Black Hole Sun


Black hole sun

Won’t you come

And wash away the rain

Black hole sun

Won’t you come

Won’t you come (won’t you come)

“Black Hole Sun” – Soundgarden

Spring has finally properly arrived! So have my pollen allergies, but that is okay! I love being able to sit in the sun for a bit, to listen to the birds twitter, watch squirrels chase each other, and smell the flowers. I am lucky enough to live in an apartment building with a huge communal garden, so it is possible to socially distance even when sitting outside. So there I sat, vaping, and thought: “Hey, I should take some pictures, the light is really nice right now!” . The light in this picture is different from what I had imagined, but it made it possible to hold on to my goth roots and still look like I am celebrating the sun! It is spring, people! I hope you are all able to catch some sunshine, in one way or another: just sitting on the balcony for a while, going on a short walk, or opening a window and peeking out. Let the warmth sit on your face for a while. A moment of soothing bliss.

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13 Responses

  1. Wow, Devie – I think this is the first time I’ve seen you without make up. I love seeing you both ways but wow – your skin is beautiful and flawless. What a stunning image x

    • Thank you! I couldn’t be bothered with make-up when I was just out in the garden. And I hadn’t really planned to take a picture anyway. I am glad you like it 😀 <3

  2. MrsK says:

    Great picture! Great song too 🙂

  3. Beautiful image, Devie!

    Rebel xox

  4. I have seen this picture about 10 different times now without commenting and I don’t know why. I’m taken by the pinkish purple glow. This picture kind of feels like it is a little frozen in time (which I know pictures are) but, it feels like a snapshot from the past. I really like the dark at the bottom and the super bright at the top.

    • Thanks! I didn’t like it at first because it had the strong light and dark elements, but one filter and boom, I loved it! And c’mon, got to post a picture of me and the sun, to prove that I am not a vampire and all that 😛

  5. Lisa Stone says:

    Dear Devie, you are the perfect woman! I liked the photo very-very much 🙂

  6. jupitergrant says:

    This is a really lovely photo 🧡

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