Fragmentary Blue

Fragmentary Blue

Why make so much of fragmentary blue
In here and there a bird, or butterfly,
Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye,
When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue?

“Fragmentary Blue” – Robert Frost
Sinful Sunday

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18 Responses

  1. PurpleSole says:

    I like the detail of having blue water to match the flowers, or are they dyed 🤔. Either way, lovely image Devie.

  2. This is a really nice image, Devie 🙂
    ~ Marie

  3. sub-Bee says:

    That blue is so pretty, I’ve always wondered about giving flower dying a go.

    • Thank youuu! But they are actually not dyed, I bought them blue and something in their petals and leaves turned the water dark blue. I was just lucky lol.

  4. Lisa Stone says:

    Awesome photo, Devie

  5. Mary Wood says:

    Amazing shot, Devie. I like the way you’re staging the pictures.

  6. I love that blue – really prettty image, Devie x

  7. Bless these flowers for making the water so blue. I like how you can see a little bit of your reflection in the vase. I like how perfectly in the middle this picture us and how the lower part is dark, whereas the upper part of your body is light. The blue looks so nice against your skin too

  8. Molly says:

    The blue looks so lovely against your skin and I love the reflection in the vase


  9. jupitergrant says:


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