I love lace. It is probably not a big surprise because it is one of the materials that goths generally feel an affinity towards. And in recent years lace has returned to mainstream fashion, which has made it much easier for me to buy cheap clothes that I can mix and match with. I own a lot of lace dresses, underwear and lingerie. But this is definitely not a new thing for me.


In the 1990s (yes, I am old!), I had more of a romantic Victorian goth style and I wore a lot of lace and velvet. I eventually went more with the old school goth style, but you can really mix that with lace materials too.

Lace makes me feel sexy, but in a more decent and romantic way. It covers your naked skin, but also reveals a little. I am not someone who wears lingerie to seduce their partner, but I like feeling sexy when going out, and a lace dress, or skirt, makes that happen for me.


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26 Responses

  1. Lace is definitely sexy! You look great!

  2. slave sindee says:

    beautiful, hot and SEXY

  3. Lisa Stone says:

    yeah, lace and velvet are one ofe my favourite textiles too) and yes, lace really suits you!

  4. MrsK says:

    Looking good!!!!!

  5. Wait really? Lace is from the goths? It’s always been in the mainstream for me, how time changes! Made that’s why lace suits you so well then 😜

    • Well, I am quite sure that lace existed much longer before the goth scene even started, but goths generally loved lace more than the average human being lol. Thank youuu <3

  6. Miss Scarlet says:

    You look fabulous in lace (as you do in most things!)

  7. Mary Wood says:

    god it’s so sexy!

  8. Another superb ‘outfit’ 💗

  9. I love lace sleeves. Looks great on you!

  10. Violet says:

    When I think of your blog and photos and “look”, lace is definitely synonymous with you! It suits you so well and I agree, it’s the “decent” end of sexy but it’s also really versatile. Great shots, as always!

  11. Alethea Hunt says:

    I love the Victorian gothic vibe…I had forgotten, but in the 90s (equally old) I used to sew lace trim onto the edges of the placards and around the cuffs of ancient men’s dress shirts to try emulate the look x

  12. Beautiful images, Devie. That lace looks very good on you 🙂

    Rebel xox

  13. sub-Bee says:

    You definitely personify gothic lace…beautiful.

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