Drusilla – Queen of Vampires: Chapter 10 – Final Rest

This is the tenth and final chapter of my Drusilla – Queen of Vampires series, a series of vampire erotic fiction. You can read the first chapter here, the second chapter here, the third chapter here, the fourth chapter here, the fifth chapter here, the sixth chapter here ,the seventh chapter here , the eighth chapter here and the ninth chapter here.

It was still dark when the ship left France. I watched the the lights of the harbour become smaller and smaller, until they were only tiny blurry pecks on the horizon. My life in Paris had come to its end. I had learnt to survive as a vampire, but I had lost so much that it seemed impossible to feel any kind of pride in my accomplishments. The poor souls who had lost their lives because of me, our home that was now in ashes. Nothing good had followed my transformation into a demon of the night and in that moment, a moment of regret and sadness, I wished I had never survived the Romanian brothers’ seduction. I wished I had died that fateful night in Bram Stoker’s house.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned around. Analie looked at me. “Madame, it is cold.” She handed me a blanket and I wrapped it around my shivering body. “Merci, my child.” I smiled. Not everything was lost. I still had some of my friends at my side: Analie, Beatrice, Katherine and their three bounds were on the journey together with me. But all that was lost! My Adrien, my Emilie! I felt tears running down my face and the pain inside my tormented soul became so strong, I let out a long scream of utter despair. In that moment, I wished I hadn’t made it out of Bram Stoker’s house.

Analie took my hand and led me to a cabin. The ferry would take six hours to Scotland which gave us enough time to rest. Most of the crew had gone to sleep and would first get up once the sun had risen. That gave us enough time to prepare for getting off the boat in Scotland during daylight. Beatrice was sewing together different garments to protect us from the sun, long veils on hats. I looked at the two boxes on the left of me. The Romanian brothers were silent. Maybe they were trying to save their energy to attack us if we ever decidde to free them from their temporary prisons.

The soothing sound of the waves meeting their end on the wooden planks of our ferry made me think clearer. What were we to do with Alexandru and Mihai? I had always seen myself as a kind person but I didn’t feel any kindness towards my tormenters. The murderers of my lovers and friends. The men who had taken my life and then given me one that I would have never chosen for myself. I watched Analie drinking from the neck of Pére Manuel and watching the serene expression on the priest’s face while life was being sucked out of him, inspired a thought in me.

I didn’t want to the brothers to leave this earth. I wanted them to survive, but in a way that they would always be reminded of what they had done to me, and the ones that were dear to me. Their boxes were secured with metal chains, to be assured that they would be unable to escape. Vampires can only die in very few ways. Drowning was not one of those ways.

“Children, I need your help. I don’t want these murderers in my life anymore, so they shall not settle with us in Scotland.” I pointed at the boxes. “We will allow them to rest at the bottom of the ocean for all eternity. Unable to escape, unable to die. They will suffer, they will be tormented. They will never be free again. Will you help me punish them for what they did to our friends?”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and walked towards the two boxes. “Did you hear that, Alexandru? Did you hear that Mihai? You will never see the world again. You will be forever drowning.” I heard a muffled growl from one of the boxes. I laughed. They had heard me.

We lifted the boxes, brought them outside and lifted them onto the reling. “Un, deux, trois”, I shouted. And we let go. I heard the splash and a faint scream. I smiled. This was the punishment they deserved. No one will ever hear their screams again.


The others went back into the cabin, having to continue to prepare for the sunlight in a few hours. I wanted to feel the cold air touch my skin. What I had just done meant that I had finally embraced my vampiric nature. I was not the innocent girl anymore, I was now able to take care of myself and my own. My enemies should be scared. I was not afraid to protect myself and those who I love. The queen wasn’t dead, the queen had arisen again.

I saw a shadow move to my left. A sailor approached me. “Aren’t you cold, ma’am? Can I get you a hot cuppa? A blanket?”. He was standing next to me now, and I could see his green eyes sparkle in the dim light coming from the cabins’ windows. He was handsome and had a kind face. “What’s your name, sailor?” – “Stephen, ma’am”. I took a step towards him and touched his rough stubby skin. “I am fine, Stephen, thank you. But there might be something else you could help me with.”. He looked at me with curiosity, his eyebrows slightly raised.

My kiss didn’t seem to surprise him. He might have been to read the expression on my face when he had walked up to me. I felt free now, I felt strong. I was a vampire queen and I needed to show my power. I pushed him against the wet wood of the cabin’s exterior. My tongue opened his lips, forcefully, yet seductively. He answered my invitation for a dance of tongues and we passionately kissed to the sound of the waves running against the ferry.

