Love Letter to My Master

love letter
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Dear Master,

can you believe it? That we ended up together? I sometimes can’t fathom that I am so lucky to be with someone who knows everything about me, and still wants to stay. You have taught me more than any teachers of wisdom could preach to the masses. I know now that it is okay to be me. That I am not a nuisance, a burden or a leech. I am a person that is lovable, fuckable and admirable. Thank you for making me realize that.

You are my rock. I need you, and I love that I need you. It seems like a very vulnerable thing to say but for me it is a sign of the strength of our relationship. I am not afraid of being dependent on you in many ways. I welcome it because I trust you. I know you can’t cure me, you can’t save me and you can’t always make me feel better. But I know you want to. You want to be there for me, you want to take care of me.

Being in your arms is the safest place on earth. I can breathe out. Smelling you, breathing you in. Hearing your heartbeat when my head rests on your soft yet strong chest. When you fingers dig into my shoulders and you hold me close, I know that I am not alone. Most people want to experience things together, they want want to go on adventures, they want to travel together. All I want is to be in your arms and listen to your heartbeat. You can give me a peace I never thought I could experience.

You have changed me so much, and none of it is for the worst. You have taught me accountability and a different kind of responsibility. Your mere presence in my life has made me a better person. All the good things I do for myself, I do for you. All the self-care and functioning, I do for your attention and approval. And the moment I see that smile on your face, or I hear that “good girl”, golden glitter showers are going off in my mind.

I love your strength, your patience, your ability to reason with me when all I am is emotions. I love how attentive you are to my feelings and my needs. You observe me constantly, and you don’t mind following the flow. You are chill when others would have already run away.

I like being your submissive because I can see how my submission pleases you. I love you so much, that all I want is for you to be happy. I have learnt so much about relationships by being with you. I have never tried so hard to make something work, and seeing that we function so well together, makes me happy.

I love your humour, your wit and your intelligence. When you look at me and in your thick Russian accent say “Let me tell you a story …” , I know that I will learn something new about space, about astronomy or physics. Your intelligence amazes me, and I love how you often use it to outwit me, or to tell me one of your silly dad jokes. Oh, those jokes. They make me cringe so hard, yet I can’t not laugh.

You are so incredibly sexy. Your hipbones, your butt, your perfect size cock, your strong hands. I am so damn lucky to be with someone like you. Our sexlife is amazing, and you are the one that makes it so. You are creative, you are sadistic, and you know exactly how to get me off. I have never been so satisfied sexually.

The times when you buy me that one stuffie. The times when we go to concerts that I want to go to. When we eat at restaurants that I picked. Those are the times when I see how much you love me, how much you want me to be happy. Isn’t it wonderful? I want you to be happy, you want me to be happy.

I love how protective you are of me, how much you put into trying to make me be okay when nothing seems okay. That time at the hospital when I had to be alone in the room with a doctor and you hovered all over me. Or when we are at concerts and you stand close to me, so no one knocks me over. Or when we walk down the street, and you are the one walking by the road so I don’t accidently get hit by a car.

You are the kindest, smartest and most observant person I have ever met. Your dominance is sexy, your calmness makes me feel safe. You confidence in making quick decisions makes me sure that I can trust you. Your attention still makes me blush. You are the man I was supposed to be with. I don’t believe in fate. But I believe in compatibility and boy, we are compatible. We teach each other so much. And we communicate. Would you have believed that someone would call you a great communicator one day? Well, you are!

For the first time ever, you told me you loved me the other day. That has started a whole rollercoaster of emotions for me. Because I love you too, Master. And the happiness that I feel knowing that the man who holds my heart in bis hands, loves me, is indescribable. I know that we are not perfect. But we have the best happy moments together. Thank you, Master. For being in my life. And for loving me.

With all my love,

Your puppet

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  1. jupitergrant says:

    Ohhh, this is beautiful 🤗

  2. May says:


  3. slave sindee says:

    lovely post indeed being in love can e so full filling when love goes both ways
    indeed you are both lucky

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