes first!”


    Very fun meshing of our current reality with fantasy writing. πŸ˜‰

    • Haha, I totally tried to get in as much cleanliness and physical distancing in as possible! Let’s just say she didn’t touch anything in his house other than herself πŸ˜›

  2. JerBear says:

    I liked reading that. Creative, hot and satisfying.

    (of course I relate to exhibitionist parts!)

    Thanks for writing and sharing.

  3. Lisa Stone says:

    The story is so hot and I would like to say modern

  4. Kayla Lords says:

    Now *this* is the kind of quarantine/pandemic erotica I think I’d like to read more often!

  5. Great story. Interactive sex without any contact.

  6. It’s funny how your story makes me think of my picture of standing naked in front of my window essentially for the neighbours to see lol.
    You fixed the thing well, of the consent! Clever
    And the rest of the story, rather creative!

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