I pulled down the front of my dress and exposed my bosoms to him. His fingers gently ran over them, caressing my petals, making them stand erect and stiff. I licked his neck, feeling his veins under the skin, pulsating, waiting to be opened and drunk. I pushed my fangs into him and felt the blood run out of him. He moaned, not aware yet of what was happening to him.

I could feel his life juice awakening my tired body. The wetness in between my legs was joined by the familiar throbbing that I had anticipated. I needed his blood to feel the relief I craved now. The red river escaping the puncture holes was running on both our naked chests, watered down by the cold rain drops now falling down on us.

He looked at me. “You are a demon?” – “I am a vampire, Stephen. I need your blood to sustain me.”, I whispered. He turned silent. “I will not take your life. But I will make you my mate. You will forever be bound to me. You will need me, and I will need you. We will be chained together by need and want.” – He looked at me and smiled. – “That is okay, ma’am. Sailor life is not for me anyway. What is your name, vampire? – “Drusilla, queen of vampire.” – “My queen”, he nodded and then kissed away his own blood still lingering on my wet lips.

My hands grabbed his curly hair and I twirled him around. My back against the wooden wall now, I pulled up my skirt and revealed my undressed self. His one hand found its way inside my bush, pinching my button. He had once again read the situation right. I needed him to be rough. I wanted to feel the freedom, I needed to reach higher levels of relief. He pinched and rubbed my button, while holding one of my legs on his shoulder. I was his, and he was mine. “Take me, my love, take me”, I whispered. His manhood pushed inside me and I held my breath. He filled me up, and feeling him push into me over and over again, I closed my eyes.

My fingers found the wound on his neck and dipped into the red deliciousness. I sucked on my fingers, when I felt the relief rushing through me as he filled me up with his hot juices. My other hand holding the back of his head, my leg on his shoulder, we twitched together. I screamed, he moaned. I had no care in the world about if anyone would hear us. I was a queen. I could do as I pleased.

Settling In

I took Stephen’s hand and opened the door to the cabin. “Welcome to your new family”, I said and smiled. We spent the remainder of the darkness to prepare for the travel during daylight hours. Everyone rested for the last few hours on sea and once we docked into the harbour in Firth, we vampires ladies all dressed in long dresses, covering hands with gloves and faces with cloth resembling veils hanging from our hats. I was the first to step out into the sunlight. For a moment, I was in a state of panic, thinking that the sun would turn me into ashes. But our plan worked and we were all able to safely make it to a carriage with thick curtains. I sighed. It felt like I was returning home, a home that once was my mother’s and that I now could reclaim.

After most of the day in a daze in the carriage, we arrived at the estate that belonged to my relatives. It was dark but several windows were lit in candlelight. We walked towards the front door and I knocked. An old lady opened the door and exclaimed: “Lily, by Christ, Lily! I thought you were dead!”. She hugged me and tears were running down her face. “Auntie Emma. I am Drusilla, Lily’s daughter”.

“Oh oh, you look just like her. Oh my child, you look just like her. Come on in, come on in. Let me look at you. And bring your friends. Come on in. I can’t believe it. Oooooh!”.

I saw an old man standing in the door opening to what looked like a reading room. “Lily’s child? You are family. I never thought I’d see the day. Young blood in this house. Come on in, come on in!”.

They welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to stay in the big house with a dozen of rooms. Our bounds helped them with the finances, with keeping the cattle alive, repairing what needed repairing. The old couple had long lived without much contact to the outside world and was overjoyed with our company. Me and my girls spent many evenings with them, reading, telling them about France and keeping them company. When they died some years later, they left the estate to me.

Drusilla – Queen of Vampires

I am Drusilla, queen of vampires. I have lived in this world for more than 150 years, and I have been living well. The year is 2020 and I have lost many who I have loved and cherished. But I have kept my family close. I share my life with my three lovers: Analie, Beatrice and Katherine. We escaped a terrible fire in the city of Paris in 1883 and settled in the beautiful country of Scotland.

We now run a small Bed and Breakfast, mostly visited by young men wanting to celebrate Bachelor parties. This not only provides us with the cover we need to not be found out, but also presents a lot of opportunities for erotic encounters that me and my girls crave so much. Our bounds might die, but the need we have for a bound’s blood and service is what pushes us to maintain our beauty and will to live productive lives. We learn from each generation, and while those who die leave a void, we are always eager to find fresh blood to sustain us.

